Ensign Stacs, Personal Log - Stardate 10207.26

Simming since 1994 this is widely regarded as one of the most successful sims in history. Taking place on an Akira class vessel the Potemkin crew lives through the greatest sim experiences available.

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Ensign Stacs, Personal Log - Stardate 10207.26

Postby Joel Stacs » Tue Jul 30, 2002 12:20 pm

Ensign Stacs, Personal Log.
Stardate 10207.26

The Memory Alpha mission has been completed with success. Ground and orbital assault teams have effectively defeated the enemy. Memory Alpha is completely destroyed and the protector ship, Canaday have lost main power and almost all of their systems. The Captain has given mercy to the crew of Canaday by not destroying the vessel.

The Canaday has inflicted number of damage to both the Potemkin and the counterpart but few days of repairs should allow both ships to operate at full efficiency. The crew has had no rest since our arrival to the alternate universe and their faces show exhaustion and lack of hope.

Commander Nova has been injured due to her link-up with the Potemkin’s computer systems during our battle with the Canaday. In every battle, the Potemkin is sure to become damaged and the Commander’s link with the systems will harm her every time the situation occurs. I’ve been looking at the program she’s been using to link her mind with the station consoles. Every problem is present to be solved, I hope I can modify the program to disconnect the link or to inflict less damage to the Commander when systems begin to malfunction or loose power.

It has been over a month since I came aboard the Potemkin. The experience has been a tremendous effect on me in every way. Something new is sure to happen aboard the Potemkin. This alternate universe mission is unconventional but as a Starfleet Officer I hope to serve the ship and her crew with all my abilities.

End Log.
Joel Stacs

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