Commentaries on the Heaven's Devils Part One

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Commentaries on the Heaven's Devils Part One

Postby Zac Kuhns » Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:22 am

Herein is the start of a three-part series in which Alex dictates some personal annotations before sending to Captain Mitchell for final approval

"First of all sir, you'll have to excuse the more informal name that has seemingly been attached to the teams by the members themselves. While I initially discouraged it, I have started to acknowledge it on a purely informal basis. That said, I'll get started."

Alex cleared his throat a bit and took a small drink out of a water glass he had at the table next to him

"I'd like to start of with Marcus Bishop. A practical man from Huntsville, Alabama, he oddly enough is also a certified chaplain. While not a particularly religious man myself, I must admit that many of the team find it a good way to keep us grounded given the nature of our work. Initially I was concerned that this would lead to some unrest between he and Xiaoming Hao, whom I will address later, given she is a devout Buddhist. Oddly, they have formed quite a bond and regularly talk about their different religious beliefs.

We have had our past differences at the Academy, as our records undoubtedly show, but this has gone by the wayside. One of my best, most trusted friends as evidenced by his being my best man at my wedding. I can't think who else I would want at my back in a firefight. He is a very competent all-around, though straightforward, combatant and will never fail to come through when the chips are down."

Alex readjusted in seat, a moment before carrying on

"Next, the Andorian Koss. I confess myself surprised at how well he did during weapon qualification, displaying a natural talent for the weapons we will be using. While somewhat lacking in the leadership skills I would like to have displayed by all of my units, he makes up for this in a quick target acquisition and an even quicker trigger finger. While not the most talkative of the team, he does display a razor sharp tongue and coupled with an even temper."

"Moving on, we come to Rafael Pereira Martins, a man from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Quick, athletic, and possessed of great hand-eye coordination, his true strengths lay in his accomplishments in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Capoeira. While originally slated to be cut from the team during tryouts, but my wife encouraged me to reconsider. Possessed of a dogged determination, many hours of practice went into his marksmanship training, but they did pay off in the end. If there is one flaw that I couldn't stamp out during training, it's his incredible womanizing. On Earth there was a very apropos way of describing it as "having a woman in every port." Despite my attempts, the determination I spoke of earlier has him set in his ways."

Alex stood and stretched a moment, walking into his bedroom to look in on his sleeping wife. Carrying the twins wore her out considerably and, as her due date edged closer, it became more pronounced as did her baby bump...which wasn't exactly a "bump" anymore.

Sitting down, he continued.

"Nimato, a native of the planet Cait has the distinction of being the only one who has truly impressed me at a shooting range. Whether it be in scouting terrain or shooting at extreme distance, he excels at his job. Very devoted to his duties to the point of having little to no social life, I have encouraged him to seek out some friends and enlarge his social circle outside of the department. Given that, he has no problem with communication and has an easy sense of humor if you can drag it out of him."

"Next, the Vulcan named Jyvaan. While sharing the same Vulcan traits, being focused on logic instead of emotion, it applies itself well as the technician of the primary team. Cool under fire, he has a way with machines of all sorts that goes beyond book learning and training. Not very accurate with a longarm but precise with a hand phaser, it lends itself well to his duties and gives him the ability to carry more gear without encumbering himself."

"Finally we come to the Eika the Betazoid from Rixx. Like Jyvaan, her talents go far beyond book training and can only be attributed to talent. Her willingness to go to the greatest of lengths and to potentially put herself in harm's way to save another life is one of, if not the most, endearing trait she has. Given her gentle nature, it is funny that she suggested the nickname 'Heaven's Devils' for the team."

Pausing the recording for a long yawn, he decided to finish it up for the time being, knowing the Captain was a busy man and didn't want to take too much time.

"As usual Captain, I thank you for your time and consideration."
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