JL: Deep Down Alright

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JL: Deep Down Alright

Postby Kris » Tue Jul 29, 2014 6:11 pm

JL: Deep Down Alright
Teagan Ceja & Jayla Rollands (Quick cameo by Jonesy)
Set: Whenever it fits

“You alright?” Jones asked, sticking his head through the doorway to Doctor Ceja’s office at the end of her shift. “Deep down alright I mean. That man of yours looking after you, or do I need to go and discuss the finer points of how not to irritate the doctors on this ship who adore their bo.. department head.” His mouth twisted.

“No. No. Yes. No. Good catch.” Teagan replied, raising her head to look at Jones. “I’m getting out of here for a bit. If I feel this bad, there are two others on this ship who feel much worse than I do. One I won’t be able to get near for a while, the other I need to see today.” She stood up, straightening her uniform. “I can’t sit in this office right now.”

She transferred care of sickbay to Jonesy, and left. A few minutes later, she leaned forward and pressed the chime to Jayla’s quarters.

Jayla had been reading over a few of the recent sensor readings while sipping at some tea, trying to get her mind straight on the fact that they were, at the moment, going to have to live this way. She wasn’t going to take this lying down, she was going to do her best to find a way to get them back to where it was they were supposed to be and get back the people that were supposed to be there.

The door chime caught her off guard. The last person to come see her just walked right in, so she knew it wouldn’t be that person. So who was it that was coming to visit her? Sitting back in the seat a bit, she looked towards the door.

“Come in,” she stated to whoever it was on the other side of the door, taking another sip of tea.

Teagan let herself in. “Hi,” she said quietly. “Wanted to see how you were doing.” She looked miserable as she walked into the living area and sat down on one of the chairs. “How many are missing from science?”

She raised a hand and began to count off names in her head. “We’re missing two doctors and about five nurses. All replaced with people who call me by my first name, and are puzzled when I stare and ask who they are.” She lowered the hand and sagged a little into the chair.

“How many are missing? I’ve noticed three so far, but obviously have at least one new person as you saw on the bridge. More calling by first name in our department as well. I never thought that when we were told what would happen, we’d lose so many people.”

Jayla set down her teacup and sat back, staring at the ceiling. “I’m not comfortable with this, any of it.” She looked back at her friend. “Why couldn’t they just say not time travel allowed anymore instead of reversing things? Leave it all alone and stop us from having the ability to do so from now on?”

Shaking her head, she let out a heavy sigh. “How about you, how’re you holding up?”

Teagan fidgeted on the seat. “Two doctors and some nurses,” she repeated quietly. “It’s going to take some getting used to. But then again, at least one of the doctors who vanished has been replaced with someone really good.” She stared at her hands for a moment, choosing words and discarding them just as quickly.

“Going out on a limb, I’d say that the divergence in the timelines was beginning to cause some major issues. We can’t have helped with the sheer number of times we’ve been caught in various eras other than our own. Remember the dinosaurs with the borg implants?” Teagan shuddered. “I’m quite happy not to have to deal with that sort of thing anymore.” She got up and walked over to the window in Jayla’s quarters, peering out at the stars.

“I keep getting caught with odd memories of Tom Arnet,” she said. “It feels like we’ve been punished. Like taking him away is what we ought to be suffering. Maybe we’re wrong. Maybe it’s his reward for all the hell he went through before. I hope that wherever he is, he is happy. He deserves that.”

“Some of those are memories I wish I didn’t have. But, I think you’re right. It was either causing issues or was causing too big a scene to be ignored by others. Wish they’d at least given us some memory of things that had happened in the new past so we didn’t look like idiots.”

“I think it was more like those fissures that shatter a pane of glass. Far above my ability to understand, but I remember how worried Wesley Crusher was a couple of times.” Teagan fell silent.

