Sim log 2-22-17

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Sim log 2-22-17

Postby Kris » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:34 pm

<Capt_Crow> AA it up
02:23:08: <EnsRedshirt> Last time I walked in to a counselors office, the guy immediately ripped off his shirt.
02:23:08: <LtBrieJayde> ::AA::
02:23:14: <EnsRedshirt> ::AA::
02:23:16: <EnsStraut> ::AA::
02:23:18: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ::AA::
02:23:26: <LtConstance> ::AA::
02:23:54: <CdrEdraCrow> ::AA::
02:23:59: <Capt_Crow> While we continue our investigation we have been diverted to a colony world named Lina IV.
02:24:05: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((First time I walked on a bridge I took my pants off and threw them the captain))
02:24:24: <CdrEdraCrow> <<not this captain, mind you>>
02:24:29: <EnsRedshirt> ((oh my. Was the captain at least attractive?))
02:24:31: <LtConstance> ( she put you in the brig if I remember)
02:24:40: <LtBrieJayde> ((Pay attention guys ;) ))
02:24:45: <CdrEdraCrow> <<ok...AA>>
02:24:46: <Capt_Crow> A decade ago it was started as a joint project between the federation and the klingons. Each of them have a domed outpost, but they generally live in peace and are terraforming the world's atmosphere.
02:25:59: <Capt_Crow> The federation outpost is requesting immediate help because one of their people has been taken and is facing a trip back to the klingon homeworld for a murder trial.
02:26:51: <Capt_Crow> question?
02:27:00: <EnsRedshirt> Answer?
02:27:31: <LtConstance> None from me
02:27:37: <LtBrieJayde> I'm good
02:27:37: <CdrEdraCrow> just gonna mention that Ens Straut is playing lightly tonight as she reacustoms herself to live simming
02:27:45: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Diplomacy?? or Break out mission??
02:28:06: <Capt_Crow> hopefully peaceful
02:28:12: <LtBrieJayde> Right...
02:28:33: <LtConstance> Ok
02:28:35: <EnsRedshirt> This is a Star Trek sim though, we all know how diplomacy goes.
02:28:47: <EnsRedshirt> I don't even know this ship yet.
02:29:14: <EnsRedshirt> ((we come in peace... Shoot to kill Shoot to Kill!
02:29:16: <EnsRedshirt> .))
02:29:22: <Capt_Crow> The XO will lead the away team which she can name. Whoever she doesn't take will be on the ship with me.
02:29:54: <LtConstance> Ok
02:30:17: <LtBrieJayde> Got it :)
02:30:22: <CdrEdraCrow> Oh...Ens Straut will be at Ops, and Ens Redshirt (are you really sticking with that?lol) will be helm/backup tac
02:30:44: <LtBrieJayde> ..what happened to me not going on away missions? LOL
02:30:59: <EnsStraut> :: Nods::
02:31:10: <CdrEdraCrow> well, you don't have to now :)
02:31:21: <LtBrieJayde> LOL I'm just causing trouble :-P
02:31:21: <CdrEdraCrow> am I naming them now or in character?
02:32:48: <Capt_Crow> BEGIN (let Edra post first so she can name who's where)
02:34:18: <CdrEdraCrow> ::stands from her seat:: Stepanova, Stewart, Malaan and Hibiki, you're with me. We'll leave from Transporter room 2.
02:35:13: <LtBrieJayde> ::Glances up from tactical and her PADD, then back to the PADD again after hearing who was going::
02:35:26: <EnsHibiki> ::grumbles:: first day on the job and already on an away team. Welcome home indeed.
02:35:37: <EnsHibiki> :: stands::
02:35:44: <EnsHibiki> Aye sir.
02:35:58: <Capt_Crow> You'll be heading down to talk to the Federation Governor, name is Gallion.
02:36:20: <EnsStraut> :: Looks up from her console and then back down at it after not hearing her name::
02:36:31: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods::
02:36:40: <LtConstance> " yes mam'm" :: heads to the armory to get her useal away gear gets a extra Phasor for the new guy heads back to the transporter room:
02:37:46: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: stands and goes to acquire his standard away team arsenal - Razor, Fang, 2 Micro-stun grenades, and phaser pistol, he decides not to bring the rifle or stealth suit this time ::
02:37:46: <Capt_Crow> ::Sits back in the center chair:: Keep a lock on them when they go down.
02:38:05: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: heads to transporter room 2 ::
02:38:08: <CdrEdraCrow> ::turns for the lift::
02:38:43: <CdrEdraCrow> ::to Haydon:: This is a diplomatic may want to go light. They are our friends.
02:39:00: <LtConstance> :: walking over to Hibiki:: " here you are " :: handing him a phaser
02:39:02: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks over at Straut:: Think you can handle the transporter lock in case of worst case scenario?
02:39:06: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: stands from her chair, walking back to the turbolift::
02:39:28: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I did I left the rifle and stealth suit at home
02:40:06: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> But I will play nice I promise Commander
02:40:09: <EnsStraut> :: looks over:: Aye I can do that.
02:40:17: <CdrEdraCrow> Thank you...
02:40:18: <LtBrieJayde> ::Smiles::
02:40:54: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I blame it all on Banks - something about showing up to a gun fight without a gun or something like that
02:40:59: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: walks into transporter room 2::
02:41:29: <Capt_Crow> Hopefully they settle this misunderstanding and we can get back on our way.
02:41:58: <LtBrieJayde> We still have a lot to figure out with the whole investigation
02:42:03: <CdrEdraCrow> ::steps into the lift:: Deck 15
02:42:29: <EnsHibiki> Thank you. ::accepts the phaser and straps it on his belt::
02:42:38: <Capt_Crow> We do indeed.
02:42:42: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: steps on lift next to Constance ::
02:43:15: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::smiles at the others:: I am ready when you are.
