Duty Log, Chief Tatical Officer, Cmdr Cassandra D Nova

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Duty Log, Chief Tatical Officer, Cmdr Cassandra D Nova

Postby Cassandra D Nova » Mon Aug 05, 2002 8:50 pm

Duty Log
Chief Tatical Officer
Lt Cmd Cassandra D Nova
Alternatives of Battle

Entering the holodeck I hear Ensign Stacs come over my comm badge just as I step in, letting me know he was here and I just turn to him and said so was I. Abe was already there and Ensign Stone soon joined us. As our training simulations began. Abe let me know the security ground training simulation would run simutaneously with the orbital simulation.
As soon as Ensign stacs entered he downloaded the orbital1 program we would be using, as he suggested we modify our photon torpedoes to a mine configuration for the orbital assualt. I agreed and also reminded him we needed shield modifications. He informed me that as soon as repairs were completedhe was going to work on remodulating the time intervals for increased shield efficiency.
I was quite pleased with his efferts and told him to let us get to work, wanted to get the Tem manuvering better. He told me by using the mines it would allow us to attack enemy vessels in a specific region without bringing the Tem into possible ambush. He also reminded me the repairs were not finished so we could not determine the possible manuevers the Tem could handle. Sighing I knew he was right for I had done checked the status of the phasers and torpedo launchers.
Ensign Stacs initiated the orbital program as we got to work, I also paused just for a moment to let Captain Warp know that weapons were still under repairs as was shields so I hoped we would not be attack. No sure he heard me as he failed to respond, but by the buzz of mental thoughts he was preoccupied with what he had going on around him. Plus keeping Thomas on his toes, well someones got to, though I watch him in me own way, I can't be there to stop him if he tries something with Captain Warp.
I activated my nuero-netand linked up with the holodeck as Stacs downloaded the shield remodulation to the Tem and increased manuevering thrusters. I just grumbled that we should be initiating repairs over this, cause if the weapons no work.....all this was for nuthing. Stacs just shrugged as he commented that this would not take long. He placed 3 enemy vessels in coordinates 3 and 108 then placed the mine field around the Tem between coordinates 15 and 95, then he turned to me and let me know the download was complete.
We both watched the simulation as he pointed out the mines as they disrupted the enemy's shields and said this would give us the edge on a ship to ship attack. As we watched I asked if we could broaden the spread, as he widened the mine range. Stacs stated that since we were not sure of the enemies attack plan we could not afford to waste too many photon torpedoes. I agreed, yet also told him we needed to come up with something. Stacs said that until the repairs were finished we could not be sure of anything. I also reminded him we needed to give the ground troops cover.
Stacs stated we should return to the weapons systems for repairs, as he saved the program agreeing with me, stating the mines would promise victory, even though I was not so easily convinced. He turns and begins leaving the holodeck as I said I wanted to try something I had been working on. I yelled out to him to return that we had another thing to try. I had the computer simulate the Starfleet vessels as I studied them. I asked him other than the shield modulation what else did he notice about those vessels. He said they were exactly like our Starfleet vessels. which was true and I concurred, and yet I reminded him they were different. I pointed out that an Akira class vessel could out manuever both of these vessels and put them to shame. Stacs asked if I was planning a ship to ship engagement, considering there could be more of them. I queried if they knew we were the only ones from our universe or not. Stacs stated we couldn't be sure, then suggested we could use the deflector dish to send multiple shield frequencies to the enemy ships to find out just what frequency their shields were.
