PL: Drinking Games

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PL: Drinking Games

Postby Tavey » Sun Mar 30, 2014 5:36 pm

Teagan Ceja picked up the tiny glass, regarded it with an expression of “Oh hell” on her face and drank the clear liquid quickly. She grimaced, wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, before putting the glass back down, in exactly the same place she’d picked it up from.

“Your roll Jones,” she said to Doctor John Jones. She filled the glass from a nearby bottle. Jonesy picked up the dice and rolled. He carefully moved two of the shot glasses that had been arranged on the checkers board. “1.. 2... Damn..”

Ceja grinned as her second in command picked up his own shot glass and drank.

“You know your drinking is getting out of control,” Jones said, putting the glass back, and filling it.

“Is it?” She replied, sounding unconcerned.

“You appear to drink every day after shift.”

“Do I?”

This wasn’t quite going the way he’d expected. She sounded amused, not irritated. Certainly not the way that people with substance use issues would react. He quickly reviewed the information as he knew it, just to be sure. Was he worried about something that didn’t exist? She pointed at the dice, waiting for him to take his turn.

“You don’t?”

“Appearing to be is not the same as doing.” She pulled a face in his general direction, and rolled twice more as her plans to win this game moved along towards fruition. “Most of the time I have non-alcoholic versions in my glass. Except right now. Right now, this is very potent, and we’re going to need some of that sober up stuff I came up with a few years back to counteract the effects of such a libation. As ‘twere.”

Jones watched as she slammed back another shot. It was in moments like this that he realized how little he knew of Ceja. However, that was why she had insisted on regular meetings. Doing something very silly, and building a rapport that would only help them in sickbay. He wondered if she and Arnet had done the same thing, but decided that they probably hadn’t.

She pointed at the dice, waiting. He picked them up, rolling them in his fingers, before casting them onto the board. He finished his turn, still thinking.

“You’ve gone quiet. What did I do?” She demanded.

“Just thinking.”

“This is not a time for thinking young man. This is a time for drinking.”

“I’m older than you.”


“So, who are you. Really I mean.”

“Too serious Jonesy, far too serious.”

Jonesy nodded, thinking about the pieces of the puzzle that was his department head.

She was an engineer turned medic. Specialized initially in burn therapy, and moved quietly into neurology as time went on. She had some kind of secretive research going on in her lab. She cared for her people in the sort of way that had seen her step forward, insisting that she go instead of one of the nurses, when those insane people arrived on board. Nurse Duffy had been in pieces when she realized what had happened after Tea had been dragged from the room.

“Still too serious Jones. Here,” she pulled a strand of her hair free and yanked it from her head, offering it to him. “Run tests on that. It’ll show exactly what I have and haven’t done in the last.. year or so.. looking at the.. hell my hair is too long. I should chop it off. Now, please can we get back to the game?”

By her calculations there were about two moves left and he’d fall down, and she would win.

“So... nice weather we’re having for the time of year?”

Her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

“Out with it Jones. I don’t like people holding onto questions that can’t get answered if they’re never asked.”

“You. You’ve changed in the last month. Gotten.. harder somehow.”

“Ah yes, because nearly dying is supposed to make me all fuzzy on the inside. Roll the dice, or drink an extra shot as forfeit. That was a statement, do you have a question?”

And there was the chance. Did he jump at it, to ask whether the rumours being spread by the nurses were true or not. Was she carrying on a romance with Doctor Arnet or Lieutenant Aklar? Or both? Come to think of it, the grapevine had it that she was also spending time with Commander Jordan too. So confusing. Was she drinking the nights away? Was she creating increasingly dangerous scenarios in the holodeck? What were her plans for the new rotations in sickbay? Why had she shuffled the nurses around the way she did, breaking up the usual teams? At least half of those questions could get him thrown off the ship. Good grief, who was this woman?

He rolled the dice, trying to find his way back to solid ground. Sighed openly as he figured out the pattern on the board in front of him.

“No.” He said, careful to keep his tone of voice even. He almost succeeded.

\“Yup,” he said cheerfully, and picked up two of the shot glasses, drinking them one after the other. “I concede the match.”

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