Sim Log 2-15-17

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Sim Log 2-15-17

Postby Kris » Wed Mar 01, 2017 8:33 pm

<EdraCrow> ::AA::
02:31:22: <LtBrieJayde> ::AA::
02:31:36: <LtConstance> ::AA::
02:31:48: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::AA::
02:32:35: <Capt_Crow> We're meeting in the conference room, refreshments will be provided.
02:33:17: <Capt_Crow> this is also happening in the middle of the night, all you know is that you've been summoned.
02:34:30: <LtConstance> Can we wear Jammie's
02:34:40: <LtBrieJayde> That was my question ;)
02:34:42: <EdraCrow> lol
02:34:58: <LtConstance> Lol
02:35:12: <LtBrieJayde> or at least off duty clothes?
02:35:25: <Capt_Crow> casual clothes are fine
02:35:50: <Capt_Crow> BEGIN
02:36:52: <EdraCrow> ::already in the conference room, pouring a large mug of raktajino::
02:37:15: <Capt_Crow> ::The Bridge is staffed by its normal skeleton crew who gave all of them strange looks when they showed up and proceeded into the room:::
02:38:05: <LtBrieJayde> ::Yawns, sipping hot chocolate, wishing she was still in bed. Steps into the conference room and curls up in a chair::
02:38:54: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: pads in wearing a leotard, leg warmers, and a pair of toe shoes slung over her shoulder::
02:39:09: <LtConstance> ::walking into the conference room wearing Hello Kitty lounge pants tennis shoes and a purple t shirt hair in a messy bun walking over pouring herself a mug of black coffee with cream and goes to sit down
02:40:32: <EdraCrow> ::raises a brow to the counselor:: did we interrupt your practice?
02:41:39: <Capt_Crow> :::Exits the lift, getting more looks, stops at the CR door, sets the security code and steps in:: Well good eve...morning.
02:41:41: <LtJG-Stepanova> Da. ::wipes the sweat from her brow:: This time of night, I can get most of the gym floor to myself.
02:42:21: <LtBrieJayde> ::Glances over to the captain as he comes in:: Middle of the night? Really?
02:42:36: <Capt_Crow> We need the element of surprise so to speak.
02:42:41: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: settles into a chair, draping the shoes over the back::
02:42:48: <LtConstance> " morning Cap " :: looking over at him::
02:42:57: <LtBrieJayde> ::Frowns and goes back to her hot chocolate::
02:43:23: <LtConstance> " element of suprise ?"
02:43:26: <EdraCrow> ::comes around the table to her usual seat, lowering herself into it::
02:43:28: <Capt_Crow> After spending a few days trying to piece together what happened on that mission we have a few details which are not looking very positive.
02:44:14: <Capt_Crow> First the men you encountered that we recovered. Two dead, and the one man killed himself in sickbay by ingesting a neuro-toxin.
02:44:23: <LtConstance> :: sighing::
02:44:44: <Capt_Crow> All three men have been identified and all three were part of Starfleet special forces.
02:45:06: <Capt_Crow> As official records read: Panel, Joseph-------KIA, 18 months ago Samani, Danal-------KIA, 2 years ago Keeter, Will-------KIA, 3 years ago.
02:45:37: <LtBrieJayde> ::Raises an eyebrow hearing the information::
02:46:06: <Capt_Crow> Obviously the reports of their demise have been greatly exaggerated.
02:46:48: <LtConstance> " I would say we brought one of them in alive"
02:47:00: <EdraCrow> ::frowns into her mug
02:47:04: <EdraCrow> ::
02:47:20: <LtJG-Stepanova> Dead over a year ago?
02:48:01: <LtConstance> " so we got sent Togo after our own?"
02:48:34: <LtBrieJayde> I doubt they expected us to run into those people.
02:48:47: <Capt_Crow> There is reason to believe that the groump you encountered may be compiled of men who have the books.
02:49:10: <LtBrieJayde> Meaning listed as KIA however long ago?
02:49:27: <Capt_Crow> Yes
02:49:36: <Capt_Crow> They've been at this awhile.
02:49:45: <Capt_Crow> The debriefing reports each of you did make it clear they had similar uniforms, followed a command structure etc.
02:50:18: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods::
02:50:18: <EdraCrow> And there's no reason to believe the others we couldn't catch aren't believed any different.
02:50:52: <Capt_Crow> So then we ask what was their motive.
02:51:10: <Capt_Crow> It took awhile and a lot of arm twisting to get some answers on what they took.
02:51:14: <Capt_Crow> And for good reason.
