JP: Family Over Everything

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JP: Family Over Everything

Postby Zac Kuhns » Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:18 pm

Joint Log
Teagan Ceja & Alex Grimm

"Alex, I think that it's time to go."

It was that sentence he had been both looking forward to as well as dreading for quite some time now. The kids had been more active lately as evidenced by the occasional movement inside of her stomach. Standard visits with Ceja has confirmed that the time was nigh. The quarters had already been decked out for the kids, lots of pink and fuzzy stuffed animals that brightened up the place considerably. They were both curious, and found twin girls were going to be gracing the Grimm family.

They hurried down the hallway toward Sickbay, people clearing out of the way for the obviously pregnant woman who was setting a calm, yet quick, pace before the real game began. Despite not being the pregnant one, he looked more uncomfortable than she did with the hurrying and such. Who was he kidding? He was nervous, really nervous about being a new dad. As they entered Sickbay, the security chief waved over some of the medical staff and let them handle it from there. Smiling at his wife, stood by her as the staff went about their work.

The time went painfully slow for Alex. As it did for Natasha, whose contractions continued to become closer together as well as more intense. It wasn't long before Ceja and the staff decided that it was time for the main event to start. In what seemed to be forever, it wasn't before long that the cries of two healthy girls filled the room. Applause followed, the staff happy for the new parents.

The babies were perfect. Ceja checked each one over carefully herself, before handing off to the waiting pediatrician. Two healthy little girls. Just what the ship needed, some bright news and happier times. She briefly checked in with Grimm to see if he had made it through the delivery without too much nausea, fear, or fainting. Well, the latter she knew already, but she did enjoy poking fun at the stoic security officer when she could.

A small motion from one of the nurses caught her attention. “Excuse me,” she said quietly to Grimm, patting him on the arm. “Go fuss over your children. I’ll take care of Natasha and then you can come in and fuss over all of them.”

A moment later she wasn’t so cheerful. Moving quickly about the biobed, she checked readings for herself and began to issue quiet, intense orders to the nurses nearby. The loudest of which was stated in a calm, but clearly ‘I’m in charge’ voice.

“Clear the room. Bring in Doctor Lariviere. I don’t care if you have to wake her up, get her in here now.”

Alex's mouth opened to speak, but nothing came out at Ceja's order. It didn't take long to know she meant business, as he took a similar tone when he was doing his own work. He did his best to protest and stay in the room to see what was wrong with his wife, only to be stonewalled by a few nurses who were gently ushering him out the door. He quickly found himself out in the hall, the door closing gently in his face as the nurses went back in the room. He was, admittedly, flabbergasted at what had happened. In the commotion clearing the room, the two babies had been put in a safe place while the staff bustled about ensuring that only trained personnel were present.

"While I wanna see my children' Alex muttered to himself 'it's only proper if Tasha sees the with me, otherwise it'd ruin a perfectly good moment for everybody.

He was troubled at the speed that Ceja had the room cleared as well as calling another doctor in. She was good at what she did and he knew it, so it was out of a slightly fear-filled curiosity that only a situation like this would afflict a person such as the Potemkin's chief of security. He started to pace quietly, calming himself down as he did so. Despite the pacing, he looked towards the door eagerly, as if doctors would just barge out the door with smiles that said "False alarm, no worries!" and things would go about as they were planned and the four of them would go home as a big happy family.

Time passed slowly for Alex, as if every second what a rotation of the Earth.. As the time felt slower, his pacing grew quicker even frantic as he walked in front of the door. He resisted the urge to go in and ask what was going on, opting to be patient instead. Considerable as it was, his own worry and the slow passage of time had started to erode on his patience. He maintained his stoicism though, learning against a wall to take some of the pressure of his feet.

"It's okay Alex, it's nothing to be worried about"

“How the hell did we miss this?” Ceja demanded, her voice tight with tension. “Someone needs to give me an answer! She had a perfectly normal pregnancy!”
“She probably thought the tightness in her chest was normal too, caused by the twins taking up a lot of space.” Prudence said, while getting a tray of instruments ready. “Vital signs are.. dropping. When is Lariviere supposed to arrive?”

“I’m here, I’m here!” Elizabeth Lariviere arrived in a scramble of changing into scrubs, grabbing a PADD to scan the information, and no small amount of yawning. “What’s going on?”

“Birth was less than ten minutes ago. Natasha appeared to be in no distress at first. Breathing suddenly became shallow, symptoms of cardiorespiratory distress. It appears that the placenta is not detaching properly. The latter I’m not as worried about, it’s early yet. I’m concerned about the possibility of amniotic fluid embolism. She’s all yours for a few minutes. I need to talk to Grimm.” Ceja quickly cleaned her hands and headed out of the room.

