Sim Log 01-18-17

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Sim Log 01-18-17

Postby Kris » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:59 pm

<Capt_Crow> AA
02:23:48: <EdraCrow> woohoo
02:23:52: <EdraCrow> ::AA::
02:23:53: <LtBrieJayde> ::AA::
02:24:28: <LtConstance> ::AA::
02:24:51: <Capt_Crow> When we left off, Millie was with Jackson, and everyone else was down the hall having just found the destroyed communications room with traces of....slaughter.
02:25:59: <EdraCrow> and I believe we just realized she was alone with him
02:26:15: <LtBrieJayde> Yeah, what Edra said
02:26:23: <Capt_Crow> questions?
02:26:29: <LtBrieJayde> None.
02:26:36: <LtConstance> None
02:26:52: <Capt_Crow> Begin
02:27:24: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::sets the soup on the table, looking around the dining hall::
02:27:51: <CdrECrow> <<ack...does Chance need to be here?>>
02:27:57: <LtBrieJayde> ((He was here before))
02:28:03: <jackson> (yea he was with them)
02:29:05: <jackson> ::glances at Millie:: Your friends shouldn't have left.
02:29:55: <CdrECrow> ::looks at those here:: Constance, you and I are gonna head back to the mess...get Millie and find out what's going on. Rest of you, see if you can get any information from this body...(bodies?)
02:30:07: <jackson> (pieces)
02:30:17: <LtBrieJayde> ::Glances over to Edra and nods::
02:30:18: <jackson> (ground into the control panel)
02:30:36: <LtConstance> :: leaving the communications room wondering if theirs any way of exploring this place further she waits for Edra::
02:30:55: <ChanceCrow> ::nods and turns back to the body with his tricorder::
02:31:01: <LtConstance> Excuse me CdrECrow
02:31:23: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: looks down the corridor:: Oh, I'm sure they haven't gone far.
02:31:29: <LtBrieJayde> ::Gets her stomach to settle a little and goes back into the room::
02:31:50: <CdrECrow> <<ah, right...not a whole body?...igh>>
02:32:08: <jackson> You don't understand. It's still here.
02:32:35: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::looks up:: What is?
02:32:52: <LtConstance> " not sure what's going on here mam'm I don't like it"
02:32:59: <jackson> ::he looked up at the ventilation ducts:: Death.
02:33:07: <CdrECrow> ::joins Constance and they begin walking quickly back to the mess:: What is it?
02:33:13: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks between Chance and Razot who were still there with her:: I don't like this.
02:33:59: <LtConstance> Just a really bad feeling
02:34:07: <CdrECrow> ::shakes her head:: I don't either, but I don't like the Counselor being alone with the only person on a base of a dead body.
02:34:27: <LtConstance> " right me either "
02:34:42: <LtRazot> Agreed. :: He said nodding:: I'll feel better once were back on the ship.
02:35:25: <LtBrieJayde> ::Goes back into the room and looks at the area, her stomach turning again::
02:35:31: <LtJG-Stepanova> Well, Death has never ceased to elude a-- ::stops herself, pausing::
02:35:31: <ChanceCrow> ::nods, scanning, then looks at Razot:: Is there any way to get a crew roster? I may be able to match someone to the dna here.
02:36:00: <LtJG-Stepanova> Wait...are you being serious?
02:36:09: <CdrECrow> ::cuts down one hallway, and then another::
02:36:18: <jackson> ::he looked back to her, his eyes blinking sideways:::
02:36:42: <LtBrieJayde> ((Brb, gotta get someone's bed with sheets on it))
02:36:57: <LtConstance> ::following behind:. " if their was only a way to explore this place better to get more clues"
02:37:01: <LtRazot> Well if we had contact with the ship. Or we can find a working terminal. ::Looking back to the coms room.:: If that's any indication we may be out of luck.
02:38:04: <CdrECrow> ::shakes her head:: no time for that. have your sidearm ready, but only shoot if you need to. I don't know what we're gonna find.
02:38:19: <CdrECrow> :: hurrying into a jog::
02:39:31: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::tilts her head slightly:: That is...rather intriguing. You'll have to pardon my curiosity, but you look entirely human.
02:39:34: <LtConstance> " already ready" :: jogging as well getting a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach::
02:39:50: <jackson> This facility was a place for experiments. Until it lost main power during an accident and two things escaped.
