LtCdrArkin's Personal Log (9/10/02)

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LtCdrArkin's Personal Log (9/10/02)

Postby Arkin » Sun Sep 15, 2002 10:18 am

LtCdrArkin's Personal Log
Chief Science Officer
USS Potemkin

Computer, begin log:

It seems there are always shadows following after something is supposed to be ended. The alternate reality is past, the threat to our universe seems to have ended, the threatening viruses which attacked our ship has been "cured," Captain's scrutiny by Starfleet is why are there shadows? Cassie is lying in sickbay in a serious situation. And it is because of her loyalty and heroism that she lies her having fought a diabolical attack.

(Shaking head). I know this sounds dismal, but, why are their shadows lurking...or so it would seem. Perhaps, as my beloved parents have often told me, "it is darkest before dawn." "With every situation there comes a new opportunity to learn and to grow but do not allow the dark to bury you." (smiles) Platitudes, but true, indeed.

We will beat this thing that has trapped Cassie. We will find the answer, that I am sure.

Shadows, uncertainty is just but a prerequisite to enlightenment.


(While waiting for the computer to respond to an inquiry, mind wonders....) Funny, but I keep thinking about Cortan popping into the Science Lab. We are shipmates, but contact only through missions. His reputation does go before must not feel any more guilt about his injury when on the away team I led. Coming up behind me to try and scare me...he was hesitant to chat about his time on the Starbase...but he was readable. Was he running away from someone wanting to hide? Or does he just need a friend? Maybe the counselor can help him.

(Computer chirps stopping the mind wondering....) The computer is responding, about time...

Computer, end. log.

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