“Grimm,” she said quietly when she spotted him hovering outside the room. “Thought I told you to go snuggle those kids of yours.” Ceja stepped close to him, and put a gentle hand on his arm. “Natasha is.. experiencing some distress at the moment. We’re not completely sure what is going on, so bear with me okay?”

Alex felt his mouth go bone dry and he swallowed hard at Ceja's words. He quickly felt a knot form in the pit of his stomach at the news he had just been given. It was a tough pill to swallow as his mind tried to bring itself to grips with the situation, though it was difficult. His emotions were torn in many different directions, yet he did his best to maintain his composure.

"I know you did, it's just that given the situation, I didn't feel like it was the best course of action. That and I know the nursery is a very good place to be for newborns. But what's wrong with Tasha? Hopefully it's nothing too terribly serious, I know that there are some things that can cause some complications but I'm out of my field here."

His execution of an attempt to maintain a veil of optimism, he felt, probably fell far short of the considerable effort to erect the unworried look on his face. She was a doctor, and it probably didn't take her long to figure out his facade. Sighing, he just decided to drop it.

"Alright then, full disclosure. How bad is it?"

“I don’t know yet Alex. We’re going to run some tests.” There was no way that Ceja was even going to begin to pretend that all was well. Grimm knew her too well, and frankly.. she knew him well enough to know that was the wrong thing to do. “Her heart rate suddenly dropped, and she was having some problems breathing. Elizabeth is working hard on getting her heart rate stabilized.”

She turned Alex around and gave him a gentle push in the direction of the nursery. “Go and see your girls. That way I know where to find you.”

The door behind her opened and Doctor Lariviere poked her head out. “I need you. Now,” she stated abruptly before seeing who Ceja was standing beside. “We need to run a new line in.”

Ceja nodded, and pushed Grimm again. “Alex, I will come and find you when I know more. I promise. I have to go now. Go see your babies. Tell them stories about their strong mama."

"Alright, that's probably best. Just keep me posted on how she's doing okay?"

Alex forced himself to take a deep breath as he ran a hand over the front of his uniform absentmindedly, trying to take his mind off of Natasha's present situation. She was in good hands and he knew it, but she was his wife and mother to their two children so he was concerned nonetheless. He managed to choke back a trace of a tear and a bit of a sniffle as he walked, trying to live up to his reputation of being impossible to rattle in any situation. He hadn't ever been too fond of it either, he felt it made people hold him in too high of a regard and give more credit to him than may have been due. Not only did he discourage it because of it taking credit from others, but it wasn't true. Just like any other human, he had his worries, fears and concerns. He made sure to wipe a tear from his cheek before entering the nursery, quickly locating his two little girls.

They were amazingly beautiful, his beloved Tasha had done well indeed. It was never expected to have children and he had to do a double take to make sure that the last name was correct. The two had inherited the radiance of their mother and, hopefully, their mother's intelligence. He just gawked for a moment, trying to grasp the entire situation. His wife was in sickbay for some reason and he wanted to know why, just as the doctors did. But, if there was any evidence that a woman had considerable toughness, the two little babies before him was it. Taking a knee between the two, he let each daughter wrap a tiny hand around a finger. Smiling as his daughters looked back at him, they returned the smile if ever so slightly.

"Let's see, your mother and I have been working on some names for the two of you. You have no idea how long it took us to think of a pair."

He took notice at the name cards at the end of their beds, noticing that only the last names were on there in a pink skin of the standard color scheme of consoles all across the ship.

"Well, this won't do..."

The security chief moved to the end of the beds and, approaching the left panel he smiled and typed "Veronika Rayne Grimm"

He then went to the other and typed "Alexis Brianne Grimm"

He gave a satisfied smile and went back to the bedsides, looking at his two daughters. While he was thrilled to be in this moment, but his mind returned to Tasha in Sickbay. The plan was that the two of them would be there to see the kids at the same time, but fate had its own opinion.

"Don't you worry girls, mommy's gonna be here soon"

Twenty minutes passed. Then an hour. The nurses came and went, but not a doctor passed Grimm or came to see him. Prudence stopped once to check if he needed anything, then moved on to check on the babies.

Finally Ceja arrived. She sat down beside Grimm, and sighed. “Alex,” she began quietly. “Tasha isn’t doing very well. I need you to come with me now.” She turned towards him, her eyes weary and her mouth tight with tension. “We.. you.. need to make some decisions about her care.”

"Decisions? I'm familiar with that tone doctor, usually it isn't the best news. Alright then, let's go talk for a minute."

Alex waved Ceja toward an isolated corner of the room where, with the activity in the nursery, they wouldn't be overheard.

