Sim Log 11-2-16

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Sim Log 11-2-16

Postby Kris » Mon Nov 14, 2016 10:31 pm

<Cmdr_Crow> okay AA
01:21:03: <LtBrieJayde> ::AA::
01:21:05: <LtConstance> ::AA::
01:21:05: <LtRazot> AA
01:21:06: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::AA::
01:21:08: <caressa> aa
01:21:10: <ChanceCrow> ::AA::
01:21:27: <Cmdr_Crow> I'll let tonight's director set us up
01:22:04: <Dewitt> Good evening, All...I hope you're having a good week.
01:22:45: <Dewitt> well...alright then
01:23:10: <LtConstance> Week hasn't been to bad sir
01:23:32: <caressa> oh god
01:23:40: <LtJG-Stepanova> ((I have 2 IEP meetings tomorrow, and one friday. not a good week))
01:23:55: <LtRazot> ((I'm a zombie. been working 3am-4pm sometimes 5 or 6 pm.))
01:24:21: <LtConstance> ( I've been fighting with a back injury all week)
01:24:45: <Dewitt> I'm well aware that morale hasn't been as high as I'd like to see, so on that note, everyone is invited to a ball being held in Holodeck 2.
01:25:23: <LtRazot> Required or optional?
01:25:38: <Dewitt> It's a dress-up deal, so get all dolled up, and join us there...
01:25:49: <Dewitt> O.o Required...
01:26:30: <LtBrieJayde> Not going to join me there, Razot?
01:26:34: <LtRazot> Then wouldn't that be "Required to attend" instead of "invited"? lol
01:26:34: <Dewitt> any other questions?
01:26:46: <LtConstance> I like getting dolled up
01:26:54: <LtBrieJayde> Show the outfits we are wearing?
01:26:56: <LtConstance> None here
01:27:12: <Dewitt> if you want
01:27:36: <LtBrieJayde> I'll give the showing of what 'dolled up' means, seeing as I kinda knew what was coming...
01:27:42: <LtBrieJayde> ... f07374.jpg
01:27:47: <Dewitt> ::turns to the Commander:: Would you get us started, please?
01:27:50: <LtBrieJayde> (I think click the picture for it to load)
01:27:56: <Cmdr_Crow> Begin
01:29:00: <caressa> (didn't work)
01:29:09: <LtBrieJayde> (Weird...)
01:29:20: <LtBrieJayde> (Mine shows on the side when I click on it)
01:29:28: <LtRazot> (Showed up for me when i clicked it)
01:29:53: <Dewitt> ::already on the holodeck, with a half-lit setting, Chandeliers hanging from tall ceilings, and soft lighting on the walls...long veil-like drapes hanging between each light.::
01:30:21: <LtBrieJayde> ::Gets to the holodeck, arm wrapped around Razot's arm as they come in:: He did say get dolled up I guess, right?
01:30:28: <LtJG-Stepanova>
01:30:30: <Cmdr_Crow> :::Hanging near the back, in dress uniform, would rather be anywhere but here::::
01:31:03: <caressa> ... ryId=PDPZ2
01:31:15: <caressa> ::makes her entrance::
01:31:44: <caressa> ::looking for the alcohol thought she would need it::
01:32:47: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::slowly steps onto the holodeck, smiling as she looked around::
01:33:35: <LtRazot> ::Adjusting his dress uniform:: I guess. So why are we here again?
01:33:41: <caressa> ( I want this dress for a work party)
01:33:52: <Dewitt> <<it's a great dress>>
01:34:02: <LtConstance> ... 450&h=600&
01:34:20: <LtBrieJayde> Get away from being on duty? ::Shrugs:: And drinking chances.
01:35:02: <LtConstance> ... mal%2Bball%
01:35:08: <Dewitt> ::approaches the Counselor:: Ms. Stepanova, how are you this evening?
01:35:24: <LtConstance> ( can't get my link to work)
01:35:29: <caressa> ::heads to the bar::
01:35:37: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::gives a polite smile and nod:: Well, sir. And yourself?
01:35:47: <LtBrieJayde> ::Kisses Razot's cheek:: Come on, let's find something to drink.
01:35:48: <caressa> Tequilla straight up no training wheels please.
01:36:08: <ChanceCrow> ::Passes Brie and Razot with a drink in his hand:: Did I hear my name called?
