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PL: Mind Storms

PostPosted: Fri Oct 24, 2014 9:12 pm
by Kris
Mind Storms
Lieutenant Commander Jayla Rollands

Bolt after bolt of lightning streaking across the sky. Rumbles of thunder occasionally breaking the silence that sat thick in the air. Random lights from creatures appeared in the blackness. The air smelled of storms, storms that would last for months after they had left. The flames on the torches flickered in the wind that went along with the storms. A sudden zapping sound and a bright light was enough to throw Jayla backwards.


Jayla sat straight up in her bed, pushing the hair from her face. The crew had been back on board the ship for a while now and she was finally getting some sleep after watching the storm down on the planet before they left orbit. But the sleep had been interrupted by a nightmare of the storm they had all just sat in. She’d grown up around storms, so why was it that this one was bothering her?

Slipping a robe around herself, Jayla went back to the window that she’d seen the planet through just shortly before. The view now had changed to that of stars flying by at warp speed. This was the site she saw more and more as they traveled in the Atlantis. The stars gave her a sense of calming, always something she looked too when she wanted to just lose herself for a while.

As she sat down near the window and pulled a pillow near by to lean against, she tried to figure out why it was that she was dreaming about the storm. There were times when she was younger that she would lay out in the rain and storms on the back porch of her parent’s house and never be bothered by it. Was it due to the fact that this storm was different?

A storm that didn’t vanish for eight months, something any scientist would enjoy studying if it wasn’t so dangerous. And in the back of her mind, it was something that even she would be interested in. Yet, a fear sat there, biting at her. She was calm for the whole mission, sat and watched the storm roll in as they waited their eight hours for the chance to be beamed back to the ship. And now, the thought of lightning sent a shiver down her spine.

Was she just overloaded with how long they had to sit in the storm that her mind didn’t want to deal with it anymore? It wasn’t often you had to sit through eight hours of a storm. But it didn’t make much sense to her as to why. Maybe it was one of those things that wasn’t supposed to make sense, there was a lot of it lately. Perhaps it was something she just needed to learn to live with, or expose herself to some of the storms she was used to, even if it was just on the holodeck, to get her mind thinking as it once did about the storms.

Things were different now, so much was different, even if so much was the same. Perhaps she had to look at things differently to get a true grasp on it all. Maybe she needed to not push away the differences, but embrace them.

Glancing back at the stars and the blackness, Jayla allowed herself to focus on those as she slipped back to sleep where she was sitting. Though she’d probably be sore in the morning due to the position she was in, her mind had calmed enough to allow the sleep that she wanted to fall into place.