I told him to plant his mines once more, he laid the mines out in the omega 2 pattern as I watched and then stated for us to see just what frequency their shields were using just as he said. He let me know the mines had detected the enemy vessel and was tracking them. As the mines tracked the ships I told Stacs now we must crack the shields as one set of mines hit one of the vessels making their shields fluctuate. Stacs engaged deflector dish as he fired multiple pulsars as he found their sheild frequency and informing me of thier 15 second time delay, which he said would do, but that was not good enough for me, guess I somewhat like the Chief in these matters I want us to be better than our enemy so I told him set our frequency to just less than that and then we could get to work.
Stacs stated this would give us a tremendous tatical advantage, even with more than 2 ships, without their shields they would be vulnerable to attack. Which of coarse I agreed, he then attempted another simulation putting the difficulty at level 5. As I watched, thru my nuero-net, the mines decimate the rest of the ships I gave Stacs the go ahead to raise the intensity level. Stacs stated it was a bit rough but successful as he raised the level to 6.5.
Stacs then discovered a problem as he reported the deflector dish cannot fire pulsars in the 15. 100 or the 15. 17 coordinates explaining the range was too short. I told him to extend it, which he proceeded to do so, then reported that even with sensor power to 125% the pulsar range would only allow us to find 8 ships shield frequencies. he explained that to determine the rest there would be a 3 minute delay, so I told him to see if he could shorten the delay cause I no wanted us to be toast again.cause it was just too much of a delay. Stacs just stated it would have to do as he added that sensor power was at its max.
I suddenly detected through my nuero-net the intensity levels rising to level 9 as I asked if Stacs was messing with the computer. Which interrupted Stacs stating we would have to manuever the ship quite well in order to survive that time delay. Then he had the computer work on other possible scenarios. I let my fingers fly over the console countering whomever was playing with the controls and instantly blamed Chief, cause this was just such a trick he would play on us, least till he learned I could counter most of his attempts. I yelled out that it wasn't funny as I finally gain back the controls and put up my blocks to keep whomever it was out of this computer while we worked. Stacs stated he was sure it was not the Chief cause only authorized tatical personnel was privy to this program as he added for security purposes we would not want anyone to steal our ideas. Turning to him I could only ask who upped the levels of the program as he just shrugged as he didn't know, but I had me suspicions.
Then Stacs stated this was the best he could come up with and if I needed him he would be in the main torpedo room. I conceded to him leaving as I stated there had to be something better just as he walked out of the holodeck and heads straight to the torpedo room and watches for a moment several tatical personnel workingon the weapons module.
I sat there and watched the simulation thru me nuero-net knowing quite well there would be no sleep tonight till I could crack this and make it as I wanted it to be. The Tem is me home and these people were attacking it, I had to besure they no succeeded. I ran thru many simulations as I calculated many possibilities and came up with different scenarios. Not all fullproof, making me wish I was back in security where I felt I belongedand also wishing Chief was here to help me with this. Stacs commed me reporting repairs were going well and that the modifications had begun. he also asked if I needed any help with the simulations. I told him no and that I was alright for now and I was trying a few things and I would be here all night. He told me if I needed any help just call him. I told him I would.
No sooner I returned back to work my com badge beeps again and it was Captain Warp asking how the simulations were going. I let him know I was still working out the bugs but it was going ok. Captain Warp told us to keep at itand gaves us the good work complement. Though at the moment, in me mind it was a bit premature. I just Captain Warp know I would have the bugs worked out by the time they were needed. Captain Warp was pleased as he said he would see us on the bridge then signed off.