02:39:58: <LtBrieJayde> ((Back))
02:40:00: <jackson> Me...and it.
02:40:11: <ChanceCrow> ::looks at the remains, then around the room:: maybe we can find another room with working terminals...
02:40:46: <LtBrieJayde> ::Tries to remember all the rooms that were on their way here::
02:41:13: <jackson> It killed the staff here, and has been hunting me for weeks.
02:41:28: <jackson> I took this form hoping I could leave with you.
02:41:52: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::gives a gentle smile:: Took this form? Are you a shapeshifter?
02:42:12: <jackson> I can mimic what I touch.
02:42:41: <LtConstance> " I see Jackson and Millie dead ahead"
02:44:11: <CdrECrow> :: runs into the mess, looking around until she sees both of them. She holds her phaser up at Jackson:: Stop, and move away from her!
02:44:38: <jackson> ::turns to Edra::
02:44:43: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: doesn't budge, but holds a hand up to Edra::
02:44:45: <jackson> ::can't help but blink again::
02:45:15: <LtConstance> :: walks over to Milie to move her out of the way::
02:45:25: <LtBrieJayde> :: Steps out to the hallway, one for some air, but two to look at the doors to see if there was anywhere they could use::
02:45:48: <CdrECrow> :: reflexively blinks in return:: What...are you? ::sees Millie's gesture and holds the phaser down, but still ready to use it::
02:46:05: <jackson> That is a long story.
02:46:21: <LtBrieJayde> ::Pokes head back into the room to Razot and Chance:: Another room, down here.
02:46:29: <LtConstance> " well start talking"
02:46:44: <CdrECrow> Like what we found is a long story?
02:46:53: <jackson> You and your people must leave immediately before you're all killed like the others.
02:47:13: <LtConstance> " by who "
02:47:14: <LtJG-Stepanova> We are fine. We were just discussing what happened, weren't we? ::smiles at Jackson::
02:47:27: <jackson> The other experiment.
02:47:43: <CdrECrow> "other" experiment?
02:47:45: <LtConstance> " Experiment?"
02:48:00: <ChanceCrow> ::follows Brie:: Where?
02:48:28: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods out in the hallway, then points to the open door::
02:48:36: <LtRazot> One would think there would be terminals all over being a research facility.
02:49:10: <LtBrieJayde> I guess that's our next stop.
02:49:10: <jackson> :::he lowered his head as he revealed his true form, which looked very aquatic, the eyes on both sides of his head blinked sideways::
02:49:16: <ChanceCrow> ::nods toward the room with the flickering light:: Maybe there are some there.
02:50:09: <LtBrieJayde> ::Goes over to the room and peeks inside::
02:50:10: <LtConstance> " your part fish?"
02:50:13: <CdrECrow> ::blinked again:: You're the first?
02:50:21: <jackson> I don't know what I am, they never bothered to explain it.
02:50:51: <jackson> I am.
02:50:54: <ChanceCrow> Lieutenant, let us go first...
02:51:11: <LtJG-Stepanova> So, tell me what happened, when you escaped?
02:51:18: <LtBrieJayde> ::Backs away from the door once she sees who is in there:: Um..someone in there.
02:51:43: <ChanceCrow> ::sees the woman:: Oh...hello? ::takes a tentative step forward.::
02:51:45: <jackson> The power went out and the cells opened, in my case my tank, though I can survive without the water.
02:52:08: <LtRazot> ::Reading his phaser, he walked in a few paces behind chance::
02:52:27: <CdrECrow> ::nods:: Is really Jackson your name?
02:52:37: <CdrECrow> Is Jackson really your name?
02:52:59: <jackson> No, Jackson was the Commander of this facility
02:53:14: <LtBrieJayde> ::Brings up the rear::
02:53:29: <ChanceCrow> Um, Ma'am...::hopes he's right on that, and slowly takes a few steps more, reaching with one hand:: Are you okay?
02:53:29: <LtConstance> " so was you experimented on?"
02:54:00: <jackson> I was created here. At least I think so, I have no other memories before this place.
02:54:18: <CdrECrow> Do you have a name?
02:54:24: <LtConstance> " what happen you everyone else?"
02:55:03: <jackson> It killed them.
02:55:11: <jackson> No, they never gave me one.
02:55:12: <LtBrieJayde> ::Jumps back::
02:55:28: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: smiles:: What would you like to be called?
