Shocking Awakenings

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Shocking Awakenings

Postby Jean-Luc Morimame » Sat Jul 27, 2002 10:16 pm

Jonathan Cortan
"Shocking Awakenings"
Takes place outside current sim line
Three weeks after previous logs

Jon awoke calmly for once, reaching over to his wife, pulling her up to close to him. As he did, he opened his eyes.
A scream peirced the area as Cortan noticed that the person he was pulling up against him was in fact, his wife, yet... not his wife. Her throat was slit from ear to ear, to the point that her head hung loosely backward. Her eyes were pale white, open, starting straight ahead. Cortan lunged out of bed, noticing that he was covered in blood.
"What the Hell?!"
A security officer burst through Cortan's door, using his codes to cancell the lock. "What is..." The blonde man noticed the blood, then looked at Cortan, tears flowing down his face. The body in the bed was obviously not maimed by him. The ensign tapped his comm badge, "Lieutenant Morauder, we have a death, please come here. Jason out."
"HIM! Jason! Jason did it! I thought he was dead!" Jonathan was half-yelling, half-crying the words, he flung his arms around frantically, continuing his screams. "I killed him! How could he come back?!"
"Sir! Calm down!"
"You tell me to calm down, Ensign? My wife is dead!"
"Yelling will you get you no where, sir."
Jon threw himself against a wall, tears dripping to his bare chest. "WHY KILL HER?! WHY NOT ME?"

* * * * *

Cortan sat calmly at his desk, he had changed cloths and had showered, he had requested a tranfer of quarters, which was denied. He then followed it up with a note to the Captain, asking for personal consideration. Still no response. The room he sat in was dark, the bed completely removed, a scorch mark from the phaser on the ground where it should've been. It had taken Cortan three hours to shut down the weapon-supression system to destroy the bed, and he had been reprimanded by the quarter-master, but it had to be done.
After checking the computer's atuo-recordings of people who had entered and exited his quarters, Jon was certain, first, that Jason had killed his wife, and second, that he was still aboard. What Jon didn't understand is why he was alive, he had seen Jason's head fall to the floor...
A beep at the consol in front of him signalled that someone had sent him a message, Jon jumped to the controls, opening it. The sender's name was blocked, all the message said was "I'm coming for you..."
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