Later that night Papa and me were talking while I worked on the bridge when Ensign Stirks came on the bridge. He said live long and prosper, Sir, and I had to do a mental check to make sure I had no changed physically as I replied with the same greeting but told him I was female at last check and I told him he could call me Cassie. Ensign Stirk apologized as he explained that he did not look that close and thought it was just Commander Brighton. I told him Papa was here too, just as Papa said hello.
I asked him what brought him to the bridge this late and he stated he was checking in but was obviously late, yet wondered who was on the bridge. and immediately an old earth phrase came to me mind as I said just us night owls. Then Papa left, he seemed a bit tired. I hope he no coming down with something.
Stacs asked about what he missed and I informed him of training simulationsso we could stay alive in this alternate universe. I explained that I needed to work out a few bugs in my tatical programs and he thought that sounded like fun. I then explained that the enemy ships modulate their shields to counter our weapons, quite effectively and I needed to find their weaknesses. Stirk asked if ours could do that and I told him no but by the time I was done they would be able to, hopefully. Stirk offered up a suggestion to random modulate except when fired upon then a concentrated response. I let my fingers fly as I concurred with his suggestion as my nuero-net ran the programing. I told Stirk that we ran some simulations by placing mines and had some luck with that coarse of counter measures. He then explained a rapid change in modulation rates to make it harder to find a rate. I asked him the ratio and I no think he understood as he said no, rate of modulation as in how fast it goes, which made me sigh in exasperation as I asked how fast in the changes. As Stirk replied with a few seconds worth or for fun we could make it random.as he said to set limits at 1 and 6 seconds per say, as he went on to explain that way not only do they not know how fast it modulates next they also won't know the when it will change. I agreed random would be good as I let my fingers fly using Stirks input and I also liked the idea of them guessing just as we was. He added this way we could revert more power to the phasers which sounded quite feasible to me and told him thanks and that he had been a great help.
Stirk asked if I had time to run a few simulations on the modulation patterns and told him yeah cause I was no going to bed that night. least not till I was sure no one was going to punch holes in the Tem. He agreed then asked about the Ablative shielding doing. I told him it was doing ok but it may of been halved when we came thru the anomoly that put us here again. I listened as he crossed to the engineering panel stating he bet he could fix it. I told him that would be great if he could as he asked that going thru the anomoly requires warp engines and shields and I told him yeah. as he began to explain that we put the warp engines on minimum power load and go into grey mode for a few hours before hand so we can store up lots of power. I inquired if that would attract attention and that we did not want them to know we were coming. Stirk went on to explain that 2 things could happen, which either way would spread thru the ship. One way it's too small in any one place to attract attention and the other way, not always the good way, it adds up as if we got it stored in one place.
Stirk went on to say it would be best to run this by Captain Warp as he added that anyway the engines come online only as soon as they need to so we don't attract anything within that. This caused me to smile as I told him sounded good to me. Stirk went on to explain that we run all the stored power into the shields for maximum protection right before we go thru the anomoly. I reminded him we were already there but we could use that going back home, if we were to return.
Stirk went on to add that in a short time that all takes we would store almost 4 times the shield strength as normal, depending of caorse on how long we are in grey mode.and that if we do the same thing before battle we could maintain an additionl 100% of strength for every 2.5 hours in grey mode, minusing the power to phasers torpedo bays and the like. I agreed as I knew this would be good since we had to fight Starfleet and whatever they threw at us.
Stirks then states we could get engineering and ops to some storage modules hooked up quickly as to aid us in this battle. I told him that would depend on how long it would take us to get to Memory Alpha. Stirks then said he was sure Captain Warp would want to know about this.and I told him he does. Stirks then asked if I had the results to those simulations and I read the reports and stated that it gave me 100+ percetage of coverage and accuracy. I let my fingers send this info into my console as he read the results and replied with excellence. As he stated I saved and sent a copy to Captain Warp.

