EnsVox - DL "A Grave Paradox" SD 10201.28

An Akira class refit that falls under the jurisdiction of special ops, this ship keeps the peace when no one else can. Join the fun as the Mercutio approaches her fifth year!

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EnsVox - DL "A Grave Paradox" SD 10201.28

Postby LtCdrVox » Sat Jul 20, 2002 11:54 am

Assistant Security Officer's Log
Stardate: 10201.28

"A Grave Paradox"

Ensign Iar, while examining a patient, was exposed to the virus that has us baffled. A lesion on one of the patients burst, spreading some type of liquid on her. Now we had another situation: I knew Iar was infected now, so beaming her back to the Mercutio was out of the question since we don't know if the biofilters are sufficient to rid her body of the virus. As such, we have kept her on the surface, as her infection spreads rapidly. I'm keeping a tricorder on her to maintain a close watch while Doctor Raven and Ensign Buijold go to see Doctor Masters about using one of his labs for testing.

I heard that the recon mission was a success. At least something is going w/o a hitch. I have not been contaminated yet... I wonder if the trillions of nanoprobes coupled with my Terran/Romulan physiology has something to do with that? I have confidence in Doctor Raven to find a cure, or at the very least, a vaccine, although a vaccine would be irrelevant to Iar...

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