01:36:14: <LtConstance> ... esses.html
01:36:27: <caressa> Oh and make it a double! :: to the tender::
01:36:29: <LtBrieJayde> :: Smirks at Chance::
01:37:00: <LtConstance> ... esses.html
01:37:14: <LtConstance> The lime green one is mine
01:37:15: <Cmdr_Crow> :::He noted everyone who was in attendance, at least he wouldn't have to track them down per his earlier orders:::
01:37:30: <Dewitt> Bartender>> Yes, Ma'am. :: looks her up and down::
01:38:21: <caressa> Really? Please just give me the drink. ::men where not on her social calendar, at least not the one she wanted::
01:38:27: <LtConstance> ::entering the room her hair in a updo green scarf breaded into her hair looking around the room walking over to the bar::
01:38:28: <LtBrieJayde> Anything interesting happening yet, Chance?
01:38:44: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> :: pours the drink as asked, and hands it to her with a smile::
01:39:37: <Dewitt> :: nods:: I'm outstanding.
01:39:44: <caressa> Thanks ::smiled, and downs it in one lift of the elbow:: Now just one more for me to carry around please.
01:40:09: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::smiles:: I am glad that the crew will get a chance to unwind a bit.
01:40:31: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> :: raises a brow, and pours another:: Impressive.
01:40:54: <caressa> Thank you again.
01:41:28: <LtConstance> ::walking over to the bartender waiting her turn::
01:41:29: <LtRazot> ::Finally deciding what he wanted to drink:: Bartender, Romulan ale please.
01:41:30: <Dewitt> :: smiles in return with another nod:: Precisely my intention. I think we could all stand a little down time.
01:41:35: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks at the barkeep:: Martini please.
01:41:38: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> ::nods::
01:41:57: <caressa> ::takes her drink and finds a quiet corner::
01:43:04: <LtBrieJayde> ::Lays a head on Razot's shoulder as they wait:: Not sure why he said it had to be so dressy.
01:43:05: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> ::nods to the couple, pouring one Romulan ale, and concocting a colorful martini for the lady. looks at the Ferengi:: Lucky night for you, eh?
01:43:51: <LtConstance> Could I have a Romulian ale as well
01:44:07: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: gives another nod:: If you'll excuse me...I'm going to go make sure everyone is actually taking the down time.
01:44:12: <Cmdr_Crow> ::finds a table in corner, keeping his back to the wall:::
01:44:21: <LtRazot> ::Looking up at the barkeep:: Lucky night, lucky day, lucky week! Keep the drinks coming ::He said and downed the glass of ale::
01:44:24: <ChanceCrow> ::strolls around, people watching, until he wandered to the back of the room where his dad was standing:: So...this is interesting...
01:44:41: <LtBrieJayde> :: Shakes her head and sips her martini::
01:45:06: <Dewitt> ::nods to Millie:: Indeed. Enjoy the evening for yourself as well, Counselor.
01:45:36: <Cmdr_Crow> ::looks at Chance:: Not exactly my choice of words.
01:45:42: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> ::smiles at Constance:: Coming right up, for the lady no one could miss tonight. ::winks at her::
01:46:23: <ChanceCrow> Well, there was supposed to be sarcasm laced in that...:: sideways glance::
01:46:46: <LtConstance> Laughing " I thought it would be unique just wish Haydon was with me tonight"
01:47:18: <Cmdr_Crow> Dont mind me, I'm about a million miles from here.
01:48:02: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> Well, if you need some company, feel free to hang around. ::hands her her drink::
01:48:11: <LtBrieJayde> I wonder if the admiral knows people are just going to drink tonight..
01:48:19: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: steps up to the bar:: Where is he, anyway?
01:48:33: <caressa> ::watching the crowd people watching::
01:48:38: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> :: pouring another for Razot as well::
01:49:04: <ChanceCrow> :: nods:: I understand...
01:49:27: <LtRazot> ::PIcking up his drink:: Thank you
01:49:45: <Cmdr_Crow> You heard anything lately?
01:49:46: <LtConstance> ::Takes the drink::" I may do that but first gonna walk around a bit" :
01:49:49: <Dewitt> :: walks up to Caressa:: How is our fabulous doctor this evening?
01:50:11: <caressa> ::sipping:: Just peachy sir.
01:50:47: <LtBrieJayde> ::Keeps her arm hooked on Razot's:: Want to find somewhere to sit?
01:50:49: <caressa> Yourself?? :;taking a sip::
01:51:05: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> :: nods to Razot, then turns to Constance:: You're welcome at any time.
01:51:43: <LtConstance> " thank you your so sweet"
01:52:00: <Dewitt> :: looks around, nodding:: I couldn't be better. Have you been getting everything you need in Sickbay?
01:52:12: <LtRazot> ::Looking around the ballroom:: Where would you like to sit?
01:52:27: <caressa> Yes but really didn't need anything. I have a great staff.