02:51:35: <Capt_Crow> and allow me to just give the standard warning that this does not leave this room.
02:52:05: <LtBrieJayde> :: Pulls the chair closer to the table and puts her drink down on it::
02:52:34: <Capt_Crow> They stole a prototype energy cannon which was being developed for a new Starfleet exploration division.
02:52:59: <Capt_Crow> (forgive the animation)
02:53:03: <Capt_Crow> ... 8757pi.jpg
02:53:54: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::whistles softly under her breath::
02:54:07: <Capt_Crow> Starfleet is interested in pushing past our local neighborhood so to speak and the boys in the white coats have developed this technology which more of less as it was told to me creates passageways in space and time.
02:54:26: <EdraCrow> ::listens to his words, having already heard it all once...::
02:54:33: <Capt_Crow> This was just the prototype. The kind which would be fitted onto a starship would be of course much larger
02:54:46: <LtBrieJayde> :: Sits back and raises an eyebrow::
02:54:46: <Capt_Crow> Wormholes on demand.
02:55:46: <Capt_Crow> I don't pretend to understand the X's and O's but this thing fires an energy beam which then opens up stable gateways.
02:55:58: <EdraCrow> ::doesn't like the news any better the second time around::
02:56:52: <LtBrieJayde> Even under the best circumstances..that'd be dangerous.
02:57:17: <Capt_Crow> To boldly go....
02:57:38: <Capt_Crow> but it's the last piece of intel that we know which is most concerning.
02:58:21: <Capt_Crow> The PADD you recovered was damaged and protected but we managed to peel a few bits of data out of it.
02:58:46: <LtConstance> ( sorry)
02:58:51: <Capt_Crow> Surveillance, schematics and the like of the Federation Headquarters in Paris.
02:58:56: <EdraCrow> <<duct tape her to the floor>>
02:59:26: <LtBrieJayde> Wait, Federation Headquarters in Paris? Wha..but why?
02:59:59: <Capt_Crow> Well that is the big question. What is the motive of this group, who are or were the best of the best that we had to handle our most dangerous enemies?
03:00:16: <Capt_Crow> But if you're wondering about how this appears to come together....
03:00:40: <Capt_Crow> ::hits a button, shows a holographic simulation of what would happen if the weapon were fired at the HQ::::
03:01:04: <Capt_Crow> :::turns it off once the building implosion is on its 3rd loop:::
03:01:34: <LtBrieJayde> :: Sits back in her chair, eyes staring at what was the simulation::
03:02:02: <LtConstance> :: looking at Simulation in disbelief:: " they still have this weapon
03:02:31: <Capt_Crow> yes, though we don't kno where they are.
03:02:56: <LtConstance> " so they could still do this"
03:03:07: <LtBrieJayde> Even with the prototype.
03:03:10: <Capt_Crow> What do you all remember about their leader you saw?
03:03:13: <LtJG-Stepanova> Da. They could.
03:04:14: <LtConstance> " he was tall about 6 foot I would guess"
03:05:16: <LtBrieJayde> Er...::Bites her lip::
03:05:38: <LtJG-Stepanova> I was...not near the front. I did not see him.
03:05:43: <Capt_Crow> How old would you say?
03:06:08: <LtConstance> " I would say around your age sir"
03:06:30: <EdraCrow> I didn't see him. One of the inhabitants on the station had been shot, and I was futilely attempting to help him.
03:07:03: <Capt_Crow> But the men you encountered followed his orders, even giving their lives for their mission.
03:07:14: <LtBrieJayde> Honestly I don't remember..but yes they did.
03:07:49: <LtConstance> Yes sir they did I remember the two that blocked the door at the base
03:08:26: <EdraCrow> :: she nodded::
03:09:00: <Capt_Crow> Well, any suggestions about our next step? Maybe finding out who this guy is.
03:09:26: <LtConstance> " couldn't see anyone's face thou masks were worn"
03:09:46: <LtBrieJayde> It'd take a lot of digging to even begin to find anything out.
03:10:07: <LtConstance> " finding out who this guy is where they are currently at"
03:11:36: <Capt_Crow> We've already altered the HQ so security will be beefed up.
03:11:42: <Capt_Crow> alerted*
03:12:09: <LtConstance> " ok "
03:12:26: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods::
03:13:12: <Capt_Crow> I'd like each of you to spend time and go through these. ::Sliding PADDs across the table::
03:13:37: <LtBrieJayde> ::Grabs the PADD as it got to her::
03:13:43: <Capt_Crow> They are pictures of every special forces member we've lost for a decade. If you think you remember seeing one of them, red flag them.
