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Postby rayus » Mon Jul 07, 2014 4:59 pm

"Command", a personal log, by Reven Rayus

Reven Rayus
Andy Gordon
The nameless “Them”

Reven sat in the captains chair aboard the Yellowstone, overseeing the various tasks he had assigned to the ships crew. He knew that as soon as they got to Starbase 22, that the Yellowstone, being the old ship she was, would probably be shipped off to storage, or scuttled for her base components. However some measure of pride was instilled in him, by Warp giving him temporary command.

He looked over at the Chief Engineer Andy Gordon, and spoke. "Gordon, have you replaced those power couplings on deck 2 yet?"

Gordon replied quickly. "Aye, Sir. Replaced it about an hour ago."

"Good", Reven said, "Next, if you wouldn't mind, I want you to begin replacing, or repairing the power relays on the rest of the ship.”

Gordon stammered, "The...the rest of the ship, Sir?"

"Indeed, how soon?"

"Why, Sir?", Gordon asked, obviously flabbergasted. "The Yellowstone will probably be added to the mothball fleet, or even more likely scrapped!"

"Because", Reven said, "When they go to mothball her, I want them to look at the Yellowstone, and I want them to see, and say, ""This, is a worthy vessel, and her crew, was worthy to serve on her."" That is what I want them to say."

Gordon nodded, and began carrying out his assigned work, he probably still didn't understand, but that was ok. Reven himself, understood, there was something about the tiny eighty crew Oberth's. He felt lucky to have served on one, and he felt even luckier to have been given the honor of commanding one, short time though it may have been.

Reven sat there for a few more minutes, then went to his quarters aboard the Yellowstone intending to get some rest. It was going to be another six days til they arrived at Starbase 22, and he intended to have the Yellowstone in pristine condition before then.

End of Log

First Lieutenant Reven Rayus, Chief Tactical Officer, Uss Potemkin
Lieutenant (Capt) Netz Shalva’ne, Chief Operations Officer, Starbase 27
First Lieutenant Reven Rayus, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Potemkin.
Lieutenant Netz Shalva'ne, Chief Operations Officer, Starbase 27.
(Retired) Captain Mikaria Araskan, Marine Detachment Commanding Officer, Uss Kentucky. (Retired)
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Cadet 3rd Year
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