01:52:43: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: smiles at the interaction between Constance and the barkeep, and then orders a vodka::
01:53:00: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks around herself:: Anywhere really. Bar gets crowded.
01:53:11: <caressa> ::straight up drinks the shot::
01:53:16: <ChanceCrow> :: shakes his head:: I've tried send a couple messages, but I keep getting busy responses.
01:53:24: <caressa> Well that was refreshing.
01:54:01: <LtConstance> :: walking around sipping her ale::
01:54:02: <LtRazot> ::Looking around them:: Yea it does:: with brie's arm wrapped in his he lead them over to an area looking out on a garden::
01:54:30: <Cmdr_Crow> ::nods:: Standard procedure in the course of a mission.
01:54:59: <Dewitt> :: nods:: Quite right. You and your crew are some of the best I've seen.
01:55:47: <caressa> Thank you for the compliment. :: she needed bait if he was going to continue fishing::
01:56:20: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: takes her vodka, and downs it in one swig, setting the glass back on the bar::
01:56:27: <LtConstance> ::looking around::
01:57:19: <LtBrieJayde> ::She followed and smiled:: At least, if nothing else, these drinks will calm everyone down, and it isn't the fake stuff.
01:57:22: <Dewitt> It's well-deserved. I hope you and your staff enjoy the evening, get a chance to relax.
01:58:03: <LtConstance> :: downing her ale:: headed back to the bar " hit me again Bartender"
01:58:03: <ChanceCrow> I haven't even been able to get a message to Trisha.
01:58:50: <caressa> They will relax, I will stand here and just observe.
01:58:54: <Cmdr_Crow> "If I know her she's radio silent. Can't trust that you havent been compromised."
01:59:28: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> ::flashes a smile to Constance:: Yes, Ma'am! ::refilled her glass:: I like a woman who knows what she wants.
01:59:53: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::looks back around the room, and spots the Crow men hiding in a dark corner::
02:00:03: <LtConstance> Smiles: I am half Romulan you know
02:00:05: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sighs and looks back at the rest of the room:: I think everyone needs this.
02:00:43: <ChanceCrow> ::recalled their last conversation and nodded:: Is this what we have to look forward to from now on?
02:01:35: <LtConstance> ::sitting up on a barstool at the end of the bar::
02:01:54: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: slowly saunters her way around the room, stopping to chat with crew members, to admire dresses, and to laugh at the occasional comment::
02:01:54: <LtRazot> ::He nodded:: That they do, without the Admiral however.
02:01:54: <caressa> ::hoping to be rescued soon, Smiling at the Admiral::
02:02:11: <Cmdr_Crow> Could be. Can never tell when things may get worse.
02:02:18: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods:: I'm glad to get away from the extra work load tonight, that's for sure.
02:02:37: <LtBrieJayde> But..The crew isn't too comfortable around him anymore, can't say I blame them too much.
02:03:00: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> :: raises a brow:: Well, that explains it.
02:03:31: <LtRazot> :: Looking out to the garden:: How could they? He ordered a strike on a defensless planet.
02:03:39: <LtConstance> Smiles
02:03:52: <Dewitt> ::raises his drink to her:: Well, have a good time...I have some other schmoozing to do. ::grins::
02:03:59: <LtBrieJayde> And runs things from the ready room. I've seen him actually on the bridge maybe..twice?
02:04:22: <caressa> Well schmooze away, I need another drink!
02:04:33: <ChanceCrow> ::sighs::
02:04:59: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: lingers just outside of range of Henry and Chance, not wanting to interrupt their conversation::
02:05:39: <LtRazot> ::He leaned in and kissed Brie:: But, it's nice being here with you. :: He said smiling::
02:05:44: <LtConstance> This is what I need things have been beyond nuts lately
02:05:45: <Cmdr_Crow> You'll see her again before too long, don't worry.
02:05:52: <Dewitt> I get the feeling, Doctor, that you know how to hold your liquor well. ::smiles and nods to her as he walks away.
02:05:54: <Dewitt> ::
02:06:17: <LtBrieJayde> ::Returns the kiss:: Think I overdid it with the dress tonight?
02:06:32: <caressa> Oh yes I do! :;sauntering to the bar::
02:06:51: <LtRazot> ::Looking her up and down:: Definitely not ::Winking at her::
02:07:31: <LtBrieJayde> ::Rolls her eyes a bit:: You're just enjoying the view I think.
02:07:53: <ChanceCrow> I's just...::trails off before looking toward Millie:: You know you don't have to hover.
02:08:17: <LtRazot> ::Taking a sip of his ale:: Maybe just a bit
02:08:24: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: chuckles, and closed the distance:: My apologies. I didn't want to intrude on your conversation.
