Someone Who Listens...Over Dinner

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Someone Who Listens...Over Dinner

Postby Kris » Sat Apr 26, 2014 4:57 pm

Someone Who Listens...Over Dinner
Jayla Rollands & Brice Marcel

Whispers of those trying to figure out what happened during the comm blackout were floating around the ship through the usual rumor mills. Though what had happened was told to the crew as a whole, there was still skepticism from some of them, thinking one crazy thing or another. So why Jayla had picked that time to go and sit in the October Lounge and let the rumors float around her, she wasn’t quite sure. There were so many strange ones, but she was mostly there to watch out the windows at the stars that had vanished from them earlier on the bridge. The stars made her feel strangely safe, helped her realize the rest of the universe was actually still out there.

That feeling had vanished during their whole situation on the bridge, not allowing the comforts of seeing everything around them, not knowing if there was even anyone or anything still left besides themselves. That feeling dug deep into one’s soul and a feeling of emptiness wasn’t one that could fill any type of void. The stars continued to streak by the windows as people came and went from the lounge. Though she continued to sip at the drink that she had with her, she had become so focused on the patterns in the stars that most everything else around her seemed to be muted from her hearing.

Until, of course, someone walked up to her in an attempt to get her attention. “The stars really that interesting,” came a questioning voice that caused Jayla to look to her side to see who it was that had actually decided to disturb the silence of her thoughts.

“I didn’t mean to interrupt if you were thinking of something important, I promise.”

Jayla smiled for the first time all day when she saw who it was. “Important, Brice? No, not so much. Just watching the stars alone in my own little world. Have to do that sometimes you know.” She took a sip of her drink and then looked back over at him, “What brings you here? I doubt it was to try to find me, most people don’t go looking for the chief of science or the second officer on purpose unless something is going on.”

Brice Marcel chuckled and pulled a chair over. “Or perhaps it was on purpose because I find it nice to talk with you, Comman….er,” he stumbled a moment with his words, remembering the last time they had talked, “Rollands. Granted, we’ve only spoken in the gym during that workout, but it was still nice. Not many people talk to me besides while I’m on duty. And even then, the shifts I work are normally quiet and not much speaking is done.”

“Having trouble not calling me by my rank or by ma’am? I called you by your name, you may as well call me by mine.” She smiled and took another sip of her drink, “It isn’t often I find someone who is actually easy to talk too. Believe me, I don’t have many conversations when off duty either so this is all new to me.” She looked back over at him, “Something specific you wanted to talk to me about?”

It seemed that the question oddly caught Marcel off guard and he seemed to nearly choke on his drink, almost as if he were nervous about something. What was there for him to be nervous about? Composing himself, her thought for a moment how to say what he wished to say, “I um...I just figured you looked like you needed someone to talk too. Someone who was actually going to listen and no put up with all the rumors that have been floating around. And if you wanted to...I don’t over dinner…”

All Jayla could do was chuckle at the hard time that Marcel was having in talking to her. Since when was she difficult to speak with? It wasn’t until he got to the end of what he was saying that she caught on and shook her head, slightly amused. “After just one time of working out in the gym together, you’re really asking me out to dinner?” She felt her face slightly flush as she asked her own question, but it was no where near as flushed as his face was when he realized she had caught on.

“ Is it that obvious? If not it is fine, I’ll just go on my way and feel foolish for even asking.”

“A bit obvious, especially with how red your face is. Caught me off guard a little because, honestly, I haven’t been asked out to anything for quite some time.” She set her glass down on the table in front of them after one more sip and turned back to him again, a smile on her face. “As long as you don’t expect me to cook anything.”

A wave of relief crossed his face as he heard the answer. “Believe it or not, that is thing that I am actually good at. I can cook just about anything you could ask.”

Getting up from the seat she was in, Jayla took hold of her cup and slowly started to walk away before turning back with a grin, “Tomorrow night, surprise me?”

“Huh? Oh, sure! Um, I’ll have something cooked in in my quarters tomorrow night that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.”

She nodded with a smile and gave her glass back to Jim before walking through the doors of the October Lounge to head to her quarters. Had she really just accepted a dinner date from someone she really had only just met in the gym?
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