Performance Review

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Performance Review

Postby Kris » Thu Jul 10, 2014 7:26 pm

Performance Review
Lieutenant Commander Jayla Rollands

Report writing, one job that Jayla absolutely hated about being in a command position. Yes, it was an almost daily requirement, but that didn’t mean it was one that she enjoyed. The report this time was one that she had to get directly to Warp, even though the person it was about wasn’t currently on board, and was actually flying another ship back to Earth.

Eyeing the screen in front of her, listening to the music that was playing throughout her quarters, sipping a cup of tea, thinking back on the events that happened on the bridge.

Personnel Report: First Lieutenant Revan Rayus
Written By: Lieutenant Commander Jayla Rollands

While the majority of the bridge and senior staff beamed down the planet, First Lieutenant Rayus was left in charge of the Potemkin while it continued to search for the ship that might have caused the destruction.

On a command standpoint, Rayus did extremely well in the decisions he made, including double-checking with myself on one he was not sure about and continued communication with the away team on the surface.

The only concern of note is how he spoke with Admiral Nelson. There is a need for a bit more professionalism, but overall the situation was handled well.

With more opportunities to test his command abilities, I believe Rayus will be able to make great strides.

End Report

After re-reading the short report a few times, she sent it off to Warp. Leaning back, she realized that the mission they’d just completed could have gone over a lot worse than it actually did, and they were lucky an all out fight didn’t end up happening.
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