...And Justice For All

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...And Justice For All

Postby Zac Kuhns » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:09 am

The righteous care about justice for the poor, but the wicked have no such concern.
- Proverbs 29:7

Laying there peacefully, Natasha Grimm was fast asleep not long after getting back home from her shift.  Her chest rising and falling gently underneath her usual babydoll, it hadn't taken her long to fall asleep. 

Given the recent happenings, everybody was worn down and concerned as any rational being would be.  Alex had woken up in the middle of the night and gotten up slowly, taking great care as to not disturb her.  It was a while before his own shift started, but he couldn't sleep and what little sleep he did get was restless.  He was looking in on her to make sure she was still asleep.

Satisfied, he sat in a chair in their quarters quietly, the lights turned down as he didn't want to wake his wife in the next room.  Like a great many others, they had both been through more than anyone should have to take.  While the virus had taken lives, it had changed the lives of a great many more.  When you spend the amount of time around each other, your fellow crew members start to feel like family.  Unlike some others, mister and missus Grimm were fortunate to have each actual family on the same ship.
Sitting in his usual sleepwear as well, he was contemplating the recent events from his own point of view.  What appeared to be an engineered virus had entered the ship somehow and infected crew members that, he felt, was his job to protect and ensure no harm came to them and this wasn't on some away mission on some faraway planet somewhere, this was on the ship...it was at their home.  It was a job he took seriously, maybe a bit too serious at times.  That said, he couldn't help but have mixed feelings of anger, shame and a sense of failure in what had occurred.

"Honey?' said a woman's voice from the bedroom 'What's the matter?"  It had always been that his wife could generally read him rather well, even though it probably wasn't really difficult this time.  She delicately rested her hands on his shoulders and he could feel her eyes on him with a quietly understood concern.
He rested his hand on his wife's gently, giving it a gentle squeeze.  "It's this whole situation, people died and the ripple will be felt by who knows how many people.  Given the nature of what caused all of this, I can't help but feel at least somewhat responsible for what happened.  As the ship's chief of security, I don't think I've done such a good job so far..."  He hadn't really ever doubted himself or his abilities, but this was real life and not the Academy back home.

Natasha deftly moved a chair and sat down facing him, her voice taking a more serious tone now. "Alex, if the Admiral didn't think you could do the job well, he wouldn't have put you in the position that you're in.  Being the security chief, he trusts you with his very life, as do I along with every other person on this ship.  Yes, those people dying was very unfortunate, but you can't blame yourself for it.  The best you can do now is to find whomever did this and get justice for those who died.  But don't doubt yourself for one second...keep being the cocky, self-assured man that I fell in love with."

She moved to sit in his lap, his strength easily managing to get her petite form situated.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. "Just promise me that you'll figure out who did this and do what it takes to drag them into the brig, whatever that may be.' she readjusted, resting her head on his shoulder and getting her nightwear smoothed out a bit to cover her a bit more even though it wasn't exactly built to be modest...not a surprise since it was just the two of them seeing her in it. 'Those people died horribly and something like this is a coward's weapon...somebody who's willing to kill men, women, and potentially children alike is nothing short of such a thing."

Moving his arm to gently massage her arm as she rested against him he simply nodded.  "I promise sweetheart, we'll find them and they'll pay for what they've done.' Being considerably taller than her, it was easy for him to kiss the top of her head. 'And they will pay, whomever it is that passes judgment I'm sure the price to pay will be a heavy one."

Standing up, cradling her as he did so, he gently moved off towards the bedroom.  "Let's get some sleep sweetheart, gonna be a long day I think."  Laying on the bed, he quickly found her snuggled against him with her arm draped across his chest.  She found sleep quickly, but he lay there for a moment watching her sleep for a moment.  He thought a moment, knowing full well his wife could've become a victim of what happened but thrilled she wasn't. Kissing her again gently, he looked up to the ceiling and letting out a sigh.

"We'll get them..."
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