JL: Rayus/Ricker Two Warriors and a Bottle of Kanar

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JL: Rayus/Ricker Two Warriors and a Bottle of Kanar

Postby Ricker » Sun Jul 06, 2014 10:42 pm

Two Warriors and a Bottle of Kanar
A joint log by Luc Ricker and Reven Rayus

Reven had a little down time after dropping off the Yellowstone, and had decided to take a little rest in one of the bars aboard Starbase 22. He had ordered a mug of mead, and a bottle of Kanar, intent on drinking both. A few moments later, the server sat his drink order down, and Reven quickly paid the cheap price of five credits, and began sipping on his warm mead.
Ricker walked into the bar and smiled. Mentally, he rubbed his hands together in anticipation. New place, new ladies, He thought to himself, scanning the crowd. The person that jumped out at him though, was not the one he had expected. All thoughts about picking up someone to keep him company vanished when he noticed Rayus bellied up to the bar. Briefly conflicted as to whether he should go to another bar or say hi to his compatriot, Luc finally decided that he should spend some time with Rayus. He took the seat next to the Lieutenant. “Have fun being in charge Lieutenant Commander Rayus?”
Reven looked over at Luc, and slid him the bottle of Kanar, that he had just bought. “I actually did quite enjoy it. It was refreshing to be giving the orders again.” At saying this Reven began staring into his mug of mead, thinking. He was thinking about all that had happened, Luc’s apparent betrayal…or something of that nature. He wasn't entirely sure. He knew Luc was loyal to the crew, and the Admiral, but he wondered about the rest of the crew, about how they would end up treating him. “So….Luc” Reven said, after looking up from his drink, “You looking forward to being back aboard the Potemkin?”
Luc reached over the bar and snagged a glass, then poured it full of the Kanar. He took a hit from the drink and sat in continued silence for another minute. "You know, I don’t really know. I want to be home and all but..." He took another slug from his glass, emptying it, and looked at Rayus. "But I’m afraid of what its going to be like. Frankly, I’m surprised you are talking to me."

"I don’t even want to guess at what the Admiral is going to say, I haven’t seen him since he left the Victory. Maybe I should ask for a transfer to this place." He looked around a little bit. "Its pretty nice, maybe they could use a spare Commander." He laughed and poured himself another drink.

Rayus smirked, "You know, there is no way you’re getting to keep those Commander's pips right?" Rayus, took a big gulp of his drink, finishing it off. "As for me talking to you, there is not much that bothers me Luc. You made a choice, a hard choice at that, and whilst I initially condemned the person who attacked that colony as a coward..now that I know your motivations, and reasons, I say you made the right choice."
Rayus thought for a moment and then continued, "However, personally I would have rather faced my foe head on, it probably would have ended in death, but it would be an honorable death, and that’s all a Tserran can ever really ask for."

Luc chuckled and offered to pour Rayus a Kanar. "You and your obsession with dying. No matter how hard you think that was, it was harder. Admiral Nelson is one of the only reasons I’m still in Starfleet, he was so much to me while I was at the Academy last time. I hated to defy him but I couldn’t let him throw that kind of power around. I’m glad to know someone is still on my side, I just hope everyone else is as open minded as you are."

“But enough about me though, I’ve been thinking about all this for days now, I’d rather get my mind on something or someone else. That’s kinda why I came here. What about you though, in 500 years, have you ever had any intelligence assignments that rocked the universe?"

Reven shook his head no to Luc's question, while simultaneously accepting the drink from the bottle of Kanar he had already paid for. "No...I can’t say I have ever been in any intelligence missions of the nature you just went through. I have been through a number of scouting missions however. Most of my military experience relates to actual battles however. Flying a Mediator V is an experience everyone should have, no other feeling like it."
Reven stretched for a moment, and took another drink of the syrupy Kanar. "You ever flown a fighter into combat Luc? Not the sissy dogfights we have been in lately, but like actual carrier combat style?" Reven was decently certain the answer would be no, unless Luc had somehow served in the Dominion war, but who knew, Luc might surprise him.
Luc smiled and took another drink. “Even with that extra one, you don’t have enough pips to hear that answer.” He decided to change the topic. “Have you checked to see when our transport comes to takes us back to the Potemkin?”
Reven shook his head no, and shrugged, "I had decided not to worry about it. I figure it will all work out in the end." He smirked, and gave a mischievous smile.
Luc laughed again and shook his own head. “You can afford that, the Admiral isn’t waiting on you to have a,” He made air quotes with his fingers, “‘long conversation’. I don’t have the luxury of dilly dallying.” He noticed a young Trill female walk into the club. “On the other hand, I guess we could stay for a few days and let Warp cool down a little bit.”
Reven smirked at Luc, and gave him a pat on the back, "Go have fun, you only live twice after all. Just stay away from the Tserran girls, you spend the night with one, she will be with you for life..in one form or another at least." He stood up slowly, stretching.
"Oh, and Luc...don’t have too much fun, the shuttle should be here in about an hour."
Ricker hung his head, muttering something about a ratfink getting him all excited for a good night. He wasn’t sure he was ready but ready or not, it was time to go face the music. He looked up and glared at Rayus. “You know that was just about evil right?” He took the last swallow of Kanar straight from the bottle, and silently said goodbye to that Trill girl he had never got to meet. “Let’s get home before I change my mind.”
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