JL Ricker & Ceja: A Sensitive Diagnosis

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JL Ricker & Ceja: A Sensitive Diagnosis

Postby Ricker » Wed May 14, 2014 8:38 pm

A Sensitive Diagnosis
Joint Log featuring Dr Teegan Ceja and LtJg Luc Ricker
Set following “The Vole Episode”

Luc woke up looking at the ceiling. He could tell there was a light up there but it was fuzzy, like he was looking through a fog. He blinked his eyes a few times to regain focus and tried to sit up and see where he was. He made it to his elbows when he realized that his head hurt. As the realization hit him, it got worse, until he had to lie back down. He put his hands up, covering his eyes, holding his aching head. "Wow, Luc what did you do this time? I haven’t felt this bad since that imprisonment survival training I took at the academy." He took a deep breath and tried the sitting up thing again, this time, a little slower.

Ceja looked up from the PADD she was working on, and watched Ricker struggle to sit up. Looked like he was weaker on his left side than his right. She’d spent a chunk of time looking for reasons why he had had a reaction to the medication she’d administered. Especially since it was one of the most inert of the sedatives she had on the ship.

Eventually, she headed over to Ricker. “So.. you’re the one in 250 people who get orthostatic hypotension. Aren’t you lucky?” Ceja checked the monitors over his bed, nodding at the information there. “How are you feeling?”

Luc looked at the voice that was talking to him. It was Doctor Ceja. His eyebrows furrowed. "Doctor? Am I in sickbay?” Then it all came rushing back. The bridge, the vole, the hypo, the high feeling...all of it." He put his head back. "Oh. That sedative you gave me..." He trailed off, the words echoing in his already pounding head. "Don't do that again."

Ceja tilted her head to one side. She got that smile on her face that had Nurse Duffy stepping backwards and making cut throat motions across her neck to Ricker.

“I’ll treat anyone on this ship as I see fit.” Ceja said, still smiling a little too gently. “That’s my job. Perhaps if there was full disclosure at any point in your entire medical history that there was a sensitivity to any sort of medication, this might not have happened. Trust me, I’ve reviewed your file. Nowhere does it say that you cannot be given sedatives. And I’ve administered them to you in the past with no side effects.”

She stopped smiling. “So what changed?”

"All I know Dr is that when I was a kid, I crossed a bully and spent almost a week in the hospital. They knocked me out to help me deal with some of the pain and when I came to, I felt all kinds of weird. The doctor there told me that I was sensitive to sedatives.." He remembered him singing the rhyme as a song and blushed. "...and that he didn't know if I would grow out of it or not. I didn't mention it for my Starfleet medical reviews because I never had the opportunity to test the doctors theory about me growing out of them and I just assumed that it wouldn't be a problem. One less thing I had to explain." He blushed again. "Its never fun to have to explain that a bully beat you up so bad you had to go to the hospital for recovery." He finally succeeded in getting up to his elbows without his world exploding. "I couldn't tell you why I haven't reacted before. Maybe its the stress levels."

“But if you don’t tell, how does anyone know?” Ceja chided gently. She decided that being irritated at the lack of information wasn’t completely fair to Ricker. “And might cause bigger issues. What if we’re off the ship and I have to perform surgery on you.. but give you the wrong medication because of this? It’s one thing to not tell Grimm that you used to steal the teachers stylus, another entirely not to give your doctor all the tools they need to keep you in one piece."

She sat down on the edge of the biobed. “Getting beaten up isn’t fun. And would you please lie down before your head truly lets you know…” She paused, thinking, her eyes seeming to look into the distance. “You know…some of this doesn’t make sense. I’d like to run some tests. Make sure we aren’t dealing with something else.”

Luc eyed the Dr's back. Lie down...She wants me to lie down...And take tests even! She wants to poke and prod me like some animal! Doctor's, they're all alike. He was about to say something angry when his head throbbed again and he saw stars. Suddenly, his anger subsided and he decided he should lie back as instructed. Maybe she could get rid of this infernal headache! "If you take tests, how many days am I going to be laying here like an invalid?" Despite the pain and woozy feeling that still lingered, he managed a smirk. "And how did you know about my teacher?"

