PL: Take in the Changes

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PL: Take in the Changes

Postby Kris » Sun Nov 16, 2014 2:57 pm

Take in the Changes
Commander Jayla Rollands

Sitting, knees pulled up to chest, just looking. Jayla sat in her office chair just staring around the room. The last time she’d been in this office it hadn’t belonged to her. And yet, here it was, her’s again. Everything was in it’s place, but it didn’t feel right. The room had previously belonged to Cervanny. Nicole Cervanny who was now back to living the life she had prior to two months ago.

But it was her office now, right?

Nothing felt right after they beamed up to the ship. They had their Arnet back, who she’d missed terribly. They still didn’t have time travel, which although that is what she’d studied at the Academy, didn’t bother her too much. Andrea had changed many things back to what they knew, and some smaller details were changed in other ways. Warp was a Captain now instead of an Admiral, and she wasn’t sure how that had changed, and would most likely find out later.

Things seemed to be okay, but it still was bothering her. They’d lost two people whom the majority of the crew had become fast friends with. Tyler Arnet wasn’t there anymore. He hadn’t wanted to vanish. Although the last thing he’d really done was hold a cricket phaser to her before vanishing, that didn’t mean she felt any ill will toward him. She was going to miss him, even if she’d only known him for two months.

Then there was Nicole; the one person she never thought she’d be able to be friends with. That had changed when Jayla realized that she wasn’t the same person they’d known in the past. It was going to be difficult to go back to sitting at the main science station on the bridge again, though she never thought she’d get used to being the assistant chief originally.

Allowing her legs to fall back down, she picked up one of the pictures that sat on her desk. An image of her brother, Aeron. The one who had always encouraged her to join Starfleet, the reason she joined in the first place. Deep down, she wished that he could be back in her life. At the same time, she didn’t because she wouldn’t be the person she was today if he was still alive.

Was there any way to feel right about what had happened? It was going to hurt for a long time, knowing that they wanted everyone to still be there, and there was no way to get them back.

There was still something that she had to do. Letting out a sigh, Rollands hit a button on the panel in front of her. “Computer, begin personal log.”

The standard chirp of the computer went off and she closed her eyes. “Today was one of the hardest days I’ve ever had to live through. We lost two good friends today, though time would say that they were never actually on board. Tyler Arnet, brother of Tom Arnet, is sadly dead once again. He’s been dead for years, though I just saw him a few hours ago when he had a phaser to me. He didn’t want to go, but we all watched him fade away before our eyes. We have our Arnet back on board, but Tyler will be missed.”

Jayla spun a bit and looked in the opposite direction before continuing. “Nicole Cervanny. She’s still around somewhere, but no longer on the ship. She is back to wherever she was two months ago. I’d made a new friend while she was on board, and now she won’t remember the friendship. She was the chief of my department, ran things a bit differently, but the change was nice. The last thing she wanted to know was whether she existed in my history. I told her that she did, and that was really the last thing I got to say to her. The ship will feel a little more empty without them on board, but we have to continue on. Computer, end log and add to my personal files.”

She realized what she said at the end of her log was right. She couldn’t keep feeling down in the dumps about things she had no control over. She had a friend back on board that she hadn’t seen in a few months that she’d yet to go and visit. She had reports to look over and see what else might have changed beyond the obvious. Once more, she had to get used to the changes around her.
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