Sim Log 10-12-16

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Sim Log 10-12-16

Postby Iar Edra » Wed Oct 12, 2016 9:29 pm

21:15 ChanceCrow ::AA::
21:15 melanick aa
21:15 LtJG-Stepanova ::AA::
21:16 LtRazot ::AA::
21:16 Cmdr_Crow We are currently in orbit around Dentana III along with the USS Barrimore.
21:16 Cmdr_Crow Their Captain and our CO are planetside for a conference.
21:17 ChanceCrow <<considers screaming "freedom!">>
21:17 Cmdr_Crow Dentana is a very large Class M. About 3x the size of earth. Has 4 moons, one of which might as well be a planet, mars-size, also populated.
21:18 Cmdr_Crow Moon in a loose sense. They're not as close as our moon they just are caught in the gravity of the larger planet
21:18 Cmdr_Crow questions?
21:19 ChanceCrow is everybody on the bridge, or at their stations?
21:19 LtConstance What is everyone else doing
21:20 Cmdr_Crow stations is fine
21:20 Cmdr_Crow I mean we're basically just waiting for Dewitt to come back
21:20 Cmdr_Crow so it' casual
21:20 LtRazot ((chugging romulan ale at my desk in engineering))
21:20 Cmdr_Crow oh
21:20 LtConstance Ok cool
21:21 Cmdr_Crow since shes not here we'll say Brie was invited by Dewitt to go with him
21:21 Cmdr_Crow And Haydon is likely in a holodeck with nude rockettes
21:21 ChanceCrow oooooooh
21:21 LtRazot he's on Risa enjoying an orgy
21:22 Cmdr_Crow okay BEGIN
21:22 ChanceCrow <<someone remind me to log this when we finish, before we get out of here>>
21:23 Cmdr_Crow :Sitting in the CO chair...his chair....for the first time in weeks and feeling pretty good about that:::
21:23 ChanceCrow ::in Sickbay, working on restocking some of the supplies needed, checking on other inventory::
21:24 LtRazot ((Remember to log this when we are done))
21:24 *** LtJG-HaydonMalaan joined #USSMercutio
21:24 LtConstance :: sitting at her desk in her office going over reports rubbing her sore back from where she was attacked a few weeks ago enjoying the quiet for now"
21:24 +++ ChanceCrow has given op to LtJG-HaydonMalaan
21:24 LtJG-Stepanova :itting to the right of Henry, looking over a PADD::
21:25 LtJG-HaydonMalaan ((Hey everyone))
21:26 melanick :: at med ops, just doing her thing::
21:26 ChanceCrow <<briefing in a new tab, Haydon>>
21:27 LtRazot :: sitting in his office and going over reports::
21:28 ChanceCrow ahh...the thrilling job of counting hypo vials...
21:28 ChanceCrow :ighs::
21:28 Cmdr_Crow ::Glancing over to Millie:: You know I wonder how far we could get if we accidentally went to maximum warp before the conference ended.
21:29 LtJG-Stepanova :: chuckles softly:: Not far enough...and not far enough that the Barrimore wouldn't eventually bring him back.
21:30 Cmdr_Crow That is true
21:31 LtJG-Stepanova :: sets the PADD in her lap:: Is he still making you work double shifts?
21:32 Cmdr_Crow When I'm lucky. Sometimes they're triples.
21:32 ChanceCrow :utting some new equipment away when a beeping goes off on one of the biobeds. He stands up and approaches it:: hmm...
21:32 LtJG-Stepanova :: sighs and shakes her head::
21:32 Cmdr_Crow Science> Sir, we're picking up a strange energy signal coming from the northern continent.
21:33 ChanceCrow :: can't tell what is wrong with it...:: Computer, level 3 diagnostic on biobed 3
21:33 *** LtConstance quit (Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client)
21:34 ChanceCrow Computer> ::after a few minutes:: Biobed 3 is fully functional
21:34 Cmdr_Crow What kind of energy?
21:34 ChanceCrow :: raises a brow:: +Engineering+ Lt. Razot, are you busy?
21:34 Cmdr_Crow Science> Unsure Sir, but its building quickly.
21:35 Cmdr_Crow Call over to the Barrimore and see if they're detecting the same.