Jayla had wondered when Arnet would be brought up. Well, the Arnet that they knew. She glanced over at Teagan with a sigh. “To us, it feels like suffering. He’s been around us for how many years? But it could be he’s extremely happy where he is at, and possibly with no memory of anything he’d done here in the past. No matter what was in the past for he and I, before this whole thing happened, all I really ever wanted for him in his life was for him to find something or someone to make him happy. Seems that, I’d hope anyway, that I got that wish.”

“You and me both. At some point, we’re going to have to ask Tyler Arnet about his brother. I’m a bit afraid to do so, in case it’s terrible news. But we’ll find out somehow."

Leaning forward a bit in her seat, she took another sip of her tea, which was now rather cold. “The crew that remembers everything is going to fight this. They are going to want their pasts back, their friends and colleagues back. They aren’t going to just accept that we have to live this way anymore.”

Teagan shifted, uncomfortable at the thought. She left the window and returned to the chair, but didn’t sit down, just stood tapping her fingers on the back of it. “What if we turn into Cervanny?” She suddenly asked, in a voice that trembled slightly. “The one we knew, I mean. All the ingredients are there. We could become as big of a monster as she was in the other timeline. We always thought that she was wrong, and now we know that wasn’t the case.”

“Scary thought, isn’t it? I never would have thought that she was right when it came to what was supposed to be happening versus what was actually happening. We never fully understood what she was trying to do until now.”

“Well, there was that one time that she threw that exact accusation at us, do you remember? We fought just as hard to retain our timeline, as she was fighting to return to hers."

Jayla just shook her head. “I am glad that some things didn’t change. They could have at least given us maybe a bit of the memories we would need to be in this new time they’ve created. I feel like I’m walking into an unknown world every time I go out of these quarters. It’s a strange feeling, and I’m not comfortable with it.”

“Same here,” Teagan sat down again. “That would have been kind of them to do. It would also have been nicer if it had just been the four of us who remembered, and everyone else on this ship didn’t. We could have worked together, and we would have been able to remain quiet about it. But an entire crew? Someone is going to slip, say the wrong thing. Not everyone is going to be able to walk that fine line that the Admiral wants us to."

“I don’t see how anyone is expecting us to remain quiet about it. You’re right, people are going to slip, going to go about our days based on what we’ve known our whole lives. If it was just the four of us...this would be so much easier.” Jayla glared at the carpet on her floor, which she don’t a lot since she got in here. “We don’t even know what other changes we have yet to encounter.”

She picked up the PADD she’d been reading before Teagan got there. “I’ve been avoiding reading some of my past personal logs, my past duty logs. I glanced at my duty record, and mostly everything matches except my Academy training. No where near the same amount of time travel study as I actually did have.” She frowned. “Sorry, I’m rambling now. It’s hard to be in a lower position right now when I’m used to doing certain things certain ways and now I can’t.”

“I think Drogan is having the same problem as you,” observed Teagan. “You two are a good team, you complement each other. If Nicole Cervanny is as smart as she seems, she’ll keep you together. So far I haven’t had to deal with her or the new Commander. I just can’t see us all being buddy buddy so quickly, you know?”

Sooner or later she’d have to, of course. It would come as part of the natural order of things. Medical and Science tended to work closely together. Which reminded her that she needed to send Drogan the information she could remember on the physical markers for chroniton exposure. She knew it was a useless gesture.

“I guess we make the best of it. To be on the ‘Tem in the first place, both the new Commander and Cervanny have to be good. Kind of makes you wonder if our history, the one we know, was even real."

“Makes you think how many times we changed our own past and it made changes to the future we’ve come to know. I don’t believe that our history was not real, just...wasn’t real enough to the people that apparently made the big decision. Almost as if they took bits and pieces from every possible reality and combined them, giving something they hope works.”

Jayla glanced back at her friend. “I’m curious how long it actually took them to figure out all the details. With how many times this crew has been near death, how many small events they had to change to make way for bigger ones, how many individual lives they actually have changed throughout the universe. I’m still too much of a scientist to not want to do background research on this for a long time, even if we do eventually stop trying to get our reality back at some point.”