02:08:42: <LtBrieJayde> ::Takes a sip of her martini:: Is that why you weren't watching where you were going on our walk down here?
02:08:51: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> :: to Constance:: I've gotten that impression from talking to other members of the crew.
02:09:22: <LtConstance> :taking a drink of her drink:: " this is stronger than I have had in a while"
02:10:11: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: gives a nod to the two men:: Both of you look rather dapper this evening.
02:10:26: <ChanceCrow> :: easy smile:: Oh, it's nothing quite that deep.
02:10:33: <Cmdr_Crow> Seems everyone is looking their best.
02:11:07: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> Too strong? :: teasing glint in his eye::
02:11:25: <LtConstance> " not at all not strong enough"
02:11:39: <LtRazot> ::Grinning:: Umm, can i refuse to answer that question? ::He let out a slight chuckle and put his arm around Brie::
02:11:52: <LtConstance> I can hold my ale Lolol
02:12:00: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> haha...I do believe that was a challenge.
02:12:13: <LtRazot> We do have a nice view from these seats don't we?
02:12:14: <caressa> ::leans on the bar, noticing the pairing up and smiling a bit. They all made cute couples. waving to the bar tender::
02:12:14: <LtBrieJayde> ::Lays her head against his shoulder again:: I suppose I can let you off this time. ::Grins::
02:12:37: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods:: We do. Might have to load up just this part of this program at some point.
02:12:39: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::looks out over the ballroom:: I am surprised you are not making the rounds, Henry.
02:12:45: <LtConstance> Smileing " you know this feels so good one night without drama"
02:12:55: <ChanceCrow> :: nods his appreciation of the compliment:: You're not doing too bad yourself.
02:13:24: <Cmdr_Crow> Oh I'm happy to be right here, out of the way.
02:14:19: <LtRazot> Sounds like a plan!
02:15:04: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks at her glass, which is empty:: Stay here so we don't lose the spot? I'm going to get a refill I think. ::Kisses his cheek:: I'll be back.
02:15:10: <caressa> Another shot of Tequila please.
02:15:19: <LtJG-Stepanova> Oh, I know that all too well. But it would do the crew good to see you work the room.
02:15:41: <LtRazot> Grab me one too please! :: He said as she got up:::
02:15:54: <LtBrieJayde> I suppose. ::Goes back towards the bar::
02:15:55: <Cmdr_Crow> ::He was watching the room:: Well...maybe you're right. I'll be right back. ::he stood, heading across the room over to Razot:::
02:15:58: <LtConstance> " I just wish Haydon was here he's been missing lately I miss him "
02:16:21: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> :: notices the wave and approaches Caressa:: Yes, Ma'am...coming right up. :: pulls out a shotglass:: I think I'll get the good stuff for you this time... :: pours the shot::
02:17:02: <caressa> Works for me darling.
02:17:18: <LtRazot> ::Looking around the room he notices Henry heading his way, He stood as he got there:: Evening Sir!
02:17:31: <Cmdr_Crow> ease.
02:17:37: <LtBrieJayde> ::Stands at the bar:: Refills please?
02:18:19: <caressa> :; she takes a sip and swallows:: Now that is smooth and very nice.
02:18:19: <Dewitt> Barkeep>> Coming right up. He didn't desert you did he?
02:18:27: <LtRazot> ::Taking a drink from his glass:: How's your evening been Cmdr?
02:18:38: <LtBrieJayde> Hmm? Oh, no, he's keeping that nice spot over there so we don't lose it
02:18:39: <Cmdr_Crow> Quiet which isn't bad these days.
02:18:49: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::chuckles and leans closer to Chance:: Don't let him hide in the corner all night.
02:18:53: <LtConstance> " no he's just been busy lately"
02:18:57: <Cmdr_Crow> I just wanted to reiterate my thanks for the pep talk the other night.
02:19:41: <Dewitt> ::notices a crewman in duty uniform walk in and look around the room...approaches him:: Is there something I can do for you, Ensign?
02:19:59: <LtConstance> ::gets off the stool walks out toward the floor::
02:20:01: <LtRazot> :: Looking around to make sure DeWitt and his men were no where around:: Of course Sir. I may not know all the details but i have noticed the tension mounting on the crew lately.
02:20:01: <Dewitt> Ensign>> I have a message for Lt.'s rather important.
02:20:30: <LtBrieJayde> ::Thought she heard her name but shakes it off waiting for the refills::
02:20:43: <Cmdr_Crow> No lie on that one. I know I put all of you in a hell of a spot to begin with and then....with him.