02:43:16: <EnsHibiki> ::has followed everyone to TR2::
02:43:31: <LtBrieJayde> ::Tosses PADD onto console:: Though I'm not having any luck trying to figure anything out with it.
02:43:32: <LtConstance> :: waits for the others in Transporter room 2 she was armed very lightly she didn't want to give off the wrong impression smiles seeing Haydon standing next to her:: " your welcome Hibiki"
02:44:26: <Capt_Crow> They hide their tracks very well but everyone makes a mistake.
02:44:30: <CdrEdraCrow> ::walks in:: Alright...let's get this underway. ::looks around to see everyone there:: Chief, you should have coordinates for us.
02:44:37: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: steps onto the platform::
02:44:47: <LtBrieJayde> ::Shrugs:: I suppose so.
02:46:01: <CdrEdraCrow> Transporter chief>> Aye, Sir. Energizing...
02:47:48: <LtConstance> :: seeing the scenery change from the ship to the outpost looking around cautiously::
02:47:55: <CdrEdraCrow> ::As they see the planet fade into view and solidify, she steps forward:: Governor gallion?
02:48:00: <CdrEdraCrow> Gallion?
02:48:05: <EnsStraut> ::locks onto away teams comm signals:: They are locked sir.
02:48:24: <Gallion> That's me. Have you come to rescue my son?
02:48:27: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: folds her hands behind her back as they rematerialize::
02:48:48: <CdrEdraCrow> ::tries to hide her surprise:: your son?
02:48:49: <Capt_Crow> Keep an eye on the Klingons too, make sure they don't get...hostile.
02:49:02: <EnsHibiki> ::takes a deep breath, planet side air was always so much tastier than ship air::
02:49:09: <Gallion> He is being held on trumped up charges. They want to send him away for trial.
02:49:16: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sits forward a bit:: Can't forget about those Klingons
02:49:23: <CdrEdraCrow> ::thinks...he could have told me::
02:49:25: <EnsStraut> Aye sir.
02:49:47: <CdrEdraCrow> What charges?
02:50:10: <CdrEdraCrow> <<scratch that>>
02:50:22: <EnsStraut> ::keeps watch of both targets::
02:50:28: <CdrEdraCrow> Just the murder charges, or are there more?
02:50:50: <Gallion> He didn't kill anyone. It was that...girl.
02:50:57: <Gallion> He's taking the blame for her.
02:51:16: <LtJG-Stepanova> Girl?
02:51:35: <CdrEdraCrow> ::takes a breath:: Governor, I'm not the judge. I need information to work with. Now are there any more charges, or just the one?
02:51:46: <Gallion> Just the murder charge.
02:52:05: <LtConstance> " why is he taking the blame for the girl"
02:52:15: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods:: Does he have representation?
02:52:20: <Gallion> He's been infatuated with a Klingon girl, the daughter of their Governor. They claim he murdered her former....beau.
02:52:34: <Gallion> I don't know if he does, they won't let me see him.
02:53:30: <LtBrieJayde> ::Taps fingers on the edge of her console:: You know..I hate waiting games.
02:53:38: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ::whispers to Constance :: cuz he loves her
02:54:07: <EnsStraut> Waiting games are not the best to play.
02:54:08: <Capt_Crow> The pregnancy? ::He grinned, quite pleased with the comeback:::
02:54:24: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: furrows her brow:: Are they letting anyone see him?
02:54:25: <LtBrieJayde> ::Frowns at Henry and rolls eyes::
02:54:44: <Gallion> Noone from our outpost.
02:54:46: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods:: Alright. You should know, we're not here to take him from them, just to convince them to hold the trial here...unless there's proof that the charges are bogus.
02:54:47: <LtConstance> Looking at Commander Crow " wonder if they would let one of us see him"
02:55:05: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods to Constance:: possibly.
02:55:13: <EnsStraut> ::Chuckles softly::
02:55:20: <Gallion> You're not...I asked for a taskforce to retrieve my son.
02:55:42: <Gallion> The time for talking is over.
02:56:19: <LtBrieJayde> At least I'm not fighting both Ferengi and Klingon morning sickness anymore.
02:56:46: <Capt_Crow> The Bajoran kind was bad enough...from a second hand point of view.
02:56:55: <LtConstance> " if we just go over and try to take the man it's gonna start a war with the Klingons
02:56:58: <LtJG-Stepanova> Governor, we are here to see what we can do. Our first responsibility is to find out exactly what happened. Are you able to get me in contact with this girl of his?
02:57:11: <CdrEdraCrow> We will find out what they know. If they have enough evidence to hold him, we can't stop that. But you should have access to him, and he should stay here.
02:57:19: <Gallion> A war we can win. The war we should have won a long time ago.
02:57:19: <LtBrieJayde> I've had that too, remember? At least somewhat.
02:57:49: <Gallion> She's being cooped up by her father, Q'Tral.
02:58:33: <CdrEdraCrow> ::takes a deep breath:: Governor, you should return to your home or office. We will take over from here.
02:58:46: <EnsHibiki> You really want to go to war over one person? Do you realize how many people would die?
02:58:47: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: nods:: Commander, perhaps we should inquire if one of us can speak to either of the two lovers.
02:59:03: <Gallion> I will not allow my son to be taken from this world, Commander.
03:00:00: <CdrEdraCrow> You have requested our help, and we need to be able to do our job to be effective. Please, let us do that.
03:00:22: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: softly walks forward, reaching out a gentle hand for his arm:: Governor? Why don't you and I take a walk while Commander Crow works her magic...
03:00:28: <Gallion> Very well.
03:00:43: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods to Stepanova:: good idea. we'll see if we can get an audience with the Kingons....
