Surprising Family

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Surprising Family

Postby Kris » Mon May 26, 2014 7:18 pm

Surprising Family
Jayla Rollands

Two weeks. That’s all Jayla could keep thinking in her head as she made it back to her quarters. They’d been living different lives for two weeks and there was no possible way to get any of it back. All the memories remained from the all the crazy antics that they had done, and it scared her what Tammara could do to their heads with just a small amount of control.

She’d heard in passing that Tammara was the one who had come on board when her alternate self locked her in one of the rooms on deck four with the Yex. Those memories were all too fresh in her mind, and most likely were in everyone else’s as well. The one main difference was that she didn't know all the details of what happened before, only what happened this time.

Staring at the monitor on her desk once the door closed, the last thing she wanted to do was see what logs, if any, she'd written during the past two weeks. It scared her too think about what might be there, because even though she remembered what happened, there were blank spots. The attitude she had as that other version of herself was a scary one as well. She'd never act like that at any other point in her life.

But it was as she was looking at the monitor that she noticed there was a message waiting for her. Most likely it was something that had to be done, and she wasn't in the mood to do any work at that point. Though she also knew that if she didn't take care of it, knowing it was there was going to bother her. So Jayla allowed herself to sit down in the chair at her desk and open up the message.

Who the message was from brought a look of surprise to her face: her brothers. It had been months since they had spoken and they were the last people she had ever expected to hear from after what just happened. The message was either going to be them begging her to come back home or just making sure she was still alive because they most likely had heard that the ship was missing. If anything besides the two of those we're in the message, she was going to be extremely surprised. It was then that she noticed that it was actually a video recording and not just a letter, which struck her as even more odd. Shrugging to herself, she opened the rest of the message and allowed it to play. On the other side of the screen was a recording from her eldest brother, Patrick.

"Jayla, I hope this reaches you and nothing serious has happened this time. This might just get lost in the shuffle of things and you might never even see it. But all the same, I want you to know that we are worried about you. When we were told he ship had gone missing, we didn't want to believe it, because we don't want to imagine what could be happening out there to you.

We're sorry, Jayla, for everything that has gone on recently. All the fighting, bickering. What was the purpose of all of it? There really wasn't one except for myself and Jason trying to get you home for all of us to become a whole family again. It wasn't until he and I started talking that we realized that you've formed a family on board that ship. Who are we to interfere with it? We want to see you happy, just as Aeron and our parents did before they died. If you manage to hear this and feel like responding, you know where to find us."

There weren't many things that stunned her lately, but this recoding from her brother did just that. Was it just due to the fact that she'd been missing that they finally became concerned? They hadn't spoken in months and yet it was now that they tried to contact her. It was all extremely confusing, but family situations with her normally were. But now the question was, did she reply back to them?

Tapping her fingers on her desk for a moment, Jayla knew that she had to at least tell her brothers that she was alive. There was so much else that she needed to do and check on that she couldn't bring herself to sit and talk with them right now. Bringing up a blank screen to write out a reply, she had to think hard how to word it without being rude.

"I'm alive. Got a lot here that needs to be checked over and sorted out. Thank you for the concern and I'll try to contact you when everything here settles down."

That was the best she could come up with. Everything in it was true, but it was also short. After sending the message off, she sat back in the chair and sighed. There were too any things that needed to be taken care of that happened over the past 2 weeks, and people she was actually worried about. Of course, there were things that she'd done as well that we're haunting her mind a bit, but it was still the impact that it had on others that she was worried about.

Her next stop, though? Her closet to see what clothes had popped up over the two weeks and see which she was going to get rid of.
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