02:55:31: <ChanceCrow> ::eyes widen and he backed up quickly...:: go...go!...GO!...::TO THE OTHERS::
02:55:39: <ChanceCrow> ::to the others::
02:55:50: <jackson> I do not know, no one has ever asked me that.
02:55:52: <LtConstance> " what is this other experiment you was talking about?"
02:55:55: <LtBrieJayde> ::Goes back out of the room, waiting for the other two::
02:56:22: <jackson> Woman> ::begins advancing on them quickly picking up speed as claws push out of her hands, long and sharp:::
02:56:35: <ChanceCrow> ::looks to Constance:: whatever did what we saw to the rest of the crew...
02:56:39: <LtRazot> ::Pulling his phaser up he shot the creature:: Well now, that looks to have pissed it off... RUN!!!
02:56:54: <LtBrieJayde> Get that door closed!
02:57:30: <ChanceCrow> ::turns, pushing Brie out::! Back to the Mess.
02:57:34: <LtConstance> ::nods::
02:57:36: <jackson> It's a monster, though I know how that sounds coming from me. It killed the staff.
02:58:14: <ChanceCrow> ::looks to Millie:: You're alright?
02:58:18: <jackson> Woman> :::slams into the door, again and again:::
02:58:19: <LtBrieJayde> ::Runs back and heads towards the mess::
02:58:31: <LtJG-Stepanova> You are not a monster, by any stretch. You have been quite cordial to us.
02:58:47: <ChanceCrow> <<whoops>>
02:58:57: <CdrECrow> ::to Millie:: You're alright?
02:59:03: <LtConstance> " what did it look like Jackson?"
02:59:26: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: gives a gentle nod to Edra, turning her attention back to Jackson::
02:59:44: <jackson> Long sharp claws, many teeth.
02:59:54: <jackson> It mimics too.
03:00:10: <LtRazot> ::Turning the settings on his phaser to max:: Chance go with Brie and get to the mess. I'll hold it off and follow behind you.
03:00:20: <jackson> If it becomes one of you and is taken to your ship, all of them will die.
03:00:33: <LtBrieJayde> Don't you even think about it, Razot! Come on!
03:00:59: <ChanceCrow> ::trying to hold the door closed...nods at Razot's suggestion:: You ready? ::holding until he says::
03:01:00: <jackson> Woman> ::pushes the door open enough to get a wild claw out, lashing out as more teeth sprout::
03:01:05: <LtConstance> How do we know if it is one of us or not
03:01:16: <jackson> You do not until it attacks.
03:01:34: <jackson> It's impervious to your weapons, they tried that.
03:01:35: <LtRazot> :: Gripping the door tightly:: I got it. You both go. I'll count to 10 and take off myself
03:01:36: <CdrECrow> ::raises a brow::
03:01:37: <LtConstance> " great "
03:01:57: <LtBrieJayde> :: Swears under her breath at Razot but takes off::
03:02:06: <ChanceCrow> :: nods and takes off, taking Brie with him:: c'mon!
03:02:15: <jackson> It doesn't seem to like the cold though.
03:02:28: <LtConstance> " can't blow it up without taking everything else out with it
03:02:36: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::quirks an eyebrow:: That can be helpful.
03:02:54: <jackson> Woman> :::her clawed hand for just a moment caught hold of Razot's arm::::
03:03:08: <LtRazot> And it smells funny... :: Looking up to see the claw:: Why can't anything NORMAL ever happen to us.. No it's alway's freaks..
03:03:08: <LtConstance> Yes verry helpful
03:03:17: <jackson> You must do so. ::to constance::
03:03:27: <jackson> When you escape...if you escape you must destroy this place.
03:04:10: <CdrECrow> :: appreciative of the information, but realizes 1: this guy shape shifts too, and 2: there's no one to confirm what he's saying::
03:04:24: <LtRazot> :: PUlling back:: Let go. ::He said and firing his phaser and taking off running down the hall.
03:04:48: <LtBrieJayde> ::Keeps running, knowing if she looked back, she'd stop to let Razot catch up::
03:04:51: <jackson> Woman> :::the door busted open and it gave chase::
03:04:51: <LtConstance> But if it responds to cold that may work to
03:05:34: <ChanceCrow> ::sees the doors to the Mess ahead:: keep going!
