First Blood

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First Blood

Postby rayus » Sat Jul 12, 2014 8:38 pm

"First Blood" by Reven Rayus,

Reven Rayus
Ksil Letz
The Guardsmen
The Judge Chokmah
Maseratii “Hamon” Rayus

--- This sim is set 578 years in the past, during early August, of 1813. This was before

Tserra joined the Federation, and outlawed dueling to comply with Federation Law. ---

--- (( This Log will contain blood, violence, and gore, if this sort of thing offends you,

I ask that you please do not continue to read this log. )) ---

To die by the sword;
no finer honor exists;
winter’s grip awaits. - Japanese Death Haiku

Reven stood in a small Bazaar within the Academy, looking over all of the various

goods, and foods. Oh, the food...all manner of things which were probably unhealthy, but oh

so delicious. Fried pies, baked pies, frozen pies, too many for anyone to try them all in

one day. The bazaar was loud, filled with throngs of people, pushing against each other,

haggling over prices. Nearby there was a group of women, cadets at the academy like him,

although a few years older than himself. He couldn't make out exactly what they were saying,

but they seemed to be enjoying themselves, and indeed, it seemed practically everyone were

enjoying themselves. Well, except for a young man standing across the bazaar, Reven wasn't

really sure what his deal was, but it was making his face scrunch up an awful lot, whatever

it was.

Reven did this quite frequently, people watching that is. He would often come to this

bazaar just to see people. Sometimes he liked to watch the street performers, open air

theatre, various musicians, and a plethora of others. Other times, such as now, he just

liked to watch the people go about their business.
Deciding he had done enough watching for now, he walked over to a small stand, and bought

himself a plate of steamed water root, it was crunchy, juicy, and rather plain, as water

root often tended to be. He ate whilst walking, staring at the ground, heading back the way

he came, back to the area where those gossiping girls were earlier, thinking all the while

about how he really needed to make some friends.

Upon looking up, the group of girls were still standing there, only this time Mr. Grumpy

was talking to them, he couldn't make out what they were saying, but Mr. Grumpy sounded

especially grumpy. Suddenly, it happened, Mr. Grumpy hit the girl in the middle of the

group hard, hard enough to send her reeling backwards, he raised his fist to hit her a

second time, Reven dropped his food, and ran in, just in time to block the blow, and to

give the man a reply straight to his jaw.

The man looked stunned, the audacity, that this young man would strike him. "You little

! You would dare strike me?Do you know who I am? I am Ksil Letz, Second in line of

the clan Tsh'uka

Reven kept his tongue, he knew that only fools, went around spouting off names and titles,

although, unbeknownst to Ksil, Reven himself was the first in line of Clan Anubei. Reven

dropped into a defensive pose, ready to defend the girl, which Ksil had been so insistent

to beat upon.

About that same time a group of Academy Guardsmen arrived, intent on breaking up the fight,

the highest ranking guardsmen spoke, "All right, I saw the whole thing, lets everyone just

calm down, if you must fight take it to the fighting ring

Ksil replied almost immediately, with much anger in his voice. "Oh no, Guardsmen, we are

way beyond fighting at this point, this one has offended my honor
! I demand his blood be

spilled in retribution

Reven replied, just as rashly, making the situation worse. "Yeah? I would like to see you

try! Posh little girl like you, probably wouldnt know how to handle a sword in the first


"Enough!", the head guardsmen said. "We will escort you both before the Judge Chokmah, he

will decide whether or not a duel takes place

A short time later, they all stood before the Judge Chokmah, they all gave their testimony,

the girls, the guardsmen, Ksil, and Reven himself. For a long time, the Judge sat thinking.
Finally, after a deafening silence, he spoke. "It is to be my determination, that although

Ksil acted dishonorably by striking the woman unprovoked, by striking him Reven challenged

Ksil's honor, and because of this Ksil does have the right to challenge Reven to a duel to

the death
. Reven should you refuse this duel, shame, and dishonor will be yours."