21:36 melanick That did not look good! :: sitting up in her chair::
21:37 LtRazot ::hitting his combadge:: +Bridge+ Razot here.
21:37 ChanceCrow <<SB...not bridge >>
21:37 LtJG-Stepanova :: stands, shocked::
21:37 Cmdr_Crow Science> Sir, the Barrimore has taken a direct hit. Their warp core is becomming unstable.
21:38 melanick :canning for life signs::
21:38 ChanceCrow +Razot+ Do you have a moment? One of the biobeds is sounding an alert, but a diagnostic doesn't find anything.
21:38 Cmdr_Crow :::looks at the viewscreen, as the other ship twists, making the deep gouge visible as well as small specs around it.:::
21:39 Cmdr_Crow ::Scans show a 67% reduction in the crew complement life signs:::
21:39 melanick Damn
21:39 LtJG-Stepanova Oh...Saint John, be with them...
21:39 melanick +Melanick to Sick Bay+
21:39 LtRazot :: Putting the padd down. He's been unable to focus lately:: +Sickbay+ Yea be up in a few.
21:39 *** LtConstance joined #USSMercutio
21:39 ChanceCrow +Melanick+ Sickbay, Chance here
21:40 +++ ChanceCrow has given op to LtConstance
21:40 melanick +Be prepared to take on causalities+
21:40 Cmdr_Crow Beam over anyone we can
21:40 Cmdr_Crow .
21:40 ChanceCrow ::eyes widen:: +Melanick+ of any particular nature?
21:40 Cmdr_Crow Science> Sir, the core is going.
21:40 Cmdr_Crow Is that energy building again?
21:40 melanick +Looks like the Barrimore took a direct hit from something, call all off duty staff too+
21:40 Cmdr_Crow Science> No Sir, it is no longer registering on sensors.
21:41 LtRazot ::He got up and grabbed his repair kit and headed to the turbolift::
21:41 ChanceCrow ::begins yelling orders to the other nurses and doctors there:: +Melanick+ 10-4 we'll be ready
21:41 LtConstance ::got up from her desk to head to the Bridge ::
21:42 melanick Did we get anyone?
21:42 LtJG-Stepanova :: without asking, starts walking towards the turbolift::
21:42 Cmdr_Crow Science> thirty four people.
21:43 ChanceCrow :oints to a nurse to take on the last order of calling off-duty personnel, and readies himself for incoming once she nods to him::
21:43 melanick +Chance+ 34 on there way, I am also on the way.
21:43 LtJG-Stepanova :: pauses at the turbolift for Melanick::
21:43 melanick ::headed to the turbo lift::
21:43 ChanceCrow +Melanick+ 10-4 they're coming in now
21:44 LtRazot :: He reached SB and Seeing the chaos:: Would you like me to come back later doc?
21:44 LtJG-HaydonMalaan ((sorry all I need to log for night - I will catch you all next week - Good Luck tonight))
21:44 Cmdr_Crow +Shipwide+ All hands brace for impact!
21:44 ChanceCrow ::begins quickly scanning people as they come in for the severity of their injuries. those who can walk are sent to a waiting room. Those who can't but aren't life threatening are moved to the side::
21:45 LtConstance :teps out of the Tl and onto the bridge grabbing something::
21:45 *** LtJG-HaydonMalaan quit (Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client)
21:45 melanick ::feeling the shock in the TL::
21:45 Cmdr_Crow ::::The shockwave slams into the Merc, dislodging us from orbit and spinning away from the planet, as main power and all decks go dark:::
21:45 ChanceCrow ::nods to Razot:: Sorry, Lt. this was unexpected. ::looks up when the shipwide message went out and puts a hand against the nearest biobed::
21:45 LtJG-Stepanova :: braces her hands against the turbolift walls::
21:45 melanick ::looks at Millie:: We are stuck in this thing
21:46 LtJG-Stepanova Apparently so...
21:47 ChanceCrow ::even bracing, he's knocked to the ground as everything goes dark:: lovely...::groans::
21:47 Cmdr_Crow Report!
21:47 melanick +Melanick to Bridge+
21:47 melanick ::if the com works::
21:47 ChanceCrow ::lifts himself from the floor, slowly, but a self-check shows he's alright, if not sore::
21:48 LtConstance :: falls backward into the railing hitting her head hard as she is thrown to the floor::
21:48 Cmdr_Crow Science> :ulling herself up:: It would appear we're dead in the water.