03:06:21: <LtBrieJayde> ::Spots the door and rushes towards it::
03:06:53: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::hears the yelling from the hall, and looks up::
03:07:05: <LtRazot> :: Stops for a moment and fires a few more shots into the creature. Jaw dropping when he noticed it didn't do anything to it:: Wow, ok :::He mumbled and took off running again.
03:07:31: <jackson> Woman> :::falls behind thanks to some debris::
03:07:45: <LtBrieJayde> :: Stops once she is in the room, catching her breath::
03:07:56: <jackson> :::tuns to look at them::: You're missing one.
03:08:06: <CdrECrow> ::turns at the noise, and sees them:: What happened?
03:08:08: <LtConstance> ::hearing the same yelling she moves out of Brie and Chances way ::
03:08:30: <LtBrieJayde> He..he's coming ::Looks to Jackson::
03:08:56: <jackson> ::side blinking::
03:08:57: <ChanceCrow> Razot is catching up...he was gonna shoot it while we got away
03:09:14: <LtRazot> ::Yells:: ****! :: Taking a moment to look around :: Crap i knew i should have paid more attention to the layout of this place. ::Turning another corridor and taking off running again::
03:09:28: <LtConstance> Messing with the setting on her Phaser turning it into cold blast not hot
03:09:35: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks back down the way they had come in:: Where is he?
03:09:42: <ChanceCrow> ::looks around:: We may need to barricade the doors if he wasn't able to kill her outright
03:09:57: <LtJG-Stepanova> The cold! It doesn't like the cold!
03:10:05: <jackson> Woman> ::takes a side corridor, coming out ahead:::
03:10:28: <LtConstance> I don't know how but I reversed my phaser to shoot cold instead of warm
03:10:37: <CdrECrow> The thing that did this is a she?
03:10:53: <LtBrieJayde> That's what we saw. Lots of teeth and claws too.
03:11:10: <LtConstance> That's probably the form it took
03:11:23: <jackson> Razot> ::Finally arrives, panting, pointing to the door, out of breath::
03:11:29: <ChanceCrow> :: nods to Brie's statement:: It started out as a woman, but turned into something else entirely.
03:11:40: <LtRazot> ::Skidding to a stop:: Wrong Way! :: he turned another corridor and dodged into a room to hide before it saw where he went. :
03:11:43: <LtBrieJayde> :: Pulls Razot away from the door:: I think I agree with the barricade.
03:11:47: <ChanceCrow> ::looks at Razot:: did you kill it?
03:12:00: <jackson> Razot> :::shakes his head:::
03:12:10: <LtBrieJayde> (Bit behind, Razot LOL)
03:12:16: <LtConstance> " I think I can kill it"
03:12:18: <LtRazot> ::Not hearing anything he scanned the area and found where the mess was and headed that way full sprint.::
03:12:19: <ChanceCrow> <<no he's not>>
03:12:29: <LtBrieJayde> (Oh crap, sorry!)
03:12:45: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sighs::
03:12:50: <jackson> You must find a way to get to your ship.
03:12:58: <LtBrieJayde> ((Hubby turned on batman, I got distracted))
03:13:04: <jackson> Razot> :::stands tall:: I'm okay.
03:13:25: <LtBrieJayde> ::Watches Razot for a moment::
03:13:36: <ChanceCrow> Can we block the door with something? :: looks around, wondering if any of the kitchen equipment is movable::
03:13:48: <LtRazot> ::Arriving at the mess he burst through the door slamming it behind him:: Whew i think I lost it. .:: He said holding his side trying to catch his breath::
03:13:53: <jackson> ::nods:: The table isn't bolted down.
03:14:10: <jackson> :::side blink at Razot::
03:14:14: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks between the two Razots now, backing away from the one she was near, confused::
03:14:20: <jackson> ::Then looks to "Razot":::
03:14:23: <ChanceCrow> ::looks up to see Razot run in and stares at him::
03:14:38: <CdrECrow> ::blinks::
03:14:44: <jackson> Razot> It grabbed me when I was holding the door.
03:14:50: <LtRazot> ::Finally looking up :: Chance, you and Brie make it....
03:14:57: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::sets the soup on the floor, and suddenly stops:: There...there are two of them.
03:15:06: <LtBrieJayde> ::Keeps backing away:: I..I don't get it..