03:02:47: <EnsStraut> Long range sensors show two Klingon ships approaching about an hour away according to sensors Captain
03:02:49: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: gently takes the Governor's arm:: Why don't you show me around a little bit? Tell me about your son?
03:03:05: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks over at the sensors:: Of course they want to come to the party.
03:03:11: <CdrEdraCrow> ::another nod to Millie:: thank you, Counselor. ::to the others:: let's see if we can talk to the Klingons
03:03:31: <LtConstance> " yes mam'm "
03:03:38: <EnsHibiki> Ah... Klingons. Some of the best drinkers in the quadrant.
03:03:39: <Gallion> He's a good boy, just been brainwashed by that little harlot and her culture.
03:03:58: <LtConstance> " I hope their in a good mood"
03:04:09: <Capt_Crow> When they get within 10 minutes take us to red alert.
03:04:27: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ::whispers quietly to Constance :: It still freaks me out when Step does that crazy arm/hand thing
03:04:35: <EnsStraut> Aye sir. ::Looks back over at the sensors::
03:05:05: <Capt_Crow> +Edra+ We have 2 Klingon ships an hour away headed this way.
03:05:19: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: guides the Governor down the corridor and away from the rest of the away team:: Is he your only child?
03:05:26: <LtConstance> :: whisper back :: me to it's like her touch does something to people::
03:05:37: <Gallion> Yes.
03:05:53: <LtBrieJayde> ::Grabs the PADD from before and sits back again::
03:06:25: <CdrEdraCrow> Hopefully the Capulets are willing to listen...::begins walking toward the nearest klingon building::
03:06:54: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Yah but its hypnotic not like when you touch me - one minute some dude ready to throw down punches and the next he is thinking about a quiet walk in field full of butterflies
03:07:01: <LtConstance> :: following the Comander head on a swivel::
03:07:08: <CdrEdraCrow> +Henry+ time limit...copy that
03:07:19: <Gallion> ::there is a single corridor connecting the Fed and Klingon outposts and guards from both sides block the way::
03:07:20: <CdrEdraCrow> ...because this was too easy, apparently
03:07:35: <EnsHibiki> ::follows::
03:07:51: <LtBrieJayde> I don't think she liked hearing that.
03:07:57: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ::follows the commander and the rest of the away team::
03:08:00: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::nods:: And how long have the two of you been on this outpost?
03:08:06: <EnsHibiki> ::hands flexing, preparing for a potential fight::
03:08:09: <Capt_Crow> Neither did I.
03:08:31: <Gallion> Ten years, next month.
03:08:36: <LtBrieJayde> That's a good point. It never can be easy.
03:08:41: <EnsStraut> Don't think anyone liked the news...
03:09:08: <CdrEdraCrow> ::catches what Gallion said about how to get to the Klingon side and follows those directions::
03:09:11: <Capt_Crow> Sitting here doing...nothing drives me crazy.
03:09:29: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Relax ensign it will be alright
03:09:43: <LtBrieJayde> I think this part drives us all at least a little crazy.
03:09:58: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: smiles at Hibiki ::
03:10:20: <EnsHibiki> Constant vigilance friend. Constant. Vigilance.
03:10:31: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::smiles:: I spent most of my Starfleet career out on one outpost or another. It is by no means an easy life, da?
03:10:56: <LtConstance> :: looking at the guards hand on phaser if needed eyes staying on them::
03:11:10: <Gallion> I am here to keep an eye on those Klingons. They cannot be trusted. It's against their nature.
03:11:27: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Relax the mind relax the body if combat comes you will be ready
03:11:44: <CdrEdraCrow> ::approaches the guards:: We are here as representatives for Starfleet, and Governor Gallion's son. We understand he's being held for deportation. But we and the governor should have access to see him.
03:11:46: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: chuckles:: You know...they say the same thing about humans.
03:12:20: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks to Straut:: has everything been so far?
03:12:25: <QTral> Klingon Guard> The prisoner is none of your concern.
03:12:32: <EnsHibiki> One of the Corner stones of martial arts. Doesn't hurt to stretch though..
03:12:46: <Gallion> This outpost was a foolish venture.
03:13:00: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: pauses to look out the window with the Governor:: But, it is often difficult to trust the things that we do not understand. Your son loves this girl?
03:13:08: <EnsStraut> ::Looks over and smiles:: its been going really well so far. Still have slight jitters but nothing to bad.
03:13:18: <Gallion> He thinks he knows what love is, but hes blind.
03:13:31: <LtBrieJayde> I remember that. But my first experience with the crew wasn't exactly the best.
03:13:39: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: looks squarely at the Klingon guard - unflinching ::
03:14:10: <EnsStraut> No? How so?
03:14:13: <LtConstance> :: keeping my eyes glued to the guards::
03:14:49: <LtBrieJayde> Well..more my fault. I..might have shot someone while we were all on a planet surface before anyone knew who I even was.
03:14:49: <CdrEdraCrow> He is a Federation citizen...he is absolutely our concern
03:15:33: <LtJG-Stepanova> Love is quite often blinding. It is what makes it so endearing, so intoxicating...and so overwhelming. :: pauses:: If I may ask, what attracted you to his mother?
03:15:39: <EnsStraut> Goodness... talk about a surprising entrance there.
03:15:43: <Capt_Crow> ::He chuckled:: That was a unique way of introducing yourself.
03:15:52: <LtConstance> :: being half Romulian fighting was in her blood::
03:16:20: <LtBrieJayde> The person was sick! And..weren't they sort of zombie-ish?
03:16:41: <QTral> Klingon Guard> ::about to reply when an older Klingon approaches them::
03:16:48: <QTral> Are you from the ship in orbit?
03:16:56: <EnsHibiki> We are.
03:17:02: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods once:: We are.
03:17:10: <EnsStraut> Like what kind of sick
03:17:38: <LtBrieJayde> know, I don't really remember.
