JP: Chocolate Diversion

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JP: Chocolate Diversion

Postby Kris » Mon May 26, 2014 7:18 pm

Chocolate Diversion
JP: Teagan Ceja and Jayla Rollands

Ceja watched Rollands walk down the hallway. She leaned against a wall, crossed her arms and moved into observation mode. client is walking slowly. Her arms are not moving well. She appears to be tired and may be suffering after effects of recent incident.

Shaking her head, she moved to intercept her friend. “Rollo, wait up!” she called, hurrying after the other woman. “How are you?”

It wasn't often that Rollands heard her name called down the hall. She was ready to get some work done that she'd been putting off. Though, she'd take visiting with someone any day. Turning towards the voice, she saw Ceja trying to catch up to her.

"Ceja, hey! Doing best I can after getting a surprise message from my family and sorting out two weeks worth of crazy memories." She stopped so Ceja could catch up. "How about you, how are you doing?"

Ceja shrugged. “I’m alright. Same sort of crazy memories I suspect. Been run ragged the last couple of days trying to get everything caught up. I sent that device over to science. Did you get it?”

The walls of the corridor seemed to be pressing in suddenly, and Ceja blinked at the lights. “Feels a bit odd to be back into the norms of our world, if I’m honest.”

"The device? Yeah, we're working on it. Everyone is a bit frazzled but I trust them to get it figured out. I'm sure I have a few reports from them waiting on my desk."

Rollands put her hand on her friend's shoulder. "Two weeks of living a different life, it'll do that. And...though I'm no doctor, you don't look alright. Something wrong?"

Ceja managed not to flinch. It took some doing. She smiled, looking for a lighter path to tread. “Just tired I think. Got a headache that won’t go away, and the lights are very bright. But anyway, I’m sure it will pass with a good night’s sleep. We need to do something fun.”

Rollands nodded, "I've been sitting in the dark a lot. But sleep? That hasn't come easy. We can go somewhere with not as many lights if you wish. I do agree on needing to do something fun. Have anything in mind?"

Ceja suddenly smiled as they walked. “A party. A right bash to bring us all back to a place where we’re having fun. Something completely fancy and silly and with trays of champagne being passed around by waiters in tuxes.”

She paused, almost bouncing on her toes as a thought struck her. “Or a treasure hunt through the ship. That would be excellent. Falco would win.”

Rollands started to laugh at the treasure hunt. "Falco knows his way around the ship far too well. I'd be afraid to see where he could get into. I like the party though, get everyone relaxing and...drinking."

She grinned. "Though the drinking might not be safe, for some people anyway. But the crew really does need a time to relax and just talk with each other. Think Warp would mind if we programmed it into the holodeck?"

“Only so long as we didn’t break the holodeck. There’s nothing wrong with a good drink here and there. We should go do that. Soon.” Teagan turned to face Jayla.

“Though, something else? I didn’t ever go into your quarters and steal from you. Tamarra had this whole concept of how she wanted me to look, and pushed for me to give in.” She touched her hair briefly, feeling the pins holding it securely in place. “Very, very hard.. actually.

Jayla shook her head. "I never thought you did. Not sure why I even thought I had an outfit like that one, made me cringe thinking back on it and that my mind thought I did. I found some...odd...things in my closet. I got rid of them quickly."

She gave her friend a soft smile, "I don't think you'd look good with any look she might have had in mind for you. That woman scares me more than a little bit. But, she seemed to always hover around you. You looked ready to kill her after we all go our minds back. I don't blame you by the way."

“I much prefer a little softer look, that’s for sure.” Teagan agreed. “Anyway, let’s go get chocolate. She’s taking up too much space in my brain right now, and I need a diversion.”

A few moments later, Teagan’s eyes grew wide. “I mean I’m thinking too much about her. That’s all. Not that she’s really taking up space.. uh.. you know what I mean..”

"Did you say chocolate? That sounds amazing right now. Cake, ice cream, whatever. We can regret it later." Jayla then nodded, "I understand what you mean all too well. It happens to all of us at some point, and then tends to stick around for a while. I'm sure we can find a diversion or two. Besides, I've got stuff to tell you anyway. And it has nothing to do with all the craziness of the last two weeks."

