Shared Workout

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Shared Workout

Postby Kris » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:27 pm

Shared Workout

Jayla Rollands & NPC Brice Marcel

Though they were few and far between, days off, or even a free shift, were welcome lately. Jayla had taken advantage of her most recent one and could be found in the gym along with some others who seemed to have the same idea. Her thoughts on being there, however, were not so much working out, but blowing off steam.

Her favorite spot to do that was at a hanging punching bag that always seemed to be willing to take whatever abuse she decided to deal to it during her time there. So little down time between recovering from injuries or attempting to mentally recover from things hadn’t allowed her to vent at all. As her nerves started to get on edge with every little thing that went wrong, Jayla knew that there was no point in holding off anymore, else she might punch someone instead of something.

Slipping on the gloves that were normally stored in her quarters after stretching a bit, she walked over to the bag and stared at it for a moment before getting her first few hits in. It felt nice to be able to just hit at something that was not trying to fight back and was still taking the abuse just as it always had. I really need one of these in my quarters she thought to herself as she continued to hit the swinging bag. It was after about fifteen minutes that the bag stopped swinging, though it wasn’t because she had stopped hitting it.

Quite the opposite had in fact happened. The punches continued to fly, but on the other side of the bag, someone was holding onto it. Finally realizing what was happening, Jayla stopped punching and took hold of her water bottle, looking at who was holding the bag. It was a Lieutenant with hair nearly as dark as her own but closer to the brown end, whose name escaped her at that moment, but she knew he was part of the operations team on board the ship.

“I think I can handle this without someone holding it. Helps that it comes back at me and I’m able to hit it again.”

The Lieutenant shook his head and chuckled, “I can see that, but it actually makes it better when there is some resistance from someone else holding it. Allows you to consistently hit it without waiting for it to swing back as well. I don’t mind helping if you want me too.”

She raised an eyebrow as she put her water down and re-tightened her gloves. “Never had anyone offer to help with this. Normally people just watch me punch and then leave as I remain here for an unknown amount of time.”

Finishing with her gloves, she looked over at him again, “Thank you for offering, might make this a better workout. What was your name again?”

“Lieutenant Marcel, Commander. Brice Marcel,” he said with a smile before grabbing hold of the punching bag again. “Ready when you are.”

“Well, thank you, Marcel.”

The workout continued for nearly another hour before Jayla knew that she had to stop before she would regret it the next morning. Having not done anything like that for quite a while, her muscles were going to yell at her enough as it was. “That did help,” she eventually said as she took the gloves off and went back to her water, “guess I should be glad you were here, Marcel.”

Gathering his own bag and downing his own water, he nodded, “Glad I could be of help, ma’am. And I hate being called Marcel off duty. You’re welcome to call me Brice if you want too. Though with your position on the ship, I don’t know if that would be appropriate.”

“It’s alright, I’m off duty as well and I still get people calling me Commander or ma’am,” she stated with a smirk towards him, “I’ve gotten used to it lately, but I don’t mind the personal side of things when not on duty, Brice. And as long as you don’t call me either of those two, I’m alright with it.” She glanced at the chronometer that was on the wall of the gym and sighed. “But now I realize that if I don’t get some rest, I might as well not bother sleeping before going back on duty.”

“Don’t worry,” Marcel began to say, “Command staff, I don’t think I could ever do it, too many responsibilities and too many sleepless nights. Maybe we can do this again some time, allow you to punch out any frustrations while someone else is holding the bag instead of doing so on your own.”

Thinking for a moment as she allowed the door to open to the corridor beyond, Jayla nodded, “I think I’d enjoy that. Not sure when I’ll get another chance, but perhaps at some point.”

With a smile, she started to walk down the corridor towards the turbolift. It was actually somewhat amazing to her how much fun a workout could be when someone else was there to share it with her.
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