02:20:57: <Dewitt> :: nods, holding his hand out:: I'll take care of it. :: takes the PADD and turns looking for Brielle, seeing her at the bar...he approaches her:: Ms. Jayde.
02:21:29: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sighs and closes her eyes for a moment before turning with her eyes opened:: Sir?
02:21:47: <ChanceCrow> :: lets out a breath:: I know...I'll do that.
02:21:58: <LtRazot> ::Letting a smile spread across his face:: Maybe a small spot, we've been in worse and came out on top Sir. If i remember right, our first mission when i joined this crew was a ship eating nebula.
02:22:32: <Cmdr_Crow> That's an an act god. Mine was an act of stupidity.
02:22:38: <Cmdr_Crow> of God*
02:22:45: <caressa> ::even with the Tequila
02:22:51: <caressa> she was bored::
02:23:20: <Dewitt> :: holds out the PADD to her:: I received this...I was told it was urgent.
02:23:44: <LtBrieJayde> ::Raises an eyebrow:: Urgent, for me? ::Takes the PADD and reads it over as her eyes go wide::
02:24:17: <LtRazot> Maybe, We all make mistakes. I can't speak for the rest of the crew, but I dont hold anything agianst you. It happened. All we can do is move forward as best as possible. Honestly I'd rather live with you making more mistakes than with this asshole ::Nodding towards DeWitt::
02:24:24: <Dewitt> :: watches her:: What is it?
02:24:49: <caressa> ::twirling her hair::
02:24:56: <Cmdr_Crow> :::That spread a grin:: Now now...that is our Commanding Officer.
02:25:14: <Cmdr_Crow> Not to mention, an insult to assholes everywhere.
02:25:24: <LtBrieJayde> ::Rereads what she was given and stammers a bit:: I um..::Shakes her head:: I should go.. ::Looks over at Razot before trying to head for the door::
02:26:12: <caressa> :;watches Brie leave, wondering what that was about::
02:26:15: <Dewitt> :: keeps up with her, following her off the Holodeck:: Come with me...I have just the thing.
02:26:19: <LtRazot> ::laughing:: As far as i'm concerned, he's not mine. I just got along with it for now. ::Letting out a sigh:: You're right. ::Looking up to the stars:: I'm sorry fellow assholes :: Then took another sip from his cup::
02:26:28: <LtConstance> ::walking over to a table and sits down drinking her drink:;
02:26:43: <ChanceCrow> :: raises a brow at what he saw::
02:27:00: <LtBrieJayde> ::Doesn't look to DeWitt but just heads out of the holodeck::
02:27:09: <Dewitt> <<last lines>>
02:27:20: <Cmdr_Crow> Well I'll let you get back to the more enjoyable aspects of the evening. :::he clapped him lightly on the shoulder and headed back to his table::
02:27:34: <caressa> :: watches as Dewitt follows :: That cant be good.
02:27:39: <LtJG-Stepanova> ::sees Chance's attention turn, and looks over her shoulder::
02:28:02: <LtConstance> :: downing her glass feeling buzzed not sure what's going on with Bre::
02:28:05: <LtBrieJayde> ::Is already out the door and down the corridor from the holodeck::
02:28:10: <LtRazot> ::Wondering what was taking Brie so long he started looking around for her::
02:28:20: <ChanceCrow> :: paused::
02:28:27: <LtRazot> ::paused::
02:28:30: <LtBrieJayde> :: Paused::
02:28:33: <caressa> pawsed
02:28:44: <LtConstance> ::paused::
02:29:25: <LtJG-Stepanova> :: paused::
02:30:00: <Dewitt> Alright everybody...thank you...that's all we have for now, but look for a follow-up log or two...
02:30:12: <LtBrieJayde> Yes..yes indeed :-P
02:30:23: <LtRazot> Sims over.. Shove it DeWitt.
02:30:29: <LtBrieJayde> ::Gasps::
02:30:37: <caressa> OH!
02:30:38: <Dewitt> :o
02:30:41: <LtRazot> Sorry alcohol talking lol
02:30:45: <Dewitt> BRIG!
02:30:49: <LtRazot> lmao
02:30:49: <Dewitt> lol
02:30:56: <LtRazot> WOOT FREE ROOM AND BOARD!
02:31:03: <LtRazot> Hopefully a hot meal perhaps?
02:31:04: <LtBrieJayde> :: Shakes head::
02:31:05: <Dewitt> I don't think we have anything else tonight...
02:31:17: <Cmdr_Crow> nope
02:31:29: <Cmdr_Crow> see everyone next wont want to miss it.
02:31:32: <Dewitt> DISMISSED
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