03:13:44: <LtJG-Stepanova> What about talking to the families? Those men might have reached out to their families.
03:13:49: <EdraCrow> Was there anything else on the PADD we brought back? any other part of their timeline?
03:14:17: <LtConstance> :: picking one of the Padds up as it gets to her looking at it::
03:14:28: <Capt_Crow> The HQ data and only one other thing, a file which was corrupted named Cordova.
03:14:37: <EdraCrow> :: takes the PADD he deals out::
03:14:41: <Capt_Crow> Nothing has turned up about that word yet.
03:15:23: <EdraCrow> Isn't that a town on Earth?
03:16:04: <LtBrieJayde> That does sound like a familiar name, even just off a town on Earth.
03:16:20: <Capt_Crow> Why would these guys have a file named after an old Texas rebellion?
03:17:04: <LtConstance> " not sure " :: looking over the data on the PADD
03:17:21: <LtBrieJayde> :: Shakes head::
03:18:10: <EdraCrow> ::raises a brow:: Texas?
03:18:35: <LtBrieJayde> :: Catches what Edra said and looks over::
03:19:03: <LtConstance> " aren't you from Texas sir"
03:19:10: <Capt_Crow> The Cordova Rebellion, when a conspiracy tried to overthrow the Republic of Texas.
03:19:13: <Capt_Crow> Well of course I...
03:19:25: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks to Henry::
03:19:54: <Capt_Crow> Coincedence.
03:20:10: <LtBrieJayde> :: Crosses her arms::
03:20:17: <Capt_Crow> They'd have no idea that a ship captained by someone from Texas would be showing up to get in their way when they took that weapon.
03:20:19: <EdraCrow> ::brow rises higher::
03:20:35: <LtBrieJayde> Do..we know that for sure?
03:20:37: <Capt_Crow> Or that we'd find a PADD with that file on it
03:21:07: <EdraCrow> Could it be someone you knew before being assigned here?
03:21:38: <LtConstance> " was you in Black Ops before be assigned to this ship sir perhaps a friend"
03:21:46: <Capt_Crow> .Possible, I knew a lot of folks. But again, they'd have no idea to expect us.
03:22:20: <LtBrieJayde> Unless they had some way of knowing. Hell if I know what it'd be but, it seems awful strange that the name comes up.
03:22:23: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: flips through the list of pictures:: Anyone in this file that you know?
03:23:10: <Capt_Crow> No I already went through it.
03:23:18: <EdraCrow> You know how much coincidences happen around here.
03:23:29: <LtConstance> :: looking thru the pics ::
03:23:30: <Capt_Crow> Okay let's say this was on purpose.
03:23:40: <Capt_Crow> Why would they be dropping hints?
03:24:06: <EdraCrow> Brag?
03:24:12: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods to Edra:: What she said.
03:24:24: <LtBrieJayde> Purposfully getting your attention?
03:25:11: <EdraCrow> Did you have any rivals in those days?
03:26:04: <Capt_Crow> So let's line up the hints.
03:26:18: <Capt_Crow> ::he looked at Edra, half shrugging::: A few.
03:28:10: <EdraCrow> Any good with bombs? ::remembering the last mission::
03:28:24: <EdraCrow> any of them good with bombs?*
03:28:30: <LtBrieJayde> :: Sighs and takes another sip of her hot chocolate:: We happen to end up with one non-corrupted file name from something referencing Texas is the big hint, at least to me it is.
03:29:32: <Capt_Crow> There was one guy who stands out, demolitions expert but he had his ticket punched a long time ago.
03:29:58: <LtConstance> Cordova was a Conspiracy right maybe this is a conspiracy of sorts
03:30:00: <LtBrieJayde> So did those guys that we found down there. But yet, we found them alive originally.
03:30:17: <EdraCrow> ::looks at Constance:: how so?
03:30:22: <Capt_Crow> I don't think I like your late night logic Brie.
03:31:02: <LtBrieJayde> ::Taps her head:: Pregnant brain and late night, not a good combination.
03:31:41: <LtConstance> :: looks at Edra :: " what if thses guys are black ops at all but a conspericy group poseing as thses men
03:31:48: <EdraCrow> ::grins at the others for once::
03:31:56: <LtConstance> " aren't "
03:32:16: <EdraCrow> ::looks to Henry to see if he thinks her theory is plausible::
03:32:45: <Capt_Crow> ::taps his own PADD:: I'm going to have the transporter room which received the explosive to be tested for a particular residue.
