PL: Ending to Quickly

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PL: Ending to Quickly

Postby Kris » Sat Apr 05, 2014 5:08 pm

Ending to Quickly
Personal Log
Lieutenant Commander Jayla Rollands

A creek gurgling near by as it flowed down towards a river. Trees rustling as the breeze blows through them. Birds chirping high in the leaves of the same trees. Jayla sat in one of the nooks of one of the many trees on the holodeck, eyes closed as she listened to all the sounds around her. Though they were all artificial, it didn’t make the sounds any less calming. After all they’d dealt with recently, it was something that she needed.

In her hand was the stone she had plucked from the wall on the last mission, a beautiful fire opal. She turned the stone over in her hands a few times before allowing her eyes to open and look at the stone. Lifting her hand slightly, the sun in the holodeck simulation pierced the stone and allowed some of the colors to shine through it.

There had been so much they had been taught about the world that was. So many things had been lost for that world, and they never had a chance to prepare for it. Their days had gone on as normally as they could until the one day everything was destroyed in the blink of an eye. The people killed by an exploding star, with only a few remaining, keeping themselves going by writing the story of their people, how they evolved.

Lowering the stone and looking out at the river beyond the trees and the creek, Rollands let out a heavy sigh. They’d grown so much as a culture, from fighting for everything, to beginning to trust outsiders, to a society that seemed to have everything they wanted. And yet, it all ended so suddenly.

Leaning against the branch she was sitting in and allowing her eyes to close once more, she allowed the sounds to fill her mind again. To see the way that they had lived, see the way that they grew, it reminded her of the way humans evolved, as well as the other species she had grown up learning about. Every species seemed to start out the same in some ways, and end in their own. They really weren’t all that different if one really thought about it. The only differences were the way that they evolved, each taking their own paths.

Darkness began to fall on the program, and Jayla, knowing she had set the sunset of the program to match up to the actual time, realized it was time to head out. As she allowed herself to lower down from the tree, her feet landed in the creek water. This was a place of relaxation, a place to allow your thoughts to flow to wherever the river took them. But this place could not last forever, just as the planet and it’s people sadly were not able to thrive on forever. Walking along the creek, she turned and looked back towards the tree she’d been sitting in and pushed her hair back behind her ears.

“Computer, save and end program.”

The computer acknowledged and the grid of the holodeck returned. A simple reminder that not everything was able to last. Far too many reminders of that recently. Slipping her off duty shoes back onto her feet, she walked back out into the corridor, away from the calming forest and into the life aboard a starship once more.
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