The Choices We Make

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The Choices We Make

Postby Zac Kuhns » Tue Apr 22, 2014 3:46 am

"...You must be able to see it Mr. Anderson! You must know it by now! You can't win, it's pointless to keep fighting! Why Mr. Anderson! Why, why do you persist!"

"Because I choose to."

- Smith and Neo, The Matrix Revolutions

Alex fell hard onto his back, blood slowly trickling out of the corner of his mouth and onto the mat. He had been paying the price for arrogance for the a little while now since he decided that, since he was able to beat all his other classmates in combat, he wondered what it would be like to fight his instructor...a proven veteran of the Dominion hand-to-hand combat. So far, it wasn't going well.

To his credit, he had taken his beating like a trooper by getting up every time...but he found it getting more and more difficult the more punishment he absorbed. The human body could take only so much, and his was taking the bad end of the stick at this point. Getting up, the two men exchanged a series of blows before Alex once again became familiar with the mat. Oddly enough though, his body kept telling him to stay down this time, becoming tired of the abuse that it was enduring.

Crawling away, battered and beaten, his instructor just watched him go. While he watched, he realized that it wasn't to run, but to clear space so his student could get up. While he fought in the war, Grimm's refusal to stay down was causing a bit of frustration now. He had put all of his effort into beating the younger cadet relatively senseless without much mercy at all. Not even when Alex had spit blood onto the mat had the match was mutually agreed upon before the start. If it were any worse, one could just assume it was a fight to the death for both men.

Was this sanctioned by Starfleet? Undoubtedly not, but that hadn't stopped the two of them from doing what they were. Despite their caution, it had garnered a crowd consisting of staff and what seemed to be an instructor or two, but they were just as intrigued as the rest. Aside from the occasional cheer for when Alex managed to drag himself to his feet, the only noise he heard was a mix of tears and cheers from his fiancee. It was plain to see that she had been crying over the beating he was taking, but cheered him on to fight and least the plan was to win.

Getting to his hands and knees, Alex wiped the blood from his nose off onto his sleeve and struggled to find his feet. His instructor just shook his head as he watched Grimm finally stagger to his feet.

"Why are you bothering Grimm? What's the point, you just get knocked down every time you get up...and this isn't turning out to get any better. Just stay down and save yourself the time of getting up. Or do you feel that you've got to get up to save face?"

Grimm got up and landed a swift hook to the other man's jaw. Wiping the blood from his nose again, he looked down at his opponent.

I fight because I choose to."
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