JL: Don't Expect Perfection

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JL: Don't Expect Perfection

Postby Kris » Sun Apr 06, 2014 3:00 pm

Don’t Expect Perfection
Joint Log
Lieutenant Commander Jayla Rollands & Lieutenant JG Alex Grimm

“No, no, no, Jim,” stated Jayla as she was getting a refill of her drink in the October Lounge. “I’ve seen how that goes with other people. I’m not going to let you set me up with anyone, and that’s final.”

Before Jim could say another word, she slipped away from the bar and back to the window, a few odd looks followed by shrugs following her. It seemed Jim always could pick up on things before they were made public, or if it wasn’t supposed to be made public, and sometimes it felt a little strange.

She rolled her eyes and glanced back over at her shoulder, knowing he was probably watching her and spoke quietly to herself, “Why does he seem to want to do that?”

Sitting at a table in the lounge, going over reports, Alex looked up and saw Jayla standing there looking out the window. Having overheard the conversation at the bar, he figured that her mind was on something important. Going through more and more data, he looked up.

“Trouble Commander?”

Glancing over, she raised an eyebrow only for a moment and then looked over at Grimm. “Hmm? Oh, nothing all that important. Just a conversation with Jim that was headed in the wrong direction.”

She noticed that he was reading over reports and chuckled slightly, “A chief’s job is never done, is it? Care for some company?”

“Never seems to be, always something that needs taken care of. Never once did I imagine the chief of security had so much paperwork involved in it. But, as you said, a chief’s job’s never done.’ waving a hand towards an open chair across from him ‘but I don’t mind company...anything to get my attention away from this mind-numbing stuff.”

Slipping into the seat, Jayla smiled. “Thank you. If it is mind-numbing to you, imagine once it crosses my desk. I’m second officer on this ship, remember? I get a lot of the reports across my desk. Either that or they hit Arnet’s desk.”

Taking a sip of her drink again, she looked over towards Jim again and shook her head, “Be glad you’re already married, Grimm. Jim is known for trying to set people up with others.”

“Ah, trying to marry people now is he?’ Grimm chuckled. Despite his relatively short time on the Potemkin, he was well aware of the bartender’s part time job of matchmaker. A job that, despite what appeared to be his best efforts, wasn’t very successful. ‘I guess Jim’s known to do that. But I’m very glad to be married...have relationship concerns on the brain?”

Another raised eyebrow followed the final question as Jayla sat back and thought for a moment. “Not really. Had a big thing cleared up recently, and that helped. You haven’t been on board long enough to know about all that. But apparently, word got to Jim somehow and now, well to go back to what you said to begin with, that does seem to be what he is trying to do.”

Setting her drink down on the table, she looked at him with a somewhat serious face, “Out of curiosity, why do you ask?”

“Well, given the recent conversation at the bar and you looking deep in thought while staring out into space...literally and somewhat figuratively...it really didn’t take a whole lot to piece it together. I am also somewhat curious as to why the ‘big thing’ was cleared up yet you still seem sad somehow.” Grimm leaned back in his chair a bit, curious if maybe he should order something or other.

“Sad? No, I’m not sad. What had to be cleared up was a long time coming between myself and someone else. I’m actually a lot more relaxed and happy than I have been in quite a while. But since he and I decided to keep everything really between ourselves, not many have heard about it.” Sitting forward a bit, she shook her head, “But I get the feeling that if word does get out, I’ll be getting people trying to give me relationship advice.”

“Relationship advice...the hardest kind of advice to ever give. I’ve received a fair amount of it so I know how it goes. At the end of the day though, the quality of the advice depends upon the quality of the person giving it. Even then it’s up to you to make a decision based on what you want, so advice may not even enter into it. Though I don’t think I’d ever trust relationship advice from a bartender.”

Glancing back over at Jim for a second, noticing he was back to work, Jayla turned back and smiled, “I’m sure with you marrying so young, a lot of people gave you more advice than you really wanted. The problem with people trying to give me advice is that I don’t listen, at least not with that part of it. If it is advice on anything besides relationships, I at least will keep it in mind. I’ve been at all this long enough that I know how I want things to be, and no amount of advice is probably going to change that.”

“Ah, but you’ve got to keep an open mind when it comes to advice. You have to separate those who give bad advice from those who know no better from those who give bad advice, yet have the best of intentions. When it came to getting married, the majority of my advice came from an over-enthusiastic sister who squealed like a teenager when she found out I was gonna ask. Her parents, her father in particular, were less than enthusiastic to say the least.”