At this Ksil's face lit up, he felt vindicated, and obviously intended to go through with

the duel.

The Judge Chokmah sighed, and continued speaking. "However Ksil, this offence by Reven is a

light matter, and I urge you to see reason, and rescind your challenge for a duel

Ksil shook his head indignantly, "This wretch can either give me his life, or give up his

." He smiled wickedly at Reven, Ksil was sure of himself, sure that Reven would act

the coward, but even if he didn't, Ksil was prepared to fight, in fact he yearned for it.

"So what say you?Will you fight? Or will you flee like the coward we all know you are."

Reven stood there stone faced, for what felt like an eternity, although it was mere

moments. Finally he opened his mouth with grim determination, "I will fight you Ksil, and I

will win

The Judge Chokmah stood, and held up his hand. "Very well, since you both seem to be so

determined to spill each others blood, both of you will meet tomorrow at the Arena of the

Ancestors at mid day
. You will supply your own weapons, and armor. Should you lack

either, a Spear, and a shield will be provided for you

At this all parties left the Judges hall, to make preparations.

The next day, Reven stood in the room allotted to him at the arena, his father helping him

into armor that once belonged to Reven's Grandfather. It consisted of a coat of mail, old

but strong and sturdy, it showed with various nick's, and cuts it had obviously at one time

seen much use on the battlefield. On top of this he wore a Cuirass of Lamellar, it was much

newer than the mail, made for his Grandfather specifically, out of the leather of a Muur.

Reven's father Hamon as he was known, looked upon his son, and he saw a Tserran warrior of

old, the likes of which were recorded in the scriptures. "My son", he said as Reven stared

at him, giving him his full attention. "You will fight with honor today, this I know. I

also know, that out of you and Ksil, you are the better warrior
. You know this as well.

Dont make foolish decisions on this field today, out of pride."

Reven nodded to his father.

"You rememember what I taught you?", Hamon asked.

Reven nodded again, "Yes, father, I do."

"Recite it to me.", Hamon ordered.

Reven thought for only a moment about the proper phrasing, and then began his

recitation, "Fighting is not about hatred, its about peace. Fighting is not about Power, its

about Grace
. Fighting is not about death, for the sake of death, it is about the honor of

slaying a worthy foe in glorious combat

Hamon nodded, handing Reven his Khopesh Charab (Sickle Sword), and his Ganan (Round

shield), and gave his son one final heartfelt hug before he went off to battle.

A few moments later, Reven stood out on the field, surrounding him in the stands were

friends, family, and members of his clan, mixed in with a crowd of people he did not know.

They were probably here for Ksil, he thought to himself.

Suddenly, Chokmah, the Judge stood, and held up his arms for all to be silent, and all fell

silent. "We are gathered here today, to witness honorable combat, between these two young

." He looked over at a scribe whose job it was to record the battle both on video,

and text, and said, "Let the record show their full names, and titles." He raised his

hands, and pointed at Ksil and Rayus, and spoke in turn. "The combatants are Tsh'uka Peti

Letz Ksil Tah, second in line to the Clan Tsh'uka, holder of the title of Firebrand
. Also

we have Anubei Takotan Rayus Reven Tah, first in line to the Clan Anubei
. Only one will

leave here with their life, but both will leave here with honor
." He looked at both Reven,

and Ksil, nodding. Then, with a solemn tone, he said, "You may begin."

Begin it had, Ksil began charging at Reven. He was wearing a coat of Lamellar armor, with

what appeared to be padding underneath, and he was armed with a rather ornate tower shield,

and a matching broad sword. In fact, all of his equipment was rather fancy looking, however

it for all its beauty, it wasn't really made for combat like Reven's was.