03:15:09: <LtRazot> Grabbed you? It grabbed me! Who are you?
03:15:11: <jackson> it. One is your friend.
03:15:12: <CdrECrow> :: looks at the first Razot::
03:15:30: <jackson> I lost my weapon, someone shoot it.
03:15:34: <jackson> Razot>
03:15:53: <CdrECrow> ::silently looks at Chance, and glances down at his hand then meaningfully back at him::
03:15:55: <LtRazot> :: Pulling his phaser up and aiming it at his duplicate::
03:16:26: <CdrECrow> ::pulls her phaser at the second Razot:: Stop!
03:16:28: <LtConstance> Pulling her phaser fireing it at the dopliganger
03:16:31: <jackson> Razot> It found it! ::moves to the group::
03:16:39: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks between the two of them, trying to figure out which is which::
03:16:40: <jackson> (which?)
03:17:06: <LtJG-Stepanova> The cold...get them near a wall!
03:17:10: <LtRazot> :: Looking over to Edra:: Shapshifters now? Thought they went back to the Gamma Quadrent.
03:17:35: <Capt_Crow> Razot> I'm not getting near this thing again.
03:17:45: <CdrECrow> <<constance...which one did you shoot, the first one to come in or the second?...they look exactly alike>>
03:18:18: <LtConstance> ( second but I fixed my phaser so it shoots cold)
03:18:26: <ChanceCrow> ::nods and grabs his tricorder, out of line of sight of either Razot, and scans both of them::
03:18:48: <LtBrieJayde> :: Still looking between them::
03:19:04: <LtRazot> Chance, since we both have the same story and so you don't think i'm some mad hungry shapeshifter take my phaser. :: He tossed his phaser to chance::
03:19:25: <Capt_Crow> (okay so she shoots at the real razot:::
03:19:27: <Capt_Crow> )
03:19:35: <ChanceCrow> ::scans both again::
03:20:04: <Capt_Crow> Razot> ::looks at Brie::
03:20:20: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks at 'Razot' ::
03:20:22: <LtRazot> Hey now! What's wrong with you?
03:20:40: <LtRazot> Don't much care for the cold!
03:20:45: <LtConstance> " sorry thought you was the double"
03:20:55: <ChanceCrow> :: looks back at his mother...and shrugs:: Scans don't show a difference...
03:21:27: <Capt_Crow> Razot> ::smiles, before that smile is interupted by the face splitting in half as it grabs her arm pulling her in:::
03:21:37: <CdrECrow> ::to Constance:: We don't know if he is the double or not...
03:21:45: <LtBrieJayde> :: Gasps and tries to pull away::
03:21:46: <CdrECrow> We don't know which is which...
03:21:57: <CdrECrow> <<NM>>
03:22:09: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::runs forward and grabs Brie's other arm::
03:22:19: <CdrECrow> ::fires at the bucket of teeth::
03:22:21: <LtBrieJayde> Let me go!!
03:22:23: <LtRazot> :: He hurtled accross the room and rammed the creature pushing it away from Brie::
03:22:55: <Capt_Crow> :::moves in, and once Brie is clear, rams the creature into the wall which causes it to squeel and frostburn against the cold wall:::: Go!
03:23:09: <LtConstance> " shooting the creature to get it away from Brie to
03:23:21: <CdrECrow> <<I think that was supposed to be Jackson>>
03:23:24: <LtConstance> ( scratch mine)
03:23:32: <jackson> (ya)
03:23:33: <LtBrieJayde> ::Grabs for the real Razot once she's clear::
03:24:24: <jackson> Creature> :::tentacles begin to sprout, claws erupting as it flails::
03:24:27: <CdrECrow> ::runs for the door:: Let's get back to where we beamed to...see if we can get in touch with the ship
03:24:48: <Capt_Crow> :::HIGH ABOVE THE STORM DIMINISHES:::
03:24:59: <LtRazot> :: PUlling his tricorder:: The storm's have let up
03:25:14: <LtBrieJayde> Then let's get out of here, come on! :: Pulls him along::
03:25:15: <LtConstance> " yes Mam'm " :: running for the door::
03:25:46: <LtRazot> You all go. I'll be last out of the room.:: He said taking his phaser back from Chance and setting it to cold::
03:25:57: <LtConstance> :: helping Brie with Jackson::
03:26:24: <LtBrieJayde> ::Grabs Razot:: You aren't staying behind this time.
