Medical Mysteries

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Medical Mysteries

Postby Zac Kuhns » Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:58 am

Grimm sat in his office, coffee in hand reading through a recent message from the Potemkin's medical office. He had once sworn to himself that he would never, ever drink coffee but nowadays he found it more difficult to survive the days without it...all this paperwork was murder.

After reading it a third time, he leaned forward and pulled up some reports from the timetable and inventory status from sickbay. Combing through the information, he kept shaking his head with a saddened attitude.

"Stealing medical supplies' he thought to himself 'how low can somebody go to steal medical supplies..."

He leaned back in deep thought for a moment before calling in some of his security men, filling them in on the details upon their arrival. After about five to ten minutes of discussion, it became clear to the two security personnel that their boss meant business by his final words to them:

"Find them, whatever it takes. If they're still on this ship, get them in the brig and I'll have a talk with them before reporting it to the Admiral. I'll be damned if anybody steals anything from anywhere while I'm sitting at this desk.'

Standing up and walking to the door, he motioned for them to go out

'Especially medical supplies. Bring whomever is involved to me and we'll get this sorted out. You're dismissed."
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