A time for Prayer

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A time for Prayer

Postby rayus » Sat Aug 02, 2014 6:33 pm

“A time for Prayer”

(This log is set to take place in the time between “Lost time”, and the next Sim.)

Beginning of Log

Reven sat at his desk in his quarters, staring at the screen of his monitor. He was about to look at his Starfleet Record. He was hoping nothing would be different, but he knew that was probably too much to ask. Reven gulped in a lung full of air, and began reading.

The first few lines were normal, as was to be expected.

“ Name: Reven Rayus
(Anubei Takotan Rayus Reven Tah)

Service Number: 09KA-0088-TK001

Date of Birth: August, 25, 1793
Stardate: -529352.7
Age in Terran Years: 598

From there things were different, nothing Earth shattering, or universe breaking. Just sort of a numbingly painful. Somewhat sad, and somewhat joyous. In equal measure.


Father: Maseratii “Hamon” Rayus
Status: Alive, but injured in a terrorist bombing.
Place of Residence: Anubei/Rayus Estate, Kiraktier, Tserra

Mother: Osiraa Rayus
Status: Alive
Place of Residence: Anubei/Rayus Estate, Kiraktier, Tserra

Spouse: Emi Kiryu
Status: Deceased

Children: None”

Reven sat staring at the screen, reading and rereading that last portion over and over again. His father was alive, and his son was dead, or at least had never existed. He had never really spent enough time with his son, and he regretted that now. On the other hand, the bravest, and wisest man he had ever known had returned from the dead.

He sat back in his chair staring up at the darkened ceiling of his quarters. He wasn't sure if he should cry, or if he should be thankful, or both.

Reven stopped reading, and turned off his monitor. He was going to do the one thing, which had always brought him solace, and comfort. He was going to pray. He walked over the small shrine he had set up in his room, and knelt down in front of it, he reached out his hand, and lit a few sticks of incense. The air was quickly filled with the smoky, yet sweet aroma of lemon grass, sandalwood, and various spices. Reven took a deep breath, and breathed in the smoke, and then began praying.

“Amuun Vaal, Lord of light, bringer of all things good……….”

End of Log
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