Remembering it all

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Remembering it all

Postby Kris » Tue May 13, 2014 9:23 am

Remembering it all
Jayla Rollands

“Three? This whole thing was just for three?”

Jayla collapsed into the chair in her office and spun around a few times before stopping, staring at the wall across from her. With the Voles that had been running around the ship for so long, they all figured there would be many more than there actually ended up being. All the headache, all the planning, all the...phaser shooting. It had all been for three.

“At least we know how to get rid of them,” she whispered to herself.

Pulling the PADD forward that had her report on it, she added in the last few bits before sending it off. She hadn’t planned on hunting Voles her whole shift, and figured no one else did either. Leaning back, she looked up at the ceiling for a moment before closing her eyes. There’d been so much happening lately that there hadn’t been much down time, so even the small amount of time she had here was going to help her relax and clear her mind.

Everything from recent months came flooding back to her in the moment. Being held hostage by another version of herself; being stuck down in the cavern and nearly freezing to death; finally getting everything between herself and Arnet figured out; watching people nearly die right in front of her; the planet that told them the story of how they all had died; the ship nearly vanishing in a strange shadow due to something that had happened in the past; the situation with ‘Ze’. There’d been so much action going on and very little downtime in between all of it.

And yet, Jayla realized that through all of what had been happening, she actually felt better about herself and about all the things she had held back in the past. She was able to move on with her life in ways she never had thought of before. She knew better than to keep things to herself if they needed to be said. She was actually feeling happier than she had in a long time. She was living her life the way she wanted to live it (well, as much as she could on board a ship), and nothing was going to get in her way.

Looking back at what was still on her desk to do, she found herself chuckling. Though her life was pretty much the way she wanted it at the moment, that didn’t mean she was immune to needing to do work. She also knew that if she managed to get her work done, she might actually be able to do something that she wanted to do instead of just heading right to bed to jump into another day of work the next morning.
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