PL: Parts, Pictures, and Power

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PL: Parts, Pictures, and Power

Postby Zac Kuhns » Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:12 am

Fixing things was never something he had never been the greatest at, he left that to his parents. But, when the ship's falling apart at the seams and they need you to fix something, no matter how big or small, you pitch in to help out. Even if your mechanical aptitude is minimal, the people in Engineering will find you a little piece of the ship for you to put back together with glue and tissue paper if necessary.

That's where Alex found himself, in his office putting things back together while trying to avoid accidental electrocution. It was a slow going, the Potemkin was pretty banged up from recent events that had plagued them here and there. Not only that, but he had made the rounds in Sickbay in order to tend to hurt personnel whether they be his own or not.

Naturally, he split the greater part of his time between his wife, who was still healing up after the potentially fatal scare with she and their two daughters. Then he made sure to tend to Alexis and Veronika, making sure that they were well taken care of while their mother was unable to take care of them and their father was at work. Over a period of an hour, he left satisfied that his family were all in good hands.

As he went back to repairs to the ship for the next few hours, calling in repair parts, calling in someone who was far more qualified to do the job, and managing to actually fix a complicated problem here and there. In his usual style though, he got bored of putting things together and decided to head to his office. He had found some pictures here and there, a few frames shattered in the chaos of combat but it didn't take long to make sure the pictures were kept plenty safe from any further harm.

He had smiled fondly at pictures of he and his wife still at the Academy, simply cadets and not yet exposed to field work as Grimm thought of it. While it wasn't really that long ago, the pair had been aboard the Potemkin for years now. Frankly, he had hoped to get assigned to get assigned to a newer vessel right out of the Academy, but his wife had quickly checked his ego for him by simply saying:

"Be happy you got an assignment Alexander."

Then he found some wedding pictures of he, Tasha and the wedding party who consisted of mainly cadets at the time with a few exceptions here and there. Of course, then-new Mrs. Grimm looked beautiful in her dress. And, if he was so bold to think it, he looked rather good in his tuxedo. One part that he found comical about his wedding was that, when Tasha tossed the bouquet, his sister had caught it.

Chuckling to himself a bit, he walked over to a locker that was built more sturdy than the typical weapon locker aboard the ship. Not only that, but the locker itself had considerable security measures that standard lockers didn't have. Punching in his security codes, the locker door deftly slid open to reveal more than a few non-regulation custom weapons for special use in conflict. If there was one area he truly shined in engineering, it was creating new ways to blow things up. It helped that Rayus had a similar attitude towards weapons of all sorts. He straightened the racks out and closed the locker, satisfied with his cursory check.

With a slight sigh, he headed off towards the bridge. Nodding to a fellow security officer he passed by, he made his way to where he was called to be.

"So many panels to fix, so many currents to avoid getting shocked by."
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