03:26:26: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::runs after the others::
03:26:28: <jackson> :::pinning it against the wall to let them go:::
03:26:50: <CdrECrow> ::rounding up the others:: Let's go! Now!
03:27:07: <Capt_Crow> +Edra+ Sorry about that, the storm played hell with the transporters. You guys ready to come back?
03:27:11: <LtConstance> " on my way"
03:27:23: <LtRazot> Everyone accounted for? Let's get off this hell hole.
03:27:24: <LtConstance> " yes"
03:27:27: <CdrECrow> +Mercutio+ Beam us out, now!
03:27:39: <Capt_Crow> ::he didn't like her tone, and nodded to the OPS:::
03:27:56: <Capt_Crow> :::THE AT IS BEAMED BACK ABOARD:::::
03:28:19: <LtBrieJayde> ::Wraps Razot in a hug once they were back on board, now the she was sure it was him::
03:28:39: <LtConstance> Shimmering back onto the ship so glad to be back
03:28:40: <CdrECrow> ::sees the transporter room fade in, and immediately looks around counting everyone::
03:28:43: <LtRazot> Careful i might split in two and try to eat you! ::he said with a wink::
03:28:55: <LtBrieJayde> :: Smacks him on the arm:: Not funny.
03:29:00: <CdrECrow> :: cocks a brow at Razot:: Don't joke...
03:29:34: <ChanceCrow> ::claps Razot on the shoulder...:: too soon, dude. ::chuckles::
03:29:59: <LtRazot> Don't joke she say's. Least you weren't close enough to smell that things breath! When it grabbed me, I thought a garbbage ship came drifting by.
03:30:07: <CdrECrow> +Henry+ Everyone is on board...
03:30:07: <Capt_Crow> ::Enters the transporter room, making his way to Edra:: What happened down there?
03:30:21: <LtBrieJayde> It still isn't funny. I couldn't tell which was the real you.
03:30:24: <LtJG-Stepanova> ((Jackson?))
03:30:36: <LtConstance> ::stepping off the platform glad to be back on the Merc ::
03:30:44: <Capt_Crow> (both things are still down there)
03:30:59: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::looks around:: Where is Jackson?
03:31:09: <CdrECrow> :: grins, seeing him just after her message:: a couple shape-shifter did the whole crew in, the other helped us get out
03:31:22: <LtBrieJayde> He kept that thing pinned so we could get away.
03:31:46: <Capt_Crow> What?!
03:31:49: <LtConstance> " I think he stayed to keep that thing pinned so we could get away"
03:32:26: <LtConstance> " they did experiments on that station
03:32:58: <CdrECrow> We need to destroy the station to kill it.
03:33:21: <Capt_Crow> We can't just blow up a classified starfleet installation.
03:33:43: <LtBrieJayde> Either that or that thing lives there and keeps pulling the same stunt.
03:33:51: <LtRazot> ::Looking at a console of explosive ordence they had:: Sure we could Sir! We have the firepower.
03:34:25: <CdrECrow> ::nods at Brie's statement:: The shapeshifter that helped us said it was the only way to get rid of it
03:35:01: <LtConstance> We would have to use cold thou it won't respond to anything else
03:35:10: <Capt_Crow> Are you sure that there are no other crew down there?
03:35:16: <CdrECrow> space will be cold enough
03:35:24: <LtBrieJayde> Place is empty besides those two.
03:35:27: <CdrECrow> Positive
03:35:46: <LtRazot> We have a few bombs that could turn the place into one giant popcicle.
03:35:46: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::sighs softly::
03:36:04: <LtRazot> Ment to be used for science. but can be modified for this
03:36:14: <Capt_Crow> +Tactical+ I know how this is going to sound. Target the outpost with a full spread of photon torpedoes and fire when ready. I want every building breeched.
03:36:24: <LtRazot> :: Looking around and turns back to his console he was looking at::
03:36:26: <Capt_Crow> ::a moment later the confused officer reports its done:::
03:36:50: <LtBrieJayde> Whoever is at my normal station probably is so confused by that order...
03:36:59: <Capt_Crow> If it doesnt like cold it wont have anywhere to stay warm now.
03:37:04: <CdrECrow> ::nods::
03:37:28: <Capt_Crow> Are all of you alright?
