Remember the Good Things

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Remember the Good Things

Postby Kris » Thu Apr 24, 2014 3:27 pm

Remember the Good Things

Lieutenant Commander Jayla Rollands

Lieutenant Sophie Cirino

It didn’t take long after escorting Arnet to sickbay that Jayla had excused herself and headed out. There were too many thoughts rolling through her mind at that point, and she needed to get them sorted.

There had been nearly a dozen crew members that died during her bridge shift, and others that nearly had died from the same thing. It all had to do with fears, fears of what they would die from. Things in their head that they feared but may not have thought about all that often. Everyone had that one thing they were always afraid to die from, and that is what was fed on and turned to fact.

The path she allowed her feet to take landed her in her office and a moment later in her chair, staring blankly at her desk. Her thoughts were soon interrupted by a chime at the door. Glancing up for just a moment, Rollands began to wonder who it was on the other side, since no one would have known she was there unless they asked the computer.

“Come in,” she stated, sitting back a bit. As the door slid open, the face on the other side of the door was oddly a welcome one, even if it was only a member of her team.

“Lieutenant Cirino, please come in.”

The Lieutenant walked through the door, PADD in hand, and gave a smile. “I...I figured I’d bring my report by.” She raised an eyebrow, looking at her department chief. “Are you alright, Commander?”

Leave it to her team to notice something wrong. Shaking her head, Jayla nodded to the chair across from her. “Yeah, I’m alright. Just had a long day on the bridge, as I’m sure you heard.”

Sitting in the chair, Cirino nodded, “The whole ship has heard. But the look on your face makes me think you’re possibly blaming yourself for some of it.” She set the PADD down on the desk and frowned, “Sorry, it probably isn’t my place.”

“No, that’s okay,” Rollands stated as she looked across her desk at the Lieutenant. “You are reading my expression correctly. Nearly a dozen crew members dead, and I can’t help but think that if I’d paid more attention to those who didn’t report for duty, some of it might have been avoided.”

“There is no reason to blame yourself. From what I heard, they would have been dead long before they needed to report for duty. You should be glad for the lives that were saved.”

As right as Cirino was, there was still this feeling that was pulling at her. “Be glad for the lives that were saved. You have no idea how true that statement is. I...I watched two of my closest nearly die in front of me, one in the same way I fear dying. This hasn’t been an easy day for me. Thank you though, for at least listening. Does help to have those that will do that.”

A smile crossed the Lieutenant’s face, “My pleasure. Just remember, don’t blame yourself for things you have no control over.” With that, she stood up and nodded, “Enjoy the rest of your evening, Commander.”

“You as well, Cirino. Thank you for the report.”

As the room became quiet once more, it surprised Jayla that all it took was saying things out loud for her to feel a bit better about the whole situation. That didn’t mean that there wasn’t still this nagging feeling, because that was going to linger for a while. But like everything else that had been happening recently, she knew better than to keep things bottled up and let it bother her for a long time. Those she’d been watching die on the bridge, her friends, were alive. It was always important to remember the good things.
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