03:18:08: <CdrEdraCrow> We'd like to see the boy you're holding.
03:18:38: <QTral> I am Q'Tal, Imperial Governor.
03:18:47: <QTral> Q'Tral*
03:18:54: <EnsStraut> Ah no worries. :: She glances at the senors to see where the incoming klingon ships are::
03:19:08: <Gallion> His mother was....special.
03:19:47: <LtConstance> :: looks at Q'Tral
03:20:00: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: smiles:: What made her special?
03:20:20: <CdrEdraCrow> I am Commander Edra Crow, First Officer of the USS Mercutio.
03:20:34: <Gallion> She had a way of lighting up a room.
03:20:41: <LtBrieJayde> I've changed a lot on this ship. It's like a family.
03:20:57: <Gallion> Took me over two years to even get her attention, another five to gain her family's permission.
03:21:36: <EnsStraut> :: she nods:: Most ships are, I am hoping to gain that here
03:21:41: <QTral> The man we're holding for murder will be transferred in under an hour. He killed one of our best warriors.
03:22:09: <LtConstance> " are you sure it was him sir?"
03:22:16: <CdrEdraCrow> ::would look at the other AT members to gauge their reactions, but didn't want to take her attention off of QTral::
03:22:23: <LtBrieJayde> ::Grins:: Hopefully you're okay with kids running around a lot.
03:22:31: <QTral> There were only three in the room and one of them was the victim.
03:22:58: <EnsStraut> Of course! I love kids so that is no issue!
03:23:15: <LtJG-Stepanova> ...she is no longer here, da?
03:23:22: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> How? I thought Klingons were great warriors??
03:23:29: <LtConstance> " did you see any evidence that the young man actually killed your warrior sir "
03:23:29: <CdrEdraCrow> That's not how we operate. He will stand trial here if there is enough evidence to support it, and he will have representation of his choosing.
03:23:32: <Gallion> She died, four years ago.
03:23:36: <LtBrieJayde> ::Glances to Henry:: How many kids just from the senior staff? 4 at least right? Your three, my one?
03:23:54: <Capt_Crow> Four if your count Chance. ::grin::
03:24:13: <EnsStraut> What ages are they?
03:24:14: <LtBrieJayde> Not sure I'd count him as a child anymore.
03:24:24: <QTral> He committed his crime here in my territory. Our laws prevail.
03:24:39: <Capt_Crow> It's hard for me sometimes not to treat him as one.
03:24:52: <LtBrieJayde> Ossan is just over one, he's mine. ::Grins:: Okay, that I understand.
03:25:17: <CdrEdraCrow> This is a joint colony, the crimes must be treated as such. That was the agreement that was struck when this colony began.
03:25:24: <EnsStraut> :: She squeaks a bit and grins:: You'll have to let me meet...
03:25:34: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> You didn't answer my question HOW?? A great warrior defeated in combat by a lesser warrior??
03:25:45: <LtConstance> " where's your proof you need to have proof that he did anything like blood on the clothing, footprint at the scene"
03:25:51: <QTral> He was shot in the back, by a federation style phaser.
03:26:18: <QTral> He obviously is guilty, he's the only one who could have done it.
03:26:28: <LtBrieJayde> He likes to grab hair, and earrings. But will also try to get you to play catch.
03:26:51: <CdrEdraCrow> ::holds her hand out to stop the conversation before it devolved.:: Governor. Is there somewhere we can sit down to work this out?
03:27:07: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Thank you sir - there is no honor in that - but are you sure it was he who pulled the trigger??
03:27:09: <LtConstance> Maybe your daughter did it he's covering for her
03:27:10: <EnsStraut> That is kinda cute to be honest. I would love to play catch
03:27:36: <QTral> If it was not him, then you accuse my daughter and challenge her honor.
03:27:42: <LtBrieJayde> Then maybe we'll have to setup a playdate.
03:28:06: <QTral> ::The Guards bristle at the honor challenging::
03:28:34: <EnsStraut> ::nodding:: Mhm!
03:28:39: <LtConstance> " I'm not accuseing anyone of anything "
03:29:31: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I agree sir - She should be able to address those who question her honor
03:29:49: <LtConstance> :: shuts up not wanting to start anything::
03:29:50: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Isnt that the Klingon way
03:29:52: <EnsHibiki> ::resists the urge to roll his eyes at the Klingon's fragile ego::
03:30:08: <EnsStraut> So how long have you been on the ship?
03:30:44: <CdrEdraCrow> Lt. Malaan...::gives him a look::
03:31:33: <LtBrieJayde> ::Tries to think:: Honestly? I don't even remember ::Tries to do the math in her head::
03:32:00: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Yes Commander :: steps back ::
03:32:01: <QTral> And what if I told you the man confessed?
03:32:46: <CdrEdraCrow> ::looked back to QTral:: I would want to talk to him myself to be sure he wasn't...coerced.
03:32:47: <EnsHibiki> And what if we told you that we knew that, but did not believe it?
03:33:15: <QTral> ::He considered:: You....and you alone may see him. The rest stay here.
03:33:39: <EnsStraut> 'ts alright, Losing time is easy ::She shifts in her chair a bit trying to get comfortable::
03:34:08: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods once then turns tothe others:: Stay on the Starfleet side. I don't want any mistake insults...
03:34:29: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: softly pats his arm:: Governor?
03:34:30: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods:: That is very true.
03:34:31: <CdrEdraCrow> mistaken*
03:34:37: <LtConstance> :: keeping her eyes on the guards not trusting them not to attack:: " yes mam'm"
03:34:47: <Gallion> Yes?
03:35:02: <EnsHibiki> Me?
03:35:13: <EnsStraut> I hate not being able to sit still i swear
03:35:15: <QTral> :::Leads Edra down to a holding cell, ordering it opened for her:::
03:35:45: <CdrEdraCrow> ::looks to QTral:: As relations appear to be strained, I assume your men are staying on your side?
