EnsIarEdra DL SD 10201.24

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EnsIarEdra DL SD 10201.24

Postby LtCdrVox » Sat Jul 20, 2002 11:53 am

I was functioning and performing normally, when we first beamed down to the planet's surface.  I was helping to distribute med kits, and scanning residents' vital signs, until Dr. Raven asked me to interview Dr. Masters.  I didn't even realize that I felt very uncomfortable until we were alone together.  I didn't even know what it was about him that made me that way, so I tried to get more information out of him about the infection.  The most valuable piece of information that I got from him is the origin being at Garta, the planet's largest space port.    He also pointed out a nurse to me, Nurse Hamaker, who has been working since the first known case came in 8 months ago.  I recommend investigating the port, and asking Nurse Hamaker a few questions.  After that, I wasn't able to get much relevant information.  At one point the Dr. appeared to tire out as I was talking to him, but he assured me he was fine. He then left the room into his bathroom for a few minutes, to do what, I wasn't sure of at the time.

Not too long after that Dr. Raven joined us, and soon the confrontation between her and Masters became heated, as she attempted to get information regarding certain patients from him.  The only thing I could do was stand by my superior in support, and stop Dr. Masters from escaping the room.  After that I can only guess that he somehow tampered with the atmosphere controls in the room.  When Dr. Raven sensed something was wrong, she beamed both of us out, and back onto the Mercutio, soon followed by Ens Vox and Buijold.

A part of me wishes I could have held myself together better to get more information from Masters, while another part of me wonders if that would have done any good.  Something about him greatly disturbs me, I just can't put my finger on what it is.

End Log

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