“Didn’t you hear? I’m the doctor that doesn’t want people in sickbay.” Ceja stood up and pulled one of the overhead pivoting scanning machines towards her. She positioned it carefully over Ricker’s body, and began to hunt for what she suspected she might find.

“As for your teacher…well…if I told you, I’d have to wipe your memory. Tell me a bit more about the kid.” She smiled slightly at the information scrolling across the screen. “Or did you ever get a bad cut somewhere outside? Some place where it got real dirty?”

Luc chuckled at the bit about wiping his memory; she couldn't be that good could she?

He tried to position himself so that he could see what was on the screen. He knew that he wouldn't understand one bit of it, but he had to know what it was saying about him. "The other kid? Oh, he was your standard Goliath. He had me beat in just about every way, I think he was 2 years older than me, he was about a foot taller than me, had probably 30lbs on me and I think he was even already growing a mustache." Luc smiled as he reminisced about the event. It still hurt, but time had given him a certain ability to laugh at his younger self's impetuousness.

"Probably not a fight I should have picked, but I felt I had to prove myself. And as for a scratch, I was a rough and tumble kid with lots of freedom and land to roam. I'm lucky I didn't kill myself a few times, a dirty scratch was nothing to write home about. I've had plenty of those.”

Ceja reached over to a tray and picked up a hypospray. She checked the contents and administered the medication. “One shot of antihistamine, and you should feel better in a few hours. However, once you’re up and around, you are going to have a full set of testing to see which medications you are reactive to, and which are safe.”

Ceja nodded, staring at the screen. She turned the image sideways and enhanced the part that she was particularly interested in.

“Right.” She murmured, isolating a particular area and further increasing the sensitivity. “Bet his moustache was one of those thin scraggly ones too.”

She smiled then. “Got it, I think.” Turning the screen towards Ricker, she pointed at a small cluster of cells that she’d highlighted. “There’s the problem. At some point, you were exposed to a virus that managed to attack your body pretty heavily. It was probably thought of as being one of those childhood things that all kids get wherever you grew up. I would be willing to bet that all the kids in the neighbourhood got sick at the same time.”

She manipulated the image a little more. “Your body then went on to produce antibodies to the virus. Which is perfectly normal. A good thing, in fact. Except that you were also being given medication at around the same time. Body is already on the attack, and considers the medication a threat. More antibodies, this time to a specific family of drugs. It explains why one sedative has no extreme reaction and another does. That’s the non-clinical version. A little simplified."

Luc nodded his understanding without taking his eyes off the screen. "Makes sense. And it doesn’t matter how much or little of one he had, it was still more than I could grow then, more than I can grow now." Ricker rubbed his chin with a hint of jealousy showing in his face and on his voice. “And since you are the expert here, I'll not argue your diagnosis. Though I couldn't tell which time I was sick, that certainly explains things."

He looked back at the doctor. "That antihistamine is really making things better. I think I can stumble to my quarters now if you want to get rid of me. Just let me know when you want me back."

Ceja looked down at the man lying in the bed. “It’s good to hear that initial reaction to the medication is positive. You’ll be here for at least another hour. I suggest you rest until I send one of the nurses to kick you out. I don’t particularly want stumbling from sickbay to be added to the list of misdemeanours that are levied against me."

She made a notation on the console, and turned to leave. It only took a couple of steps before she’d pivoted neatly and returned to the bedside. “And I do mean rest Luc. It is alright to stop occasionally.”

She left before he had a chance to turn that particular mirror back onto her.

He laid back down. "Its been a while since I was able to take a nap during duty hours. I'll try not to enjoy it too much on this..." He felt the padding of the biobed and grimaced. "...cloud-like bed. And you should talk to Commander Arnet about my medical need for increased rest periods which would result in decreased work periods. I'm sure he would take your suggestions into consideration."

Ceja stopped walking and smiled for a split second before schooling her face into a more appropriate expression. She turned around, but did not walk back over to the biobed. “I might be able to get away with a lot more than most people when it comes to Arnet, but I’m not willing to broach that subject with him. However, if you feel that your shifts are somehow longer than everyone else’s on the ship, you go right ahead and have that chat with him.”

She returned walking to her office.
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