03:37:46: <LtBrieJayde> ::Leans head against Razot's arm and nods::
03:37:49: <CdrECrow> ::looks at the others::
03:38:18: <LtJG-Stepanova> He was rather sweet.
03:38:22: <ChanceCrow> It got a hold of Razot, and two should be checked out, just to be sure.
03:38:42: <LtConstance> :: silently nods yes:: she goes to her department
03:39:08: <LtRazot> Oh so We go from one crature that touches us and takes our shape to another that wants to probe us?
03:39:22: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods:: I won't argue. ::Elbows Razot:: You're coming too.
03:39:44: <ChanceCrow> Don't worry, we'll make sure it's gentle
03:39:53: <Capt_Crow> ::Shakes his head:: :
03:40:19: <CdrECrow> ::sighs:: Go, the three of you...
03:40:57: <ChanceCrow> ::nods:: I'll see you two there, b/c I know she'll make sure of it. ::points to Brie::
03:40:59: <LtRazot> ::Standing up from the console:: Lead on Doc. I'm a man, I can take the probing. Just a...... Careful with the ears.
03:41:15: <ChanceCrow> :: chuckles::
03:41:25: <Capt_Crow> (END)
03:41:31: <LtConstance> ::rolling her eyes she heads out of the transporter room back to the armory felling little ticked but not showing it::
03:41:36: <CdrECrow> woohoo!
03:41:47: <Capt_Crow> about damn time we finished this
03:41:55: <LtConstance> Yeah
03:42:00: <LtBrieJayde> Weird creatures that can't stand cold. And can copy/shape shift.
03:42:21: <LtRazot> Shoot me with a cold gun again i'll shove my boot up your ass.
03:42:35: <CdrECrow> hazard of the job
03:42:35: <LtConstance> Sounds like something out of a Creepy Pasta
03:42:51: <Capt_Crow> I think I may have already given it away but any guesses as to what I blatantly stole the plot from more or less?
03:43:14: <LtRazot> I honestly have no idea
03:43:14: <LtConstance> Sorry I thought you were the cop Razor
03:43:22: <LtBrieJayde> I got no ideas either
03:43:28: <LtConstance> Razot at least it was cold
03:43:35: <LtRazot> That is true
03:43:37: <Capt_Crow> ... er_011.jpg
03:43:45: <CdrECrow> I feel like it's in there somewhere, but I can't think of it
03:43:50: <LtRazot> AHH
03:43:55: <LtRazot> Forgot about that movie
03:43:59: <Capt_Crow> a GREAT scifi movie
03:44:01: <LtBrieJayde> I..have never seen it..
03:44:05: <CdrECrow> oh...nm
03:44:05: <LtRazot> Very much so
03:44:14: <LtConstance> Aliens
03:44:15: <LtRazot> :O You need to!
03:44:28: <Capt_Crow> special effects for early 80s are phenomenal
03:45:00: <Capt_Crow> okay folks next week actually something new
03:45:20: <LtRazot> WOOT
03:45:22: <LtRazot> I tell ya though
03:45:22: <CdrECrow> ooooh
03:45:25: <LtConstance> Ok sounds good
03:45:31: <LtRazot> that month on pause... My muscles were starting to hurt.
03:45:37: <LtRazot> not moving that long.... ugh
03:45:39: <LtBrieJayde> ha!
03:45:48: <LtConstance> Lol lol
03:45:54: <LtRazot> OH
03:45:56: <LtRazot> captain
03:46:10: <CdrECrow> my captain?
03:46:15: <Capt_Crow> ....
03:46:21: <LtRazot> Giggity
03:46:24: <LtBrieJayde> :: Smirks::
03:46:27: <LtRazot> Brie and I have something to ask
03:46:29: <CdrECrow> lol
03:46:30: <LtRazot> Go head Brie
03:46:35: <CdrECrow> :o
03:46:42: <LtBrieJayde> No, you brought it up!
03:47:16: <LtRazot> Well now that Brie's character is knocked up, We'd like to get married before the baby is here.
03:47:32: <LtJG-Stepanova> :-)
03:47:38: <Capt_Crow> ferengi shotgun wedding
03:47:43: <LtBrieJayde> LOL
03:47:53: <LtRazot> With added Klingon Pain sticks.
03:47:54: <CdrECrow> hehe
03:47:57: <Capt_Crow> how soon are we booking this?