03:36:04: <CdrEdraCrow> ::follows::
03:36:18: <QTral> They will.
03:36:35: <LtBrieJayde> ::Keeps doing math in her head:: Just over..5 years? Sounds about right.
03:36:36: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nod::
03:36:47: <LtConstance> :: walking away:: " this is crazy he is defiantly covering for her out of love"
03:36:47: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: smiles, knowing that his mind is a dozen places:: His speak as if she is no longer with us.
03:37:22: <EnsStraut> Wow.. that is a long time....
03:37:28: <Gallion> She died four years ago.
03:38:00: <GallionJr> ::looks up from his bench as the door opens::
03:38:01: <LtBrieJayde> I've got an older sister who's in command and a twin sister in engineering. Neither here though. I can't believe it's been that long.
03:39:18: <CdrEdraCrow> ::gives the young man an encouraging smile, then turns to QTral:: I'd like some time alone to question him.
03:39:20: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: whispers to Constance and Hibiki :: Notice the way the one guard standing nearest us keeps subtly shifting his wait off his left leg - a strong move and a quick slash leaves him incapacitated in less that 2 seconds - the other is new to his post and will hesitate - I'm still trying to figure out the 3rd
03:39:40: <QTral> Not long. The ships will be here in fifteen minutes. ::leaves them:::
03:39:44: <EnsStraut> Oh wow, so it seems star fleet runs in the family
03:40:05: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: gently:: I am so sorry. And you have been raising him on your own?
03:40:24: <CdrEdraCrow> ::blinks at the 15 minutes, but dismisses it out of necessity and turns to Gallion's son:: What's your name?
03:40:37: <LtBrieJayde> It does. Though neither of them thought I'd fall for an engineer...let alone two of them.
03:40:41: <Gallion> Yes, it can be difficult.
03:40:47: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: continues in a whisper :: if something goes down be ready
03:40:55: <EnsHibiki> ::whispers back:: The third is not guarding his right side well. A palm strike to the lower ribs would expel his air and then a follow up to the chin would put him out.
03:40:56: <GallionJr> 12Andre.
03:41:32: <LtConstance> :: Whispers will do ::
03:41:38: <EnsHibiki> and the second favors his left leg. A strike to the knee would be disabling.
03:41:40: <EnsStraut> Two of them?
03:41:56: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods:: Andre, my name is Edra Crow. I don't have much time so we need to talk fast. Did you confess to the murder?
03:42:19: <LtJG-Stepanova> But you have brought him up well, yes? Taught him how to be a strong man? Shown him how to love a woman because of how you loved his mother.
03:42:19: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> agreed but he is also the most deadly of the bunch - so keep your eye on him
03:42:21: <GallionJr> 12Yes I did.
03:42:26: <GallionJr> 12I....I did it.
03:42:35: <LtBrieJayde> Yeah. a long story. Short version? First husband KIA, didn't know he had a son. Just got married to another and expecting.
03:42:46: <CdrEdraCrow> ::blinks:: you did...what did you do exactly?
03:43:10: <GallionJr> 12I killed K'lah.
03:43:26: <CdrEdraCrow> How?
03:43:37: <GallionJr> 12I shot him.
03:43:40: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> You butt always looks so good in those pants :: Smiles at Constance::
03:43:43: <CdrEdraCrow> With what?
03:43:58: <GallionJr> 12Uh...a phaser.
03:43:59: <EnsStraut> I am sorry for the first one but I am happy about the second part! How much longer for..?
03:44:13: <CdrEdraCrow> where?
03:44:20: <EnsHibiki> I disagree with you actually, the firs carries himself well and with the eyes of a seasoned warrior. I believe he would be more dangerous.
03:44:37: <LtConstance> ::smiles back :: " you know I love it when you say stuff like tha"
03:44:40: <GallionJr> 12What does this have to do with anything?
03:44:42: <LtBrieJayde> It's somewhat a guessing game. Baby is half human, quarter Klingon, quarter Ferengi.
03:44:44: <GallionJr> 12::begins to pace:::
03:45:01: <Gallion> I do not approve of his..supposed romance.
03:45:33: <CdrEdraCrow> I'm trying to help you. Where did you shoot him?
03:45:37: <QTral> Klingon guards> ::eyeing the Fed guards and the away team with disdain:::
03:45:43: <EnsStraut> oh goodness, welll...... ::Ponders a bit:: I could always baby sit if need be :: she chuckles softly::
03:45:51: <GallionJr> 12In the chest.
03:46:12: <CdrEdraCrow> Was it just the two of you?
03:46:30: <GallionJr> 12Kalena was there too.
03:46:37: <CdrEdraCrow> Who is Kalena?
03:46:39: <LtBrieJayde> A ship full of babysitters. I'll add you to the list.
03:46:51: <GallionJr> 12My gir......a girl here in the outpost.
03:46:59: <LtConstance> :: just watches the Klingon guards not trusting them::
03:47:46: <EnsStraut> Oh man now I gotta fight for the kid...dangggg.. ::she looks back at the console and sighs softly:: nothing new yet
03:47:47: <CdrEdraCrow> ::smiles, attempting to put him at ease:: It's okay. Is she someone you care about?
03:47:48: <LtConstance> :: not worried about the fed guards ::
03:47:49: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: laughs softly:: Mr. Gallion, it is rare that a parent actually approves of everything that their child does.
03:47:55: <GallionJr> 12Yes.
03:48:18: <LtBrieJayde> ::Checks her own readings:: I swear, time drags when you're staring at these things.
03:48:21: <Gallion> When I get him back he'll be under closer supervision.
03:48:29: <CdrEdraCrow> And from what I've heard, she's Klingon?