“The people who spoke to us said it took decades to decide that they were going to do something. Maybe a whole minute?” Teagan leaned back. So many things going through her head. There were people alive, on this ship, who wouldn’t have been if it wasn’t for a doctor who no longer existed as a Starfleet officer. She rubbed her temples, trying to ease the tension that very thought caused.

“Keep going forward. That’s all I know really. And in case you hadn’t noticed, it’s not like the Admiral is exactly giving us orders to find a way to make things the way they were. It’s going to be a case of if we want to find a way to correct what we see as wrongs, we’re doing it on our own.” And again that went into the spiral of thoughts and hopes that Tom Arnet was healthy and happy wherever he was.

“Other than the obvious, you’re alright though?”

“Yeah. Already had an argument with Brice about something but I’ll figure that one out. Getting used to staying in here instead of going off to my office. Odd part is,” Jayla finally smirked for the first time since this all started, “I actually miss doing all the paperwork. Cervanny is actually keeping up with it and not passing any of it down to me like I would do with Drogan. So strangely, I’ve been bored.”

She watched Teagan for a moment. “Same question for you. Besides the obvious, everything alright for you?”

Teagan raised her eyes to the ceiling, blinking rapidly. Such a simple question, and one that immediately brought emotions boiling to the fore that she fought back. Was everything alright for her.. no. It wasn’t. Simple question, simple answer. And it wouldn’t be alright until she knew one way or another where her friend was. And grieved the loss of that person in her life as if he had died, for he would never be ‘Boss’ to her again, even if she met him in this new universe they lived in.

She finally met Jayla’s eyes.

“Other than the fact that one of my best friends isn’t where I expect to see him every day? I’ll adjust to the new faces in sickbay. It is really no different than a change of staff, after all. Jones is snarking twice as much to compensate, so I’ll have to give him some time to deal with things soon. Drogan is alright, so far. I suspect that he won’t know if a memory is missing from Aklar until he needs to know something. He’ll get obsessive about finding answers, same as he always does. I am sorry, you know, that you and Brice are arguing. Anything I can do to help?”

Jayla simply shook her head at the question. “He wants to move things along faster than I want to and is getting angry at me for it. Something I promised that I don’t remembering promising. I’ll get past it, thanks though.”

She stared down at the carpet again and let out a heavy sigh. “I wonder if he knew just how many friends he actually did have on board this ship. More people are going to miss him than I think anyone probably realizes. But...we have to deal with what we’ve got in front of us, not behind us, right?”

“Tom was always very isolated. Another thing we can hope has changed.” Teagan paused, trying to put her finger on what it was that Jayla had just said that was bothering her.

“Say that again? Brice is saying that you’ve promised something that you do not remember saying? Not like you, and can’t be attributed to this shift in times. Nobody I’ve talked to that was on the ship when it happened has a different version of events than I do. Only the people who arrived afterwards. Remember that, if he tries to pull a fast on on you.”

“I never thought of that. He knows that something happened, and he might be trying to do just that. Trying to get something out of the relationship that he wants instead of taking our time. If that’s the case, I’ll let you know if something comes up that I need help with. I’ve heard some things about him lately that I don’t really like.”

Jayla had a lot to go through now in her mind, and she also realized that the tea she’d been drinking was setting in. She’d made it to help her get to sleep without too many things running around in her mind to keep her up. “I think right now, though, we both need to find some way to rest. I have a feeling that the bridge is going to be an interesting place come the morning.”

“I’ll take that as my cue then.” Teagan stood up, straightening her uniform as she did. She stepped over to Jayla and gave her a quick hug. “Sleep as well as you can. Good point about about the bridge. I might stay in sickbay for a few days.” She straightened up and headed for the door, pausing before she opened it. “Of course, it’s unlikely I’ll be allowed that luxury. Goodnight Jayla.”

Returning the hug, Jayla nodded. “Can’t say I blame you, but you’re probably right, might not get the luxury. You try to sleep well too.”

She watched Teagan leave and sat back with a sigh, staring out the window a bit more before heading off to bed.
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