PL: Brothers Come Calling

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PL: Brothers Come Calling

Postby Kris » Tue Aug 05, 2014 2:44 pm

Brothers Come Calling
Jayla, Patrick, & Jason Rollands

Dealing with Rin was most likely the last thing any of the crew probably thought they would be doing during any of this. And yet, now he was sitting in their brig, and they were all realizing there were far more changes than met the eye.

Jayla stared at her PADD containing the reconstruction information from the images Rin had brought them. Everything looked pretty good, and the information Cervanny had sent to her helped out as well. Although she did miss her position, having even more help in the department was actually quite a blessing.

Reaching for her cup of tea that was sitting on the table next to her, she took a sip and let out a sigh. Although she was getting used to the changes, with more and more of them creeping up, she was starting to make a list of it all so she could keep track. One thing she was glad about was that the majority of the science team remained the same.

Letting out a slight chuckle, Jayla thought back on the first department meeting where Cervanny was in charge (at least from their point of view). She was use to it, but the group before her wasn’t. They kept looking to her instead of Cervanny for anything they needed help with. They’d adjust to the changes, they all would.

A beeping comm shook her out of thoughts. Who was going to be reaching her at this hour?

Making her way from the seat she was in to the beeping sound, she noticed a message coming from Earth. Very few people on Earth were known to contact her, the majority being her family. Was she really in the mood to talk to them? There were most likely changes she had yet to encounter with them.

Letting out a sigh, she answered the comm to see both her brothers on the other side. They looked worried until they saw her face.

“Patrick, Jason, you don’t normally come calling this late at night. And what is with the faces?”

The two older of the Rollands looked at each other then back at her. Jason was the one who spoke up. “What do you mean? We’ve been waiting days to hear from you. Don’t we always talk every other week?”

Raising an eyebrow, she realized that whatever fight they’d been in during the other timeline obviously wasn’t happening here. Pinching the bridge of her nose, she sighed, “We’ve...had a lot going on lately. A lot of changes I’m still catching up on.”

Patrick gave her a smile. “It is alright, Jayla. Starfleet does that sometimes, we’ve know that since you joined. We were the ones that backed you, even though mom and dad didn’t before they died, remember?”

More changes. Apparently things with her brothers were going much better than she had witnessed in the past. She wasn’t going to complain, but it was going to be tough to get used to after years of fighting.

“Right…” she mumbled before looking back at them. “So...what’s on the agenda this week?”


Catching up (at least that’s what it was for Jayla) took an hour. The family layout hadn’t changed; both of them were married with one child living on the land their parents had left her. She found she’d actually made it to the funeral a few years ago, something she wished she could remember. They were a lot closer than she could have imagined. The last few statements from both of her brothers threw her off more than the conversation as a whole.

“Who is it now that you’re with? Last we heard it was some guy named...what was it...Gavin?”

Jason shook his head, “No, that was last year. Wasn’t it…”

“Brice. His name is Brice,” Jayla interrupted.

Patrick smirked, “You really need to stick to one guy at some point, sis. From what you’ve said, the previous guys haven’t always been happy after the breakups. Some of them stalked you before they left the ship, remember?”

Stammering for a moment, Jayla finally got her wits about her. “Yeah...I’ll be careful with that. I’ve got morning bridge duty so...I’ll let you two get back to your families.”


They said their goodbyes and the channel was closed. Jayla sat back and shook her head. She needed to do more digging into her new past, especially with that her brothers had told her. But that would wait. They had their own drama aboard the ship with Rin that needed taken care of first.
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