03:47:59: <CdrECrow> oh my
03:48:03: <LtBrieJayde> No pain sticks :-P
03:48:08: <LtRazot> That's up to the misses
03:48:08: <CdrECrow> talk about giggety
03:48:11: <LtConstance> Lol lol
03:48:17: <LtBrieJayde> Whenever it fits into stuff
03:48:25: <Capt_Crow> the calendar is open
03:48:39: <Capt_Crow> when I promised new stuff next week **** i I know what is it yet
03:48:45: <LtBrieJayde> LOL
03:49:10: <LtRazot> lmao
03:49:13: <LtBrieJayde> I guess my general question is then, since we had that month between stuff, how long has it been since the whole DeWitt debacle thing?
03:49:17: <CdrECrow> smh
03:49:22: <Capt_Crow> hmmm
03:49:29: <CdrECrow> not long enough
03:49:33: <LtBrieJayde> lol
03:49:47: <Capt_Crow> I'd say we've been back on the job....2 months?
03:50:11: <LtBrieJayde> Okay. Trying to time stuff ;)
03:50:19: <Capt_Crow> contractions?
03:50:26: <LtRazot> WHOA HEY NOW
03:50:28: <LtRazot> not yet
03:50:29: <LtBrieJayde> But whenever you want to fit it in I think works with us, just give us advance notice.
03:50:33: <LtJG-Stepanova> haha
03:50:35: <LtBrieJayde> And no! LOL
03:50:43: <Capt_Crow> so no wedding next week?
03:50:47: <CdrECrow> *snort*
03:51:01: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks to Razot:: That's up to him :-P
03:51:10: <LtRazot> Wedding invaded by a nebula
03:51:15: <LtBrieJayde> ::Gasps::
03:51:21: <CdrECrow> it wouldn't surprise me
03:51:26: <CdrECrow> ...on this ship
03:51:28: <Capt_Crow> I can neither confirm nor deny the use of a nebula
03:51:34: <LtRazot> Wouldn't mind starting that off on the right foot... Get hitched and attacked by the same thing that attacked us when i joined this crew day one
03:51:48: <LtBrieJayde> Hahaha
03:52:08: <LtBrieJayde> I just gotta know if I'm planning on that being next week or not :-P
03:52:11: <LtConstance> Lol lol
03:52:24: <LtRazot> If it is next week i need to make sure i'm here lol
03:52:27: <LtRazot> nothing like missing your own wedding
03:52:33: <Capt_Crow> that is generally important
03:52:45: <Capt_Crow> though missing the honeymoon is worse
03:52:52: <LtBrieJayde> Ha!
03:53:00: <LtRazot> True
03:53:04: <LtRazot> We have plans on that one ;)
03:53:15: <LtBrieJayde> ::Thinks:: Oh yeah!
03:53:46: <LtBrieJayde> I mean, hell, if you don't have an official plan next week, then ::Shrug:: What you think, Razot?
03:54:01: <EdraCrow> do eet, doo eet!
03:54:12: <LtRazot> Ok one random thought... Hes dead... But we've had people come back from the dead before.... The Drama is gonna hit the cieling if Teelor ever comes back
03:54:21: <LtRazot> Let's do it
03:54:37: <LtRazot> Stepanova..... We will need your services BADLY if that ever happened
03:54:45: <Capt_Crow> been there
03:54:46: <LtBrieJayde> That is true.
03:54:46: <LtJG-Stepanova> Hahahaha
03:55:00: <LtJG-Stepanova> Y'all are screwed up enough already.
03:55:03: <LtBrieJayde> Per his real life brother it'll be years before he can even think about simming again.
03:55:22: <Capt_Crow> I never got the story on that
03:55:25: <LtRazot> My old assistant chief that i butted heads with dies i hook up with his girl and knock her up and now getting married.... yea.... drama
03:55:30: <EdraCrow> she definitely has job security here
03:55:45: <Capt_Crow> why is he so adverse to simming?
03:55:55: <LtRazot> Years?
03:55:58: <LtBrieJayde> It isn't that, it's real life stuff going on from what I understood
03:56:04: <Capt_Crow> oh
03:56:11: <LtBrieJayde> Haven't heard much beyond that.
03:56:21: <Capt_Crow> well mazel tov, next week is a wedding
03:56:32: <Capt_Crow> beyond that everyone is dismissed
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