USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, 21 Jan 08

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USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, 21 Jan 08

Postby CptStaceyTemplar » Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:23 pm

USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, 21 Jan 08
Sim begins at 9:30 PM Eastern
AIM users will need an invitation

After two weeks of shore leave on Earth, the Merc has been given its next mission. Currently, we are headed for sector 42 and should be arriving within the hour. Our old "friends" from Section 31 have called in a favor and we were lucky to receive this mission.

From the scant information received, the planet Zemodri is a backward sort of place full of backward people and religious zealots. Not much itself is actually known of the Zemodrians. A weapon of unknown origin and description has either been unearthed, purchased, or made that has allowed for a very disastrous turn of events. A recent explosion on the planet's surface equal in yield to that of last nuclear weapon detonated on Earth has been discovered. The explosion took place in the uninhabited southern continent. Nature of the explosion, nuclear or worse, is unknown. Section 31's report only suggests that the detonation was a test and that more can be expected.

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