03:48:41: <GallionJr> 12The Governor's daughter.
03:48:50: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: softly pats his arm:: I think, Governor, that he has behaved exactly the way you are right now.
03:48:54: <EnsStraut> mhmm... that it does
03:48:55: <CdrEdraCrow> ahh...
03:48:55: <GallionJr> 12Honor is very important to her and him.
03:49:04: <Gallion> How so?
03:49:36: <LtConstance> " I swear waiting is the hardest part sometimes"
03:49:42: <CdrEdraCrow> It is to all Klingons...::she thought she saw where this was going::
03:49:47: <LtJG-Stepanova> Protective of the person he cares much so that he is ready to disregard all possible dire consequences to keep them safe.
03:49:50: <LtBrieJayde> I wish we had an update from down there.
03:50:00: <GallionJr>'s okay.
03:50:02: <CdrEdraCrow> How long have you two been keeping this secret?
03:50:11: <EnsStraut> And i wish we had an update about the ships. It is worrying me with nothing
03:50:23: <GallionJr> 12::he grinned slightly:: A year.
03:50:45: <Gallion> He will not take the blame for this.
03:51:04: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Watch their movements and notice their ranks - the Jaqta' is older his leg movement is probably from a combat injury - that's why he is stationed here instead of a more honorable combat destination - his wounds limit him
03:51:14: <Capt_Crow> ::::sensors show the klingons now 10 mins away::
03:51:22: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods:: Andre, I'm trying to get your father the ability to see you. Is there a message you want me to take to him?
03:51:54: <EnsStraut> Captain! Klingon ships Ten minutes away!
03:52:01: <GallionJr> 12Tell him that I love him but I will take my punishment.
03:52:08: <Capt_Crow> Red alert.
03:52:08: <LtBrieJayde> Ah, that means..::Hits the red alert button::
03:52:18: <EnsHibiki> But the other is younger and in better shape.
03:52:25: <EnsStraut> ::Puts ship to Red Alert::
03:52:26: <LtConstance> :: eyes cold as stone on the Klingon guards::
03:52:38: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods:: I will still be seeing what I can do to help you, alright?
03:52:39: <EnsStraut> Aye sir
03:53:21: <Kalena> ::suddenly barges into the room:: Take him home, please. ::to Edra::
03:53:41: <GallionJr> 12Kalena....
03:53:46: <LtConstance> " the center one seems to have trouble staying awake"
03:53:48: <EnsStraut> All departments reporting ready sir
03:53:53: <LtBrieJayde> And now the fun begins ::Sets the PADD aside::
03:53:56: <Kalena> No, we both know what happened. I can't let you do this.
03:54:01: <EnsHibiki> I think I like you Lieutenant. I'm Takao Hibiki.
03:54:05: <LtJG-Stepanova> If I may be so bold...he is acting exactly like the man you taught him to be.
03:54:12: <EnsHibiki> ::offers a hand::
03:54:13: <CdrEdraCrow> ::stands, seeing the girl rush in:: Kalena...I imagine you should not be here.
03:54:20: <Gallion> We shall see.
03:54:28: <LtConstance> I'm Constance Elane
03:54:55: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I do like your insight Ensign - I learned for one of the best close quarter fighters alive - Pleased to meet you Ensign Hibiki
03:54:56: <Kalena> I don't care. I'm the one who killed him. He was trying to kill Andre and I shot him in the back.
03:55:07: <CdrEdraCrow> I know...
03:55:14: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: pats his arm:: Perhaps I should go check on their progress. Will you wait for me in your office? I will come and find you as soon as I know something, da?
03:55:20: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I'm LT Haydon Malaan
03:55:22: <Kalena> You do?
03:55:30: <Gallion> Yes...thank you.
03:55:36: <GallionJr> 12You do?
03:55:49: <LtConstance> " nice to meet you ensign Hibiki I'm head of security on the ship"
03:56:03: <Capt_Crow> Let's make sure those shields have plenty of reserve power.
03:56:21: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods:: K'lah was shot in the back, not the front...
03:56:33: <GallionJr> 12Oh....
03:56:49: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I think we will do well working together - and this hot mama is Lt Constance Stewart :: reached out and gives her a nice firm squeeze on her butt :: I wouldn't recommend doing that ensign
03:56:54: <CdrEdraCrow> ::turns to Kalena:: and I don't imagine shooting your enemy in the back is considered it?
03:56:54: <EnsHibiki> I am a second dan in Hibiki Matsubestu Ru. Anything goes style. Weapons or unarmed, I'll knock it down.
03:57:10: <LtBrieJayde> Unless someone touched something, they better have power.
03:57:20: <Kalena> No, but he was going to kill him. ::she looked at Andre, nearly tearing up:: I couldn't just watch.
03:57:31: <EnsHibiki> I didn't plan on it. I see that she is taken.
03:57:47: <QTral> :::enters the cell:: Your time is....Kalena, what are you doing here?
03:57:48: <CdrEdraCrow> ::smiles softly:: Will you take me to see your father? ::to Kalena::
03:57:57: <EnsStraut> Aye, shields are showing full power.
03:58:34: <LtConstance> " Yeah Lt Malaan and have been dateing for a few years"
03:58:57: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: quickly scoots her way back down the corridor, quickly finding the others::
03:59:02: <EnsHibiki> Then I congratulate you.
03:59:04: <LtJG-Stepanova> So, what have I missed?
03:59:04: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I've studied numerous martial arts forms and work out daily to keep my skills honed - we should get together for some work outs
03:59:21: <EnsHibiki> No worries sir, I know better than to touch what isn't mine.
03:59:26: <Kalena> Father I did the shooting.
03:59:37: <QTral> You don't know what you're talking about girl.
03:59:49: <GallionJr> 12Hey don't talk to her like that!
