PL: Fresh Outlook

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PL: Fresh Outlook

Postby Kris » Tue Nov 04, 2014 6:21 pm

Fresh Outlook
Commander Jayla Rollands

Setting the final bag on her bed, Jayla stared around the room. She was back home, back in her quarters that she’d held for so long. Everything seemed a bit too new, but she could work with it. She’d already unpacked one whole back and now was working with her clothes. Where she’d found all these extra clothes was beyond her, but it was time to get them hung up.

As she passed the mirror she had in the corner of her room, her eyes caught the sight of the new pip on her collar. It still hadn’t sunk in that she’d made full commander yet. Not only that, but the whole thing had been planned. Pushing her hair back behind her shoulder, she ran her fingers along the three pips and gave herself a soft smile. She’d had no idea she was even up for anything like this, and now it actually had happened.

Looking at the rest of herself in the mirror, Jayla watched how far down her back her raven hair fell and shook her head. Had she really let it grow that long? Maybe with the new rank came time for a new look, or at least some shorter hair. Hanging up what she still had in her hands, she continued through the bag while thinking about what she could do to give herself a fresh look.

Once the bag was empty, she got herself a cup of tea and sat down, looking out the window she’d missed so much. There wasn’t much to look at, but it was still nice. Sipping the tea, she felt more at home than she had in a long time. This was where she’d grown up most of her Starfleet career, it wasn’t somewhere she was going to give up easily.

And now she had a rank to live up too.

The tea cup slowly emptied itself and was placed back into the replicator. She really needed to start making it from scratch again, but never seemed to have the time. Noticing the time, she realized that she had to get caught up on a few reports leftover from the Atlantis before she went back on Potemkin duty. She had a fresh outlook on everything now, and was going to take everything as it came.
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