“A diversion! I am more than ready for that.” Together, they headed for the October Lounge, and a table by the windows to watch the stars streak past the ship. Once they were settled and had placed orders, Ceja leaned forward.

“So? What happened?”

Leaning back a bit in the chair, Jayla smirked, "Started seeing someone." She didn't give away too many details yet, she was curious of her friend's reaction. It had been a long time since she was able to say that, and she was extremely happy about it.

Ceja’s smile lit up. If there was something she needed more than to rid herself of the headache, it was to hear good news.

“Really? That’s so good! Who?” She demanded. “Do I get to go and tell him that if he hurts you I’ll kick his kneecaps? Wait.. I sound like Arnet. Anyway, tell me more.”

All Rollands could do was laugh again. "I'll warn him about that later. But it's Brice Marcel from the Ops department. Funny enough, it all started when he was helping me with the punching bag in the gym. More dinner dates than I can count. It actually helps me relax quite a bit to have him around." She looked over at Ceja as their food came, "And he's an extremely good cook."

“The good looking one? Good choice. And about time.” Teagan regarded a piece of dark chocolate on her spoon with the sort of look that a predator tends to have when watching prey. “It’s nice to have someone on your side.”

She thought about Drogan for a moment as she savoured the flavour of the dark chocolate. The smile on her face a little softer, as she did. “So, punching bag. Were you taking out your frustrations on the bag, and now you take your frustrations out in more healthy ways?” She burst into laughter. ‘Sorry! Jordan must be influencing me more than I realized!”

"Yes, the good looking one. And what do you mean about time?" Jayla dug into the piece of dark chocolate cake she had in front of her and allowed the flavor to sit for a while before talking again. "Wait, I retract the question. I know what the answer might be."

She then joined Ceja in with the laughing, "I haven't even told her yet! She's going to flip when she finds out I told you first. But, yes, frustrations on the punching bag first, now in more healthy ways. Though, if he keeps making meals the way he has been, I'll need to go back to the gym."

“You. Time. It’s been years since you’ve allowed yourself the luxury of a relationship. Let yourself breathe.” Ceja waggled her spoon in Jayla’s general direction. “And don’t say anything about other people breathing and relaxing thank you very much. This counts.”

"Yep, I knew exactly what the answer was. But you're right. I got myself all tied up in my feelings that I didn't look for anything else." Rollands then had a spoon wagging in her face and put her hands up, acting innocent. "I wouldn't dare! This does count as relaxing, stuffing our faces full of chocolate and talking about men. Since when have we ever been able to do that?" She took another bite and smiled, "I'm probably enjoying this far too much."

“Me too. I needed something frivolous. So did most of the crew, looking at the people in here.” Teagan looked around the room for a moment. It was busier than usual. Most of the tables and booths were full. “I think that everyone needed the same things we did. A chance to be themselves and remember what makes them happy. Better than being someone else’s idea of the same thing.”

"I wouldn't want to be Jordan at a time like this. Though she's probably trying to sort out her own things as well. I'm glad to be myself again. I actually scared myself looking in the mirror once I got back to my room; far too much makeup for my liking. And my outfit was too skin tight." Jayla finished off her cake and pushed the plate aside. "I think we should enjoy that beach program on the holodeck sometime soon. I wouldn't dare say a double date though, might be a bit hard to get everyone to agree to it. But really need to do this type of thing more than we do."

“We can double date, not a problem. So long as you don’t mind Drogan flirting with Brice. You know he will.” Teagan leaned back in her chair. “Some things never change, It’s one of the things I like about him. Want to try finding a time when we are all free?”

She deflected talking about Jordan. Mostly because she was avoiding talking to Jordan.

"I don't mind. Seeing Brice's expression as he does will be priceless I think. It does help a bit that I can move the science department people around so Drogan and I have the same time off." Jayla frowned as she yawned. "We might want to get that sleep you mentioned earlier."

“See, much better than boring reports and the like.” Ceja replied, “and yes, I agree. Back to quarters and resting it is.”
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