03:59:50: <LtBrieJayde> ::Taps fingers on the edge of the console again::
03:59:50: <LtConstance> I'm just good at blowing things up and shooting things
04:00:03: <CdrEdraCrow> QTral...might we have a moment, you and I?
04:00:09: <EnsStraut> ::Watches the sensors and her leg taps the floor::
04:00:19: <QTral> :::looks to him, then nods to her, stepping out to the hallway:::
04:00:32: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> She likes making boomboom ::smiles evilly ::
04:00:32: <EnsHibiki> Sounds like we are quite the group then. The security officer, the Tactical officer, and me in the middle.
04:00:57: <LtConstance> The three amigos
04:01:08: <EnsHibiki> of destruction.
04:01:14: <CdrEdraCrow> governor...I have found out, I think, what happened.
04:01:24: <LtConstance> :: blushes at Haydon::
04:01:28: <CdrEdraCrow> And, you're not going to like it...
04:01:52: <LtBrieJayde> And..the party just got bigger.
04:01:52: <QTral> :::When the door shut:: She did it.
04:02:00: <EnsStraut> Sir.... Two Kling ships flanking us
04:02:14: <Capt_Crow> :::stands:: Well then.
04:02:17: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: looks down the corridor beyond the Klingon guards:: do we know what is happening?
04:02:34: <EnsStraut> :: Cracks her neck and sits up a bit::
04:03:32: <EnsHibiki> I would assume the bar on the ship serves more than just synthale?
04:03:33: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Waiting on the commander - how was your walk??
04:03:44: <CdrEdraCrow> K'lah was trying to kill the boy, and she did it in defense of him. ::she paused before continuing:: Gallion's son confessed to preserve her honor.
04:04:10: <LtBrieJayde> ::Watches the captain::
04:04:29: <QTral> We learned her fingerprints were on the phaser.
04:04:58: <CdrEdraCrow> So, then, Andre can go home?
04:05:02: <Capt_Crow> Are they powering weapons?
04:05:23: <LtConstance> " yeah it does but I never go to the bar got my private stash in my room"
04:05:24: <QTral> They must never see each other again.
04:05:26: <LtJG-Stepanova> Well, we're going to avoid war on this side of the argument. It all depends on how the Commander does on her side.
04:05:49: <EnsStraut> ::checks sensors:: No sir they are not... just sitting there.
04:06:01: <EnsHibiki> Well then, at some point, I would love to share a drink with you. Maybe share some stories.
04:06:05: <LtBrieJayde> They want to find out things before the do anything else most likely.
04:06:21: <Capt_Crow> Keep shields up but power our weapons down.
04:06:55: <CdrEdraCrow> I will inform the Governor of that.
04:07:02: <EnsStraut> :: Powering weapons down:: Yes sir
04:07:03: <QTral> Take him.
04:07:46: <CdrEdraCrow> ::when the door to the cell is opened, she enters, holding out her hand:: Andre, let's go.
04:08:08: <GallionJr> 12:::doesn't answer, too busy kissing Kalena:::
04:08:43: <CdrEdraCrow> Mr. Gallion!
04:08:45: <Capt_Crow> Years ago this situation would have lead to a hell of a war.
04:08:53: <GallionJr> 12::breaks it::
04:09:08: <CdrEdraCrow> You're with ::firmly::
04:09:09: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> You know counselor ... that hand-arm thing you do to people really kinda freaks me out - I go into combat and fear never really enters my mind but you start by giving that look you give and then touch the arm or hand and poof - hardened intelligent people turn in to a puddle of goo - that's scary
04:09:28: <LtBrieJayde> Now we hope everyone leaves quietly.
04:09:32: <EnsStraut> Really??
04:09:47: <GallionJr> 12::He kept his eyes on his girl but followed Edra:::
04:10:26: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::chuckles softly:: There is an art to persuasion, Lieutenant.
04:10:53: <CdrEdraCrow> ::pauses before leaving with the boy, and turns to QTral:: Keep in mind what he was going to sacrifice himself for. ::motions for Andre to go ahead of her, and returns to the others::
04:11:32: <EnsStraut> ::finally breaths out slowly and she sits back a bit:: well then..
04:11:35: <QTral> ::to one of his men:: Tell the ships they are not needed.
04:12:07: <LtConstance> That would be great Hibiki
04:12:09: <EnsStraut> Sir.. they left
04:12:10: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sits back with a sigh:: Okay..hopefully they stay away.
04:12:25: <EnsStraut> Hopefully.... I do not like Klingons
04:12:40: <Capt_Crow> Oh they're not too bad.
04:13:01: <LtBrieJayde> Hey now, my husband is half Klingon.
04:13:14: <EnsStraut> Hey hey....
04:13:26: <LtConstance> " I used to work with a Klingon at DS9 he was uptight but nice
04:13:27: <EnsStraut> I am not saying he is bad
04:13:33: <LtBrieJayde> ::Smirks:: It's okay, you'd never know looking at him.
04:13:42: <CdrEdraCrow> ::sees the rest of the AT as she and Andre return:: Let's go.
04:13:46: <EnsStraut> Just the ones i have met i have not liked
04:14:10: <EnsStraut> soo... Have not met him yet.. He could be very nice :: She smiles big::
04:14:22: <LtBrieJayde> And also tall and looks like a Ferengi.
04:14:44: <GallionJr> 12Klingons> ::Let them pass:::
04:14:55: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: exhales a sigh of relief :: Good to see you commander - looks like everything worked out??
04:14:57: <EnsStraut> oooo.. thats cool. and by all means change my view please... I do not like hating people
04:15:21: <CdrEdraCrow> ::nods, then looks to Millie:: Where is the Governor waiting?
04:15:38: <LtConstance> " glad everything turned out Mam'm
04:15:54: <LtBrieJayde> Hopefully he will help.