"Better, now back to the decisions. Just how bad are these decisions exactly? "

Alex wasn't going to like the answer and he knew it. He had put people in medical at the Academy on accident. Never quite like this, but he knew the tone. As his mind started to grasp the totality of the situation, the facade he had kept in place to hide his feelings right now was starting to crack. He had to stifle a sniffle and do his best to hold in tears.

"Alright, before decisions are made about anything, tell me what's going on."

“My office,” Teagan’s voice was firm. Behind closed doors where he could keep his dignity if needed. “Come on.” She led her way through the sickbay towards her office, closing the door once they were both inside. Motioning towards one of the chairs, she took the one next to it herself. No desk between them. This was going to be hard.

“Tasha has a contamination in her blood from the amniotic fluid. It’s not good that she does. It happens, and nobody has ever been able to prevent it. Alex, it’s potentially fatal.” Ceja took a deep breath, settling herself into the depths of Listen as she did. “Does Tasha have any particular wishes regarding death that we need to honour?”

Silently, she watched him as the words sank in. Part doctor, part counsellor, and 100% friend in this moment, she ached for having to give him this news.

There was the news he had been afraid he was gonna hear. His wife's life was in jeopardy. Today had started out as an incredible day with the birth of Alexis and Veronika, something that they had both looked forward to eagerly. Now that day had taken a turn for the worse. For all he knew, he could be a widower father of two newborn daughters. He stared blankly a wall as things soaked in.

"She never said anything particular. I'm pretty sure she trusted my judgment."

Alex stood and walked about the room in thought, pondering what to do. Finally he cried before regaining his composure.

"Do what it takes to get her out of it."

Alex's words were emotionally charged, but were said with a certain conviction that he was right and couldn't be swayed otherwise.

"She'll survive, Natasha'll pull through. I know she will."

Ceja opened her mouth to say something, but was quickly interrupted.

"Doctor, when I was convinced my wife was a powerful and strong I had just shot her in the forehead with a stun rifle at the Academy. It was a low power shot, meant to hurt at most. My wife got up and shot back."

His voice was resolute, filed with a nearly fanatical conviction

"She'll make it because she has a fighting spirit. Just like me, she refuses to lose, no matter how long the odds are."

“Alex, I am glad that you are certain that she has the strength to pull through, to fight this and to hold her own until her bodies defences can rally. And I hear that you have experience that is very strong and backs that up. I am concerned that you are not looking at the other possibilities.” Ceja kept her voice low, and peaceful. “I need to know what measures we can take to combat this. How far does ‘do what it takes’ cover?"

She watched him carefully, nodding every so often as he spoke and making small sounds of encouragement to get him to talk more.

Alex sat back down, resting his head in his hands. Sniffing some more, he rested back and rubbed his forehead before taking a deep breath and speaking.

"Alright Ceja, now that we know what the problem is, how do we go and fix it?"

“We have to keep her oxygen levels up. That’s the important thing at the moment. Elizabeth is working to get her breathing on her own again. When I go back in, I’ll be working on the stability of her cardio system. Once those two are doing what they’re supposed to, she has a good chance. A better than good chance. Until that happens, we’re dealing with symptoms as they arise.”

Ceja stood up, acutely aware that she’d been away from her patient for longer than she wanted to be. She motioned to the door. “You can see her, so long as you remain outside the sterile field. Step inside it.. one toe inside it, and I will have you removed from the area and only able to see your girls. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am"

Alex followed Ceja out the door and amongst the medical personnel and to where his wife lay. As the crew of doctors and nurses bustled about, he watched Ceja go back to her work on his wife. He longed to even go over and hold her hand, but Ceja gave him a stern warning and he knew she was more than willing to have him tossed out if it came to that. She, just as he did, took her job seriously. While they may be on the opposite end of the reason Sickbay exists...he sent people there and she patched them up...she was serious about her work and seriously good at it. He had faith in his wife's own ability to right the proverbial ship, but it helped to have a bunch of good people helping things along.

Despite his being a field medic, the medical mumbo jumbo they were speaking of was far beyond his knowledge of medicine. After a few moments of at least trying to understand what was going on, he just gave up and tried to get the best view over the shoulders of the medical personnel without getting the boot from medical. It was, of course, very difficult to see his wife in such a vulnerable state. He had never seen her like this, she had always been the stalwart lady that was able to give him comfort whenever he required it. While it was always reciprocated, it was still difficult to imagine life without his wife, especially with the two girls now. The emotions of the day had been a roller coaster, going from extreme happiness he and Tasha shared to the sudden horror of losing his because of events that made them so happy. No moment so thrilling should be punctuated like this.