Upon reaching memory Alpha, away teams were sent down to the planet surface led by the Chief, as we encountered the Canady. Our shields went up as Canady fired upon us with their phasers and begin to drain our forward shields, as Stacs announced our shields down to 80%. I began to add my own strength to the shields as my fingers danced over my console trying to compensate for the drain. Stacs reported the Chiefs team had landed as in the same breath he announced the incoming quantum torpedoes. This causes our ventral shields to fluctuate to 67% as we got shaken up quite a bit, I fired a full spray of my photons torpedoes taking down the Canady's shields by 5%.
The Canady fires its phaser as it cuts through space impacting aft shields I worked at compensating the shields as I kept firing, switching to full array of quantum torpedoes. Captain Warp shouted to concentrate on the forward shields, which I did, bringing their shields down to 65%. Stacs announced hull breaches to decks 4 and 7 and that the emergency force shields were holding. Our shields kept dropping and were now at 35% as the battle ensued forward. As I concentrated harder on the objective of keeping our weapons online I felt the strain which caused my nose and ears to bleed, I could feel the blood dripping from both. The enemy was firing all its weapons at us and we began to feel the weakening thru our Nuero-net. I had to keep trying though or I would lose my friends and family to these barbaric copies of our own universe.
Stacs began to get worried as he spotted the blood and suggested I get to sickbay and he would handle the systems. This only made me angry as I told him I was fine and I wasn't gonna let my family go down in flames. Finally my efforts raised 10% to the shields as I armed up another volley of torpedoes Stacs began firing multiple phasers as I fired the torpedoes. I was determined to make em pay for what they were doing.
As power got low I opened Talos and pulled out a cord and plugged him into my console and began using his power to supplement the shields and weapons. This upped my shields 30% moreyet I was unsure how long it would last.
Suddenly CAptain Warp was stunned, as Stacs announced that thomas had beamed off the Tem and on to the Canaday. Then he ordered us to hold fire, as the fact seemed obvious that Thomas had jumped ship. The Canaday was well out of targeting range so it would only waste our supply of weapons to fire now. Now Thomas has beamed off the Tem and for what reason not really sure, but I no trust him, he may be just giving the enemy what they need to take us out.
Stacs reported we had taken heavy damage and Captain Warp ordered another volley of torpedoes readied in case the Canaday came back to finish us off. I wiped the blood off my face and told Captain Warp they would be ready. I let my fingers fly as the power I was siphoning off Talos kept the shield at 50%, then I armed the Torpedoes I had left and aimed them at the Canaday. As I worked I heard Prax tell Captain Warp we had breaches on almost every deck and Engineering was burning. I informed Captain Warp the shields were holding at 50% as long as Talos's power supply held out and the rest of my torpedoes were armed and ready. Stacs reported decks 4-6 were inhabital and there were 32 wounded. Captain Warp ordered me to prepare to fire as I locked onto my systems and let him know I was ready.
I sensed shock in the room as sensors read the Canaday was dead in the air, absolutely no power across the ship Stacs reported they had lost main and emergency power and my readings told me the weapons were off line as I turned to Captain warp for orders. Captain Warp reply was a bit of a shock as he said he would of blown them up *But* Thomas was over there and I was to try and lock our transporter onto him, if I could. Reluctant as I was I complied with Captain Warps orders I easily locked onto his signature and reported I had him and requested orders. As Captain Warp said to get him out of there as I energize and beam him back to the Tem. I reported I had him, as Captain Warp ordered quantum locked to their sensors, weapons, warp nacelles and impulse engines, as my fingers flew over the control panel locking to targets. Thomas just told me no to bother, but I took orders from Captain Warp whom ordered me to switch from quantums to phasers and disable their weapons and engines, as I complied, my nose and ears bleed profusely as I worked, I just wiped it away.
Then sensors registered an explosion on the planet surface so I knew the Away Team with Chief was successful, I listened as Captain Warp gave us a job well done as our mission was accomplished. I only nodded wearily as the drain on my mental abilities were quite obvious but I was not going to succumb to weakness. Captain ordered all to sickbay that had sustained injuriesand the rest of them would fill in for us. I just told Captain Warp I wasn't injured that I had mental capacity overload. yet he would not budge as he said I should go down there anyway, so they could chekc me out. I asked if that was an order, cause I just didn't want to go. and he said it was.
Reluctantly I stood, unhooking Talos and reported to sickbay. As I stepped to the TL Captain Warp told me thank you and he would see me soon.as I nodded my yes to him. I entered sickbay with a scowl as I wiped the blood off my nose but it still dribbled from my ears, could no do much about that. I could on glare at the Med Officer whom guided me to a bio bed with the idea I was going to stay and I just told him no. Then Chiefs voice came over my com badge ordering me to sit still as I sighed and complied. Seems everyone was determined to make me listen, so much needed to be done and here I sit in sickbay. Yet I knew later when no one was looking I would escape as usual.
Cassandra D Nova

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