EnsVox&LtRaven JPL - "Dinner" SD 10201.21

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EnsVox&LtRaven JPL - "Dinner" SD 10201.21

Postby LtCdrVox » Sat Jul 20, 2002 11:48 am

Joint Log: Lt Stacey Raven and Ens Vox

Staring at him, I realized that I did not know him at all. Sure, we had met before and he had spent 24 hours in sickbay, but prior conversations had been limited to mostly curteous hellos. He left me for one brief moment, ordering lasagna and a Dr. Pepper™. Then, the awkward silence seemingly lasting forever. Finally, I spoke up, asking Vox what it was like being Borg. Stupid first question, I know. The blank stare on his face confirmed my suspicion that the experience was less than favorable, his answer backed up that feeling. I can sympathize with one area of being Borg...the voices. Although, I have never experienced billions of voices, sometimes just one can be deafening. I knew that his work for Starfleet Intelligence was classified, a good ten years of his life. What bothered me was that I could enter his thoughts...his mind would remain a mystery unless he allowed me in.
Curiousity should be outlawed!

We continued talking about each other's lives, getting to know one another. Topics ranged from his home on Earth, my life on a Federation colony, the Academy, hobbies, and our mutual love for Dr. Pepper™. We both expressed interest in returning to Earth...wanting to see the Academy again. And, I wanted to see his hometown, which he gracially invited me.

... I went to the mess hall to see what there was to eat, not knowing practically everyone. It was pretty crowded, and I could see that it was simply a place to eat and chat with other crew members. I ordered lasagna, a Dr. Pepper™ and walked through the different tables. I turned and looked out at the stars as they streamed past the big viewport. I turned, and saw Doctor Raven sitting by herself, drinking a Dr. Pepper™. I said hello, and she warmly invited me to sit down. We conversed rather easily, talking about our homes and why we joined Starfleet and what it was like being a drone in the Collective. I told her that my hometown is in the vacinity of Starfleet Command, and that we could visit my mother, who makes a wicked plate of steak and onions. We really hit it off, and for the first time in a while, I developed a friend.

Over the next three weeks, we spent time getting to know each other more. ...inquiring about our likes/dislikes, hobbies, goals in life, and other subject matters. We had logged a few hours in the holodeck, a place we could spend time without others around...letting our personalities show. We grew closer as the time passes by, the bond deepening, our friendship changing into much more.

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