USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD20612.04

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USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD20612.04

Postby CptStaceyTemplar » Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:34 pm

USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD20612.04
Sim starts at 9:30 PM Eastern
AIM users will need an invite

Captain's personal log, supplemental

The Badlands. Why is it the past always seems to come back and haunt us? The Maquis were gone or re-integrated into society. The Cardassians were being quiet. The Dominion were pretty much gone. And now this! A professor with delusions of grandeur and conquest has possibly decided to change our very past and future at the same time. Add onto Steven Rosenfuse's message (and Lt Persun's) about a rogue Alphan ship and the hits just keep coming.

From Commander Crow's research, we have two possible targets to consider from the onset: Commander Chakotay and Eddington. Still, a third possible could be Commander Sisko. Hopefully, we will learn where and maybe when Dr. Farnsworthy went. I am still opposed to a time travel mission. If I could get away with it, I would have my fingers crossed on the bridge.

As for the Badlands themselves, this is not going to be easy. Voyager had only 15 decks and was 345 meters in length. We have a total of 22 decks and are 464 meters in length. I really do not want to take this ship into the Badlands. We do have two things that might be able to withstand the Badlands: Ablative armor and the TGB sensor/stealth array. Though, I am sure at least one engineer would not recommend we try. Besides, we have at least one shuttle with those same specs. I'd rather kill a shuttle than an entire ship. I don't suppose we could whip up a Defiant or a Delta Flyer really quick?

I did something I shouldn't have done. I snapped at Kydd and Persun. I let my personal dislike of time travel scenarios overflow onto them while they were having a discussion about all the horrors of the Badlands. Granted, they were having a rather pointed discussion, but what they said needed to be said. I will address them both later.

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