¤ Duty Log ¤ SD10209.12

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¤ Duty Log ¤ SD10209.12

Postby Warp » Thu Sep 12, 2002 7:38 pm


Stardate 10209.12

Captain "Warp" Mitchell

Standing on the bridge, the Captain walked towards the aft stations on the bridge. He spoke to the on-duty Science Officer. "Ms. Parsons, are your preliminary readings on the Argolis Cluster complete?"

The slender lieutenant glanced at her console fleetingly before responding, "Aye, Captain. Long-range sensor probes and the scans taken by the Enterprise give us a good idea of what the region looks like." She stretched her right wrist before tapping on her console and retrieving a display. While pointing at various locations on the map, she explained, "This is Tagra IV. We'll be steering clear of it... And this is the location of a crash site detected eleven years ago."

"Ahh yes, the Borg wreckage," he said as he frowned. After the various experiences with Borg wreckage this ship seemed to have attracted in the past, he wanted to steer clear of this location as well. "Pass those coordinates along to the helm. We'd best stay away from the crash site."

"Aye, sir," the young officer replied. "Coordinates transferred."

Warp nodded and clasped his hands behind his back. "Very good, Lieutenant. Carry on." With that, he moved towards the front of the bridge and close to the viewscreen. He gazed at it for a moment, standing between the Conn and Ops stations, just looking at the stars streaking past.

"If you're interested, sir, Alpha Centauri is right... Here," said Ensign Jovar, the helmsman on duty. He tapped a button and a small pair of brackets appeared around a nearby star on the display, growing ever larger. "We'll arrive in twenty-two minutes according to my calculations, Captain."

Allowing himself a momentary smile because of the Ensign's sense of responsibility, Warp said, "Thank you, Mr. Jovar. What is the estimated duration of the trip to the Argolis Cluster?"

Jovar paused for a moment while he researched the data. "At a normal cruising velocity, the computer estimates it will take six days to reach the cluster." His fingers danced across the helm console for a moment before he clasped them in his lap. "Is that all, sir?"

"Oh, yes Ensign... Thank you." The Captain continued gazing at the viewscreen, his eyes on the pair of marigold-colored brackets coming ever closer. Of course, he thought. They're giving us a boring mission, trying to keep us as far from trouble as they can. God knows we're good at bringing ordinary missions out of hand. With that, he spun around and walked towards his chair, suddenly conscious of the new pip arrangement on his collar. Perhaps this could turn out interesting after all.

End Log
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