USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD20610.16

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USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD20610.16

Postby CptStaceyTemplar » Thu Mar 22, 2007 7:26 pm

USS Mercutio Mission Briefing, SD20610.16
Sim Starts at 9:30 PM Eastern
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The Mercutio is still in a high orbit while repairs are underway. We would be able to sustain some minor damage, but it has been highly unadvised by the engineering staff. For the moment, the fighter that was approaching our location has broken off. I can't imagine why...seeing that ships that comprise Task Force 34D have begun arriving in the outer system. According to Capt McGuire, the rest of his units are underway and should arrive within two days. I can only conclude that the arrival of at least four more ships on the "radar" was a deterrent to that one fighter.

Another problem has presented itself...the male pilot prisoner is dead.


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