Chief Medical Officers Log. Stardate 67316.1.

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Chief Medical Officers Log. Stardate 67316.1.

Postby Tavey » Sat Mar 29, 2014 5:51 am

Chief Medical Officers Log. Stardate 67316.1.

“In a routine inventory, we have discovered that more medication has gone missing, in addition to several small pieces of equipment such as medical tricorders. Nurses have been requested to perform regular counts, with witnesses. Nurses Phillips, Duffy and Prudence are taking this shift. Nurses Joy, Dixon and Tremblay next. Myself or Doctor Jones will review. Computer pause recording.”

Doctor Ceja sat on the edge of her desk, considering her next words.

“Computer resume recording.

“Small items have been going missing for approximately six months now. Nothing major and nothing trackable until now. I suspect that whoever took the devices probably thought that the recent battles and confusion would mask their activities and that we would assume that the items were recycled.

“Checking the logs shows that this is not the case. Computer, end recording, send to Commander Arnet and Lieutenant Grimm.”

Teagan tapped a PADD against her hand, staring out of the door of her office at the busy sickbay beyond.

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