This caught Jayla off guard a bit. “Her parents were less than enthusiastic? Well, I suppose if mine were alive, they’d be in the same boat. My brothers are like that now since I’m the baby of all of us, especially picking up the fact that they’ve always wanted me to have a desk job on Earth so I stay safe. Though, I’ve ever only been close to that happening once, and let’s just say there’s a reason that I mostly steer clear of relationships mostly. Lost a lot to Starfleet over the years, even before I was out of the Academy. So the advice doesn’t do me a lot of good.”

She picked up her drink and sipped at it again. “Though you are right, you know. You have to take the right advice, which might not be all that you are given.”

“Yeah, her parents are very old fashioned. Her dad’s a doctor and her mom’s a bit of a housewife...what you could view as the prototypical old-fashioned suburban family, dad goes to work, mom takes care of the kids...that sort of thing. Her parents weren’t particularly receptive to Starfleet to begin with and she enlisted just to spite them. Her father’s reception when she brought me home one holiday was colder than the weather outside...and we were in Russia at the time. Her mother was better, but only because she saw Tasha was happy.”

“I suppose I didn’t have it quite that bad, though my parents were against Starfleet at all costs because of what had happened in the past. Then they had been trying to force me to stay on Earth for quite a while, and when they died my brothers took over that same thing. Well, at least recently they have. I won’t get into it, not worth the time it would take to tell. But all the relationships that I have actually had haven’t ended up that well. The other situation I was talking about wasn’t actually a relationship, just something that I held onto for far too long and is now cleared up.”

She leaned back and looked back out at the stars. “It is nice to be able to relax and not have things clouding my mind as they used to be though. Haven’t had that in quite some time.”

“When I met Tasha, I wasn’t looking for so much a girlfriend or even a friend who happened to be a girl much less a future wife’ Grimm laughed a bit ‘matter of fact, the way in which we decided to enter into a relationship was rather unorthodox to say the least. Definitely not a romantic outing by any standard. Looking back on it now, she and I both get a laugh out of it.”

“That just proves that those things just sort of happen, whether or not they are expected. There probably aren’t many relationships out there that actually do start out romantic right at the beginning. Besides,” she said with a smirk, “we are in Starfleet after all. Since when do we even have time for romantic?”

Checking the time on the chronometer that was on one of the nearby panels, Rollands let out a sigh, “I’m kind of glad I don’t have the overnight then morning shift like I’ve been pulling the last few days.” Shaking her head, she looked back over at Grimm, “Well, if you’re willing to spill it, how did you two meet?”

Grimm took a sip of the coffee he had brought over earlier, before smirking a bit “I shot her”

Nearly spitting out the drink she had taken, she took a moment before replying. “You...you shot her? This might sound a bit crazy but how the hell did that end up as a relationship?”

“It was a training simulation on the holodeck, she was in charge of one team and I the other. It wound up with the two of us being the last two standing, I simply saw her before she saw me. Knocked her flat on her back, but she got up and smiled anyway. We didn’t know that it would be the start of us getting married and such, we probably would’ve found it laughable. Of course, she’s really the only one who ever referred to me by my nickname outside of training, so maybe that should’ve been a hint. Sorry about almost making your drink hit the table by the way, most people are pretty shocked when they hear it.”

“It’s alright. It did shock me of course. I won’t ask about the nickname, I grew up a scientist and never got any of those nicknames that people come up with. My nickname on board here came from Captain Bom when he was on board and it just sort of stuck.” Looking at her now empty drink, she frowned. “I hate to say it, but that is normally my warning to head out. I’m not one to be around if I’ve had a lot to drink. Besides, Jim will probably cut me off soon if I do ask for more. And besides, I think you’ve got the early shift in the morning if I’m remembering right. I’ll be there, just won’t be coming off a night shift on top of it.”

Drinking down the last of his coffee, he nodded. “I do, and besides the missus will be getting her own shift done not too much longer I believe. She’s always around to welcome me home, so it’s only fair I do the same. That said, I’d much rather have morning shifts and have the rest of the day to myself. Or at least as much as I can get it to be mine. But, I’ll see you next time around...hopefully everything turns out well enough for you. I guess, if I had to give any parting advice, don’t expect perfection out of relationships. My wife and I had our rough spots here and there, but here we are and the better for it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind. Thank you for the chat, Grimm. There’s times I think that we need to at least hear what those who aren’t involved or really know what is going on have to say about things.” She stood up and took the last gulp of her drink before smiling, “I’m sure she’ll be waiting for you if you don’t hurry on back to your quarters. Probably not a good idea to keep her waiting.” Smirking, she took the cup back up to Jim, who still tried to point someone out. But instead, she just shook her head and headed out of the October Lounge chuckling. It really was good to have a clear head about things, and to get some advice, even though she wasn’t sure when she’d get to put any of it into play.
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