USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD Unknown (23 Apr 07)

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USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD Unknown (23 Apr 07)

Postby CptStaceyTemplar » Sat Jun 14, 2008 1:09 pm

USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD Unknown
Sim Starts at 9:30 PM Eastern
AIM Users will need an invite

A few hours has passed since the intel-gathering mission in the cantina. The informant provided valuable information on General Nagy, his location, and design specs for the building he is currently in. More importantly, the informant provided current security arrangements to include number of guards, shift rotation, and codes to get through secure doors. It is not known if we have all the codes for all of the doors we will need to go through. The informant was also able to provide a source for stormtrooper clothing/armor, which we now have four sets to use as we need/wish.

At this time, the away team members are still being selected. More to follow.

On a footnote, this storyline will last tonight and most likely next week. After that, we have a new storyline beginning back in our universe. Also, starting 2 May 07 (I will be back on 14 May), I will be on a leave of absence (going on vacation). More to follow about sim storyline stuff starting 7 May 07.

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