03:32:54: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::tucks her legs over the arm of her chair, shifting the PADD into her lap::
03:33:40: <LtBrieJayde> ::Raises an eyebrow::
03:34:20: <LtConstance> ::goes back to looking at the PADD
03:34:33: <Capt_Crow> The rebellion was over land and rights when Texas was being settled. The rebels believed they could no longer bear injuries and usurpations of their rights but asked that if they should fail that their families be left alone
03:35:33: <Capt_Crow> but they felt their government which was mainly controlled by outsiders...US citizens who had moved in, had corrupted what they had been promised.
03:37:58: <EdraCrow> ...So, you think these people feel the same way about the Federation?
03:38:07: <LtConstance> " maybe thses guys feel Starfleet has been corrupted somehow"
03:38:45: <LtBrieJayde> Could be possible.
03:40:17: <LtConstance> " it's just a theory"
03:40:35: <Capt_Crow> There was a third party, native indians who were part of it, aligning with a foriegn government to gain control.
03:40:44: <Capt_Crow> Let's hope it doesn't expand that far.
03:41:08: <LtJG-Stepanova> Perhaps that is why all of their deaths were faked. The men, were there any commonalities in their death?
03:41:49: <Capt_Crow> Classfied.
03:41:50: <LtConstance> :: looking thru the PADD::
03:42:30: <LtBrieJayde> ::Rolls her eyes at the classified statement and looks back to the PADD::
03:42:54: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: looks up from the PADD, raising an eyebrow:: Then, perhaps we should request for it to be un-classified, da? I mean, they died over a year after they...died.
03:43:08: <LtConstance> " typical Starfleet Answer"
03:43:38: <Capt_Crow> ::nods:: I'll make more calls.
03:44:03: <LtConstance> :: continues to read::
03:44:54: <Capt_Crow> Meanwhile we have a decision to make. Paris or not?
03:45:04: <EdraCrow> ::stands and walks around the table to get a few snacks before returning to her seat:: I think the tests on the explosives will point us in the right direction.
03:45:49: <LtBrieJayde> ::Glances back over to Henry:: Have their been any ships found on their way to Earth that shouldn't be? Even taking a round about route?
03:46:24: <Capt_Crow> Nothing unusual but that isn't to say they couldn't be cloaked or undercover.
03:46:44: <LtBrieJayde> :: Sighs but nods::
03:47:57: <LtConstance> " should we do a scan to find out"
03:48:56: <EdraCrow> ::thinks of something else:: Did the weapon have everything it needed to operate?
03:49:27: <Capt_Crow> Nobody said that it didn't but they didn't say so either.
03:49:40: <Capt_Crow> Alright...::stands:::
03:50:42: <Capt_Crow> Any thoughts or ideas you have, bring them to me or Edra. We'll hold position until we get more answers.
03:50:53: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: wiggles her bare toes as she looks back over the PADD::
03:51:05: <LtConstance> " they just got the pro type which means theirs a real weapon out their
03:51:21: <EdraCrow> ::watches him::
03:51:36: <LtBrieJayde> Prototype could be just as good as the real thing though. ::Nods to Henry and yawns::
03:52:22: <LtConstance> :: nods to the Captain goes back to her PADD::
03:54:19: <EdraCrow> ::yawns, trying to hide it::
03:54:45: <Capt_Crow> Dismissed, with my thanks for working late.
03:54:55: <LtConstance> :: takes another drink of her coffee ::
03:54:58: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: stretches her right leg, toes pointed towards the ceiling::
03:55:15: <LtConstance> "Sure thing sir "
03:55:15: <LtBrieJayde> :: Shakes her head and grabs the PADD, intending to head back to bed::
03:56:07: <LtConstance> :: grabbing her PADD heading back to bed herself::
03:57:49: <Capt_Crow> (END)
03:58:27: <LtConstance> " that was fun"
03:58:42: <LtBrieJayde> Middle of the night meetings...
03:58:46: <Capt_Crow> we've only begun down the rabbithole
03:58:53: <LtBrieJayde> Of course
03:58:59: <EdraCrow> lol
03:59:32: <LtConstance> You know I'm not realy the Alice type more the Mad Hatter
04:00:17: <LtBrieJayde> LOL
04:00:33: <Capt_Crow> alright ladies catch you next week
04:00:33: <EdraCrow> smh...
04:00:51: <LtConstance> Ok I'll be here
04:00:52: <LtBrieJayde> G'night all!
04:01:03: <LtConstance> Nite nite
04:01:05: <LtBrieJayde> Yes, I have the sim log ;)
04:01:10: <EdraCrow> g'night
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