He simply wiped a tear from his cheek quietly, not wanting the whole place to see their chief of security start to cry like his daughters in the nursery. It was becoming harder though, especially after seeing Tasha as she was, but he was managing to keep it together for now.

Ceja glanced up at one point and spotted him. She took a step backwards, assessed Tasha’s ability to hold her own for a few minutes and then said, quietly and simply “Everyone out. Give Grimm some time with his wife. Take five minutes, then you should be alright to return. I’ll be here, so she’s monitored. Go.”

The room cleared fairly quickly. Perhaps not as fast as Alex would have liked, but soon enough he, Ceja and Tasha were alone in the room.

Tasha seemed dwarfed by the equipment surrounding her. A diagnostic arch was positioned over her. The Arch had a dual function. It was easy to keep track of her vitals, and just as easy to keep them going. A pair of cortical stimulators was pressed against her temples. Ceja sat on one side of the bed, nearest the panels she needed to keep an eye on.

“I am sure that she can hear you Alex. And yes, you can come into the sterile field at this time.”

He watched as all of the people shuffled out except Ceja, who was there to make sure things went okay. Stepping forward through the sterile field cautiously, he quietly stood at his wife's side. The amount of machinery around her was almost inhuman, but if that was necessary to keep her alive then so be it. Despite all that was going on, her face was still as angelic as ever as she lay on the biobed. He gently rested his own hand on Tasha's, hoping that she could feel him take hold of her hand as a way to assure her things were going to be okay. In spite of having a great many things he wanted to say, he found it difficult to open his mouth at all. He held himself in good posture as he started to tear up some more, but kept his composure.

He leaned in to speak to his wife, hoping that she could hear him

"You just hang in there Tasha, doctors are going to get you up and going again in no time. Then our time'll be filled up with taking care of our two daughters. You know, like getting no sleep at night, having to go crazy as we would fall asleep just in time for them to wake up. I also made sure to name them Veronika and Alexis, just like we talked about. Our two little girls are beautiful sweetheart, just like you."

As he kept speaking, he just couldn't hang on to his composure any longer and he started to cry over his wife. For some reason, he partially felt embarrassed by it because it was in front of someone else even if it was Ceja would was perfectly understanding in this sort of thing. The other part of him felt absolutely justified in what he was doing, it was his wife after all. Either way he was now on a knee, speaking now through the tears.

"Please don't leave me Natasha, I don't know what I'd do without you...I want our kids to know their mother in person and not just in a picture somewhere. I know you can hear're the best thing that could've happened to some guy like me. Please come back to me..."

Alex felt Ceja's hand on his shoulder, telling him it's time for the doctors to get back to work. He kissed his wife's lips and stood, drying his eyes and making himself presentable, he sighed and looked towards the doctor

"Listen...don't tell anyone about my little breakdown. Chief of Security probably shouldn't go about doing that sort of thing, even if it's so personal...I don't want people losing faith in their head of security 'cause he's a crybaby" he tried to smile weakly. "Thanks for letting me see her"

“I won’t Alex. Thank you for trusting me enough to share with me.” Ceja ushered him out of the room, and motioned for the rest of the team to come back in. They hurried in, checking vitals and taking readings, and doing all the immensely important but somewhat boring necessary things that kept people alive.

“Temperature is up,” stated one of the nurses. Ceja smiled at the news. She touched Alex’s arm gently, and moved him through the door and into the hall outside.

“That really is a good sign,” she said. “She’s fighting. Her body is fighting back. An increase in temperature indicates that she is kicking that infection where it hurts.” She walked him back to the nursery where his daughters were already creating noise, and fuss, and no small amount of joy.

“Next time, if she’s doing alright, bring the girls in and tell her that she needs to come back for them. Alex.. I wish I could stay with you, but I have to get back.” Ceja effectively handed him off to one of the other staff there, and hurried back to work with Tasha.

The hours passed slowly.

"Of course she'll fight back, I told you she would. Besides she's the Reaper's wife, and I know I he can't die so she can't either." Alex smirked, enjoying the play on his nickname. While it'd be a nice idea, it'd warrant an eye roll from all of the medical staff, just as it did from Ceja before she walked off.

Alex raised his voice to the leaving doctor "Thanks for taking care of her, I really appreciate it. But I gotta head to the bridge...I'm afraid duty calls. If something changes, for good or ill, keep me posted and I'll be on the way as soon as time permits."

Walking through the nursery, he gave his two daughters a quick kiss on the forehead and smiled at them, then he headed off towards the bridge to do his job. The doctors in sickbay were the best at what they did, especially under pressure. They, just like the rest of the crew, always played the best hand when all of the chips were on the table. More than once there were a lot of people who were glad for their help.
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