04:16:00: <Gallion> ::Marching down to meet them::: The Klingons left, did they take...oh...::seeing his son he hurried over: You're alright?
04:16:06: <GallionJr> 12Yes I'm fine.
04:16:20: <Gallion> (find end points)
04:16:29: <Gallion> We have...a lot to talk about.
04:16:47: <EnsStraut> Oh I bet.. If he is anything close to you then I bet he is nice. ::She turns to her and nods::
04:16:57: <LtBrieJayde> ::Smiles and goes back to her PADD::
04:17:08: <LtConstance> (Paused)
04:17:16: <EnsHibiki> I have a bottle of a fascinating vintage I believe you both would enjoy. And Malaan, I would love to get you on the mat.
04:17:16: <LtBrieJayde> :: Paused::
04:17:19: <EnsStraut> What a first day..
04:17:38: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: gently lays her hand on Gallion's arm:: Remember, you raised a man of honor. A protector, like you.
04:17:42: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I could use a drink - :: looks at Constance and Ensign Hibiki::
04:17:43: <CdrEdraCrow> ::to the Governor:: He had confessed to protect QTral's daughter...a very admirable act. However, the Governor is forbidding that they see each other anymore. I told him I'd pass the message on.
04:18:04: <LtConstance> I have a stash of Romulian ale you might like being I'm part Romulian
04:18:21: <Gallion> Thank you Commander.
04:18:22: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> (paused)
04:18:27: <EnsHibiki> I look forward to it.
04:18:31: <EnsHibiki> :: paused::
04:18:31: <EnsStraut> (Paused)
04:18:35: <LtConstance> (Paused)
04:18:54: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: paused::
04:19:06: <Gallion> (END
04:19:14: <CdrEdraCrow> :: paused::
04:19:28: <CdrEdraCrow> so, how many characters did you take on tonight?
04:19:33: <Capt_Crow> a new record
04:19:37: <LtBrieJayde> A LOT!
04:19:45: <CdrEdraCrow> no kidding
04:19:46: <EnsStraut> seemed like alot
04:19:49: <Capt_Crow> and we did go later than usual so my apologies on that
04:20:00: <LtConstance> It's ok
04:20:01: <EnsStraut> dont apologizeeee
04:20:06: <EnsStraut> it was fun
04:20:13: <Capt_Crow> normally we're done about 1030
04:20:24: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> agreed was fun
04:20:27: <EnsHibiki> Woot! We have a succesful conversion! ::bows::
04:20:36: <Capt_Crow> Once again I'd like to welcome our new folks to the nuthouse
04:20:39: <EnsStraut> its.. not 1030
04:20:44: <EnsStraut> XD
04:20:45: <LtBrieJayde> eastern time ;)
04:20:51: <Capt_Crow> next week will be here before you know it
04:21:06: <EnsStraut> cant wait
04:21:12: <CdrEdraCrow> we have two straight jackets for our new recruits...wear them well...wear them with pride...
04:21:15: <CdrEdraCrow> we all do
04:21:19: <LtBrieJayde> OH! Our newbies..we'll have to remind them about the time change next month
04:21:29: <LtBrieJayde> As they don't change their clocks ;)
04:21:37: <Capt_Crow> no?
04:21:39: <LtJG-Stepanova> I think I'm the only sane one aboard. ;-)
04:21:41: <EnsStraut> mine is pruple with sodas stashed in it
04:21:46: <EnsStraut> and hahahahahaha
04:21:47: <EnsStraut> hahahah
04:21:49: <CdrEdraCrow> AZ doesn't do that
04:21:53: <EnsStraut> nope!
04:22:00: <CdrEdraCrow> sweet
04:22:20: <EnsStraut> ill.. calm down now
04:22:33: <CdrEdraCrow> lol
04:22:35: <Capt_Crow> okay well everyone have a good week and we'll be back to work in no time.
04:22:36: <EnsStraut> but what time is it changing to
04:23:01: <LtBrieJayde> Um..that's what I hate.
04:23:10: <LtBrieJayde> It's 10 here, starts at 8 here for me
04:23:12: <Capt_Crow> is it moving ahead or back?
04:23:21: <Capt_Crow> its 11:04 for me
04:23:25: <Capt_Crow> we started 2 hours ago
04:23:28: <CdrEdraCrow> yeah...I'm guessing it'll go to 6 start time for me
04:23:29: <EnsStraut> its 904
04:23:45: <Capt_Crow> 6?
04:23:50: <LtBrieJayde> it'll still be same for all of us but the newbies
04:23:54: <CdrEdraCrow> we'll jump forward, which means, relatively speaking, they'll go back an hour
04:24:12: <CdrEdraCrow> it was 7 start time tonight for you, right?
04:24:14: <EnsHibiki> it will go back an hour. We will start at six
04:24:25: <CdrEdraCrow> see! I had it
04:24:28: <EnsStraut> thankss
04:24:32: <LtBrieJayde> There ya go. Still a few weeks out but that hit my head looking at some other schedules
04:24:42: <EnsStraut> ahh
04:24:57: <LtBrieJayde> Must crash...
04:25:02: <CdrEdraCrow> goodnight
04:25:02: <EnsStraut> sleep tight
04:25:03: <Capt_Crow> we've gone so long without a west coast presence I've never thoght about that
04:25:13: <CdrEdraCrow> Welcome Straut and Hibiki!
04:25:14: <LtJG-Stepanova> And it's nice to know now how to scare Haydon. ;-)
04:25:22: <CdrEdraCrow> so excited you're joining us
04:25:26: <CdrEdraCrow> lol
04:25:27: <LtBrieJayde> night guys, i have the sim log, so I owe last weeks and this weeks
04:25:29: <EnsStraut> thank you!
04:25:35: <EnsStraut> and i am excited to join
04:25:40: <LtConstance> Ok night night
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