USS Mercutio Mission Briefing Sim Date: 26 Nov 07

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USS Mercutio Mission Briefing Sim Date: 26 Nov 07

Postby CptStaceyTemplar » Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:21 pm

USS Mercutio Mission Briefing
Sim Date: 26 Nov 07
Sim Starts at 9:30 PM Eastern
AIM users will need an invitation

Captain's Log:

It is time to move on. The political unrest of this planet has been put to bed by wonderful cooperation between us the the planetary security forces. The terrorists have been captured or killed in a sweep of both the city and shuttleport. Those few stragglers have been rounded up by the police as the information has come available. The plot involving the tainting of the water supply with this new drug has been revealled. Efforts are currently underway to clean up the water supply and rid it of the drug. We are still awaiting reports on both the effectiveness of the clean up efforct and a medical report on the affected inhabitants. .

And after the latest nebula mishap at the Halloween party, I am inclined to agree with the crew that no more nebula investigations are to be allowed. That is rather disheartening because I, and some of the science team, find them rather fascinating. But, alas, it is time to move on to yet another assignment

We received a request to check out Sector 34. The USS Achilles has been reported as missing as of two days ago. No hails have been received. As of yet, no distress call or beacon has been reported. No ship or or debris was visible on scans at her last known location. We are heading out directly.

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