PL:Unexpected News

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PL:Unexpected News

Postby Zac Kuhns » Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:56 pm

This log takes place October 14, 2390, roughly a week before "Dichotomies of Loss"

Alex rolled over onto his back, out of breath. His rolling onto his back was promptly followed with an arm draped over his chest with his wife alongside him.

"Happy Birthday dear"

She smiled contentedly "Da, it is"

He managed to wiggle his right arm under his wife, snuggling her in return. It had been quite a time aboard the Potemkin recently, before and after the transfer to the Atlantis. It was quite a shock for everybody involved, and it involved a lot of last minute packing and moving. After some improvisation, they had made their new quarters look almost like the old with some minor changes here and there. The two just lay there catching their breaths until Tasha finally broke the silence:

"Well, what do you think of the move?"

Alex readjusted slightly, shifter her up a bit so her head could rest on his shoulder instead of his bicep, even if his arm provided plenty of room.

"You should've seen everybody's faces in the conference room, we were all pretty shocked that we were being transferred here. In retrospect, not much of a surprise given the Potemkin's condition. I've been wondering if we'll just get a new one or that we'll just get the old one back despite having to undergo extensive repairs.'

He looked down at her as she moved to look up at him

'it's hard to tell. They were fixing the ship up while we were in the conference room, so who knows."

Silence once again fell over the room, he was curious if she had fallen asleep until she spoke

"Frankly, I'd rather keep the old Potemkin. A lot of great memories for us on that ship. Not only was it our first assignment, but it was also the home of a special moment for the both of us."

He ran through his mind quickly, confused by the mystery she had left in the tone of her voice. Sure, it had a lot of great memories on it, like she had said. Even so, he got the feeling she was talking about something on a much more grand scale. Looking closer, he saw a smile creep across her face.

"Why do I get the feeling the feeling you know something I don't?"

"Because I do lyubov moya"

"The Russian is coming out more and more...which means you're toying with me at this point. So krasavitsa, what's the news you've got?"

She leaned up closer to him and whispered quietly in his ear.

Taken aback from what she said, he blinked a few times quietly before speaking up

"You're sure?"

She simply nodded with a smile

"You're serious, aren't you?"


"How long?"

"About eight weeks now"

Alex flopped onto his back again, happy, shocked and excitement all went through his mind at once. It was almost enough to cause smoke to come out his ears. She must have sensed what was going through his mind.

"You're trying to process it all too hm? I've been doing it all day, I'm still trying to get my head around it.'

She lay her head back on his shoulder, returning to the position this conversation had started at.

'Still a happy birthday?" she asked with sarcasm

Alex just nodded

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