Reven waited for Ksil to come to within a few feet of him, and then steadfast as winter, he

entered the fray. Ksil swung his sword horizontally from the right side, Reven barely

managed to raise his shield to block it. The blow was heavy, and it threw Reven off

balance. Seizing upon his opportunity, Ksil slashed at Reven's exposed side, and Reven

parried with his Khopesh, knocking Ksil's sword aside, then Reven followed up with a bash

from his shield. Ksil weathered this assault, and followed up pushing Reven to the ground

with a might blow from his own shield. Ksil attempted to finish it right then and there,

and using both hands stabbed downward, Reven rolled away, slashing at Ksil's leg as he

scrambled up. Reven's Khopesh bit into Ksil's leg fairly deeply, causing a fair ammount of

blood to ooze out of the wound, and down his leg, spattering the white sand a shade of


Infuriated, Ksil rushed Reven, slashing wildly from left to the right, and from the right

back to the left. Reven had managed to jump back and dodge the first flurry, but the second

knocked his shield aside, and Ksil's blade, sliced through Rayus's coat of mail, leaving a

gash in his shoulder. Reven took a few steps back trying to distance himself from his foe,

his shoulder was bleeding quite profusely, but it could have been worse. Ksil was intent to

finsih this quickly, having already tired of this game, and using his sword, lunged at

Reven. Reven skirted to the side, just in the nick of time, his enemies blade barely

grazing his cuirass. Reven retorted with a flurry of his own, his enemy raised his shield

to protect himself, but Reven's razor sharp Khopesh bit into Ksil's rather beautiful, but

purely decorative shield. Reven's assault destroyed Ksil's shield rendering it effectively

useless. However the assault by Reven left, his unshielded left side open for attack, and

attack Ksil did. With one sharp thrust, Ksil pierced Reven's cuirass, and the mail

underneath as well. The blade slid into Reven's side, sending sharp pain throughout his

body. A moment later Ksil withdrew his blade from Reven's side, causing a volume of blood

to pour out of the wound, then slashed at Reven's face from the left. Reven staggered back

just in time, but the blade cut into the Reven's face just below his left eye.

As Reven stumbled backwards bleeding from multiple wounds, and in a great deal of pain,

Ksil let down his guard, thinking he had beaten his foe. Seeing this Reven mustered all of

his strenght, and advanced on his enemy. With one fell blow, Reven slashed his Khopesh

across the stomach of his enemy. The razor sharp blade of his Khopesh, bit into the

decorative armor of Ksil, slicing into and through his abdomen along the horizontal,

leaving a gaping, and fatal wound in his opponent. Ksil's blood sprayed from the wound

spotting Reven's armor, and pooling at the ground beneath their feet. After what seemed

like an eternity, Ksil crumpled to his knees, and finally fell to the ground, dying of his


Reven turned and looked up at the Judge Chokmah, and said in a voice shaking from pain, not

fear. "It is done, I have slain Ksil in honorable combat."

The Judge Chokmah nodded, and said with a booming voice, "Reven Rayus, is the honorable

victor. He has slain Ksil Letz lawfully, and honorably in the presence of many witnesses

Let the record show this."

Reven picked up the sword, and broken shield of Ksil, he kept the broken shield as a

trophy, but he returned the sword to Ksil's father. Then turned and left the Arena of the

Ancestors, and returned home with his family.

Reven spent the next week at home in bed, recovering from his wounds, and then made an

appearance at Ksil's funeral as is the custom. One would think his family would be sour at

Reven, but this is not the case. Among Tserran warriors, there is no finer honor than to

die in combat at the hands of a worth enemy.

Then, as if it never happened, Reven returned to the Academy.

Reven opened his eyes, he was aboard the Potemkin standing in front of his trophy case, in

the upper right corner was mounted the broken shield of Ksil Letz. Reven placed his hand

upon the pitted and broken surface of the shield, and nodded honoring his fallen foe.
Suddenly his alarm began beeping, his shift at tactical would be starting in about fifteen

minutes. Rayus closed his trophy case, and turned off his alarm. As he headed out the door

he took one look back at his trophy case. There were so many memories there, he pushed

these from his mind, and continued on his way. His door closing and locking behind him.

To die by the sword;
no finer honor exists;
winter’s grip awaits. - Japanese Death Haiku

The End
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