Target Practice

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Target Practice

Postby Zac Kuhns » Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:20 pm

“Although a soldier by profession, I have never felt any sort of fondness for war, and I have never advocated it, except as a means of peace.”

- Ulysses S. Grant

“'Suitable'? How does he figure just 'suitable?'” Grimm thought as he walked away from Rin, now comfy in his cell in the brig. He spent his entire life training to be just what he perceived to be an excellent soldier. Beneath the icy demeanor that he had shown their newest prisoner, it was a bit of an ego bruise even though Rin had never seen him thrown one punch. While Alex hadn't really heard any information at all about his guest, it was more than apparent the Admiral considered him extremely dangerous so the security chief placed three men to guard Rin at all times. If the Admiral, as well as others, thought him that dangerous then he earned his three-man guard.

Despite him being away from his own turn standing guard, he found himself in the holodeck for a while. Between test firing the new weapons he had designed from the ground up, he suddenly found two knives hitting two different kill marks on the targets he had placed close together. Not looking up from the sights of the rifle, he smirked.

“Hello dear, didn't hear you come in.”

She put her hand on his shoulder as he squeezed off a few more rounds, carefully noting penetration on varying materials, flesh and blood included. If there was one thing the holodeck was great for, it was doing this sort of methodical work without interruption.

“I've been standing there five minutes Alex, what's on your mind? You seem upset about something.”

Little did she know just how much she underestimated it, he was more than a little irritated. As was his custom, he came to the holodeck to blow off some steam. He never really figured out if he was more irritated by the fact that Rin had said what he did, or rather if he had never gotten the chance to put his oft-practiced skills to use. His wife told him to be patient, but it was easier said than done.

“It's nothin' baby, just asked Rayus for some feedback on the rifle design and was doing some fine-tuning.”

“Chush' sobach'ya”

Alex had started to inhale to steady his shot but almost choked when he heard his wife. She never swore except when she was exasperated. He sat the rifle down and spun around to face Tasha, who had her arms crossed and was giving him a stern look. He couldn't help but attempt to avert her gaze, but he felt her eyes seemingly burning a hole in his head.

“Alright, alright.' Alex finally surrendered to his wife 'something about the job, something strange. Seems the Admiral requested a certain individual detained for the time being. That being said, this individual was undoubtedly one of the calmest I've ever met. A lot of people want him locked up and I frankly don't know why. I do trust the Admiral's choice, he's never led us astray so far and I doubt he'll start now. My head tells me I should give him a fair chance.”

Tasha cocked an eyebrow

“What does your gut tell you?”

“I think he means to kill us the first chance he gets. This guy, just the way he talked and walked to the brig just made me suspicious of him. It was like he knew something we don't and he was absolutely sure we didn't know it. He made casual conversation with Rayus on the way there, like he was walking to the lounge. Funny part was he called me a 'suitable footsoldier'.”

Tasha gently bit her lip as the silence enveloped the room for a while before finally speaking up.

“If you went with what your gut tells you, what would you do with him?”

He immediately turned, picked up the rifle, and shot a target in the head twice.

“So, why kill him and not subdue him?”

Alex made the weapon safe for taking back to the armory, thinking about the answer.

“Because, despite my sincerest desire to the contrary, I can't shake the feeling that there may be some blood involved in what we're going to encounter in the near future.”

She walked and gave her much taller husband a hug

“Come along sweetheart, time to come out of Reaper Mode and back into Alex Mode.”

He chuckled, that had been something she had coined at the Academy. She claimed that, depending upon what he's headed into, he switched modes between all business and back to being just himself. She always maintained that, while she accepted the Reaper, she married Alex. As they exited the holodeck, it must've been quite a sight with Alex holding his wife's hand in his own left hand and carrying a custom rifle in his right.
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