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The Magazine

Postby rayus » Wed Apr 02, 2014 4:01 pm

Kellen and Rayus Joint Log: "The Magazine"

Start Log

Rayus stood in the cargo bay, shuffling his feet. "Come on, where are you?" He began pacing back and forth nervously, "Ok, I will give the guy five more minutes, and then I get out of here.". Rayus turned and looked at a small crate labeled as Space Potatoes, checking to see that it was still in fact there. Not that it could have gone anywhere with him standing here. Rayus sighed and checked the time once more.

Kellen walked into the cargo bay, "Sorry, had to do some work, in a Jeffries Tube on deck nine." he walked in a little farther and up to Rayus, where he saw the crate labeled 'Space Potatoes' "Is that the payment?"

Rayus looked at Kellen, and sighed an exasperated sigh. "What kind of operation do you think I am running here? This ain’t my first rodeo you know." Rayus kicked the small crate closer to Kellen, so he could inspect it. "Its all there, five hundred energy credits, two bottles of blood wine, a bottle of warnog, and I threw some prune juice in there just for fun."

Kellen looked at the Crate, and than opened it to check it, as he looked back up he looked around. "Here it is, I had it labeled as ferengi citrus powder." he said walking over to the crate and opening it, to revealing 'Klingon weekly: Swimming addition' "This is the newest edition, that my cousin worked on." he said as he through a copy to Rayus.

"Huh", Rayus said puzzled. "Don't you mean swimsuit edition?"

"No, Swimming edition" he said with a smirk, waiting for him to figure it out.

Rayus thought about it for a moment, and then suddenly his eyes went wide. "Klingons don't wear swimsuits do they?"

End of Log

Ensign Kellen Drake, Assistant Engineer, Uss Potemkin
Ensign Barrett B. Jones, Chief Engineer, Uss Columbus

First Lieutenant Reven Rayus, Chief Tactical Officer, Uss Potemkin
Lieutenant (Cpt) Netz Shalva’ne, Chief Operations Officer/Marine Battalion Executive Officer, Uss Columbus
First Lieutenant Reven Rayus, Chief Tactical Officer, USS Potemkin.
Lieutenant Netz Shalva'ne, Chief Operations Officer, Starbase 27.
(Retired) Captain Mikaria Araskan, Marine Detachment Commanding Officer, Uss Kentucky. (Retired)
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Cadet 3rd Year
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