The Die is Cast

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The Die is Cast

Postby Zac Kuhns » Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:06 pm

“If any honor existed in war, it was in fighting to protect others from harm”

"Well, they aren't kidding when they say that you can't buy taste..."

He stood across the arena looking at Em'Tos Eved, armored up from head to toe, armed and ready to go. The armor was so gaudy he had trouble looking at it for fear of being nauseated. Then again, he was a believer in function over form and what he was wearing probably did the job just as well as the ostentatious getup that his opponent stood in.

The Security Chief tapped his knife against his leg while watching Em'Tos, trying to work out a strategy that may do him some good in the upcoming battle. He held no illusions of this being a fair fight and perhaps a lethal one if Em'Tos felt he could get away with it. The way Ser had been treated in the council chambers had been rude, but the fact this path was chosen with such haste concerned him. If a situation could be resolved like civil people without resorting to violence, why not choose such a path?

"Khopesh and shield against my combat knife and dodging ability, could be an interesting fight. If he's used to what he's wearing, I doubt he'll be hindered by it too much if at all. Sounds like he's experienced, so mistakes are going to be few. There's always something though...always a weak link in the chain. Have to disarm him first...gotta get past the armor."

Ripped from his thought process by his name being called, he marched out to the open space of the arena, impressed with its capacity. Though, it was a race who dealt with these things with combat rites so it wasn't exactly out of place. While he was always up for a good fight, he couldn't help but try and imagine the two councilors down here. Watching those two fight, while it may have been the most fitting, would've been maybe a little entertaining. He was somewhat amused at Ser's reaction when he mentioned he was married, he was almost a little touched by the concern. If Ser got that worked up over learning he was married, the councilor would've had a heart attack if Alex had said he was expecting twins.

"Hopefully a good knife thrust will get through that, it's meant to get through armor and it's made with top of the line materials. Not gonna hold my breath...if I can get to his tendons, maybe I could cut them and cripple him to where he couldn't grip a weapon or move slowly. Hamstring him or some such, that may be the best way to go for now...I can't kill him, so I gotta cripple him."

He still couldn't shake the feeling that this could get more messy than was originally planned. Maybe he was just being a bit paranoid, but he didn't like the idea when "accidents happening" was brought up. Sure, it was a combat arena and things happen, but combined with what had happened earlier it made him uneasy. It didn't matter now though, it was time to switch gears. He looked down at the etching on one side of his blade and smirked.

“Death always has the last word. I guess the Reaper had best win this one hadn't he?”
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