21:48 LtRazot And there goes the power... I better get back down there. ::Turns and goes to the nearest jeffrietube, and begins his climb down to main engineering::
21:48 Cmdr_Crow :::The coms don't work::::
21:48 LtJG-Stepanova We may just have to wait on the power to come back on.
21:48 ChanceCrow ::to his staff:: Who's not hurt?
21:49 melanick This is true thought I would give it a shot.
21:49 ChanceCrow :: nods to Razot::
21:49 Cmdr_Crow Communications?
21:49 LtConstance :: geting up off the floor dizzy she stumbles to her chair and sits down::
21:50 LtJG-Stepanova ::tries the control console on the wall of the turbolift:: ...and hopefully that happens before we run out of oxygen.
21:50 Cmdr_Crow Science> Out Sir. I can't get a reading on anything. ::quints as the red emergency lighting kicks on:::
21:50 ChanceCrow ::gets some replies:: Good. gather anything that will give us some light. We're gonna be doing this the old-fashioned way...
21:50 ChanceCrow ::tests the coms to find them not working:: great...
21:50 melanick We can always go out the top hatch to the nearest level.
21:51 Cmdr_Crow Well let's hope engineering can get us up and running.
21:51 melanick How are your climbing skills?
21:51 LtJG-Stepanova If a ladder is involved, I will be fine.
21:52 melanick Might have to give you a boost up to undo the hatch, but we will wait a bit before we take that step.
21:52 ChanceCrow ::to his staff:: offl-duty staff is gonna be delayed. We're on our own for now. Start with the worst cases and let's work our way down. A nurse to each doctor, and the rest float as needed, or handle cases further down the triage list.
21:52 LtJG-Stepanova ::nods, seating herself on the floor::
21:53 melanick To bad we don't have pillows or blankets.....or a nice book.
21:53 LtRazot ::Reaching engineering and finding people all over the place, a few injured and one dead from a conduit that exploded:: Not what I was planning on doing tonight.. Lt Malone status. ::Malone comes up limping:: What you see is what we got Sir. Already have a repair team trying to get main power back up and anohter working on ship coms.
21:53 LtJG-Stepanova ::chuckles:: I should not have left my PADD on my chair on the Bridge.
21:54 melanick Things never stop on this ship.
21:54 LtRazot (for what we do, we really need a difiant class ship. lol)
21:54 LtJG-Stepanova That they do not. :tretches out her legs:: But, it may give us a chance to talk while we wait. You have not yet stopped in to see me.
21:55 *** LtConstance quit (Disintegrated: ajax IRC Client)
21:55 ChanceCrow :: the staff triages the remaining patients, including some of their own injured in the impact and begin treating, finding three seriously injured that perished in the fall::
21:56 melanick That was on purpose. Could you tell?
21:57 Cmdr_Crow ::He began pacing for no reason other than that was all he could do::
21:57 LtJG-Stepanova :: chuckles and nods:: But, if I were to tell the truth, you are not the only one who makes a point of avoiding my office.
21:59 LtRazot ::Looking over what was working on his panel:: Malone, Reserve power just kicked on. have they finished the coms yet? "SHould be finishing now sir" ::Malone replied. +Bridge+ Reserve power is up, Comms, Sensors and Turbolifts should be operational agian
21:59 ChanceCrow :: approaches a plasma burn patient with the nurse working with him. Scans the patient:: I need to work on stopping the bleeding. get him 3 ccs aladrene for the pain. ::gets an affirmation from the nurse and begins working on him.
21:59 ChanceCrow ::
21:59 LtRazot +Bridge+Well maybe not Turbolifts.. Seems there's still an issue with them atm. But we are working on it.
22:00 LtJG-Stepanova But, I do prefer to get to know the people I work with long before I make the request to visit me a mandatory one.
22:00 Cmdr_Crow Science> Confirmed sir. Sensors are coming up now and oh.....
22:00 melanick I can imagine.
22:00 Cmdr_Crow What oh?
22:00 Cmdr_Crow Science> The blast has knocked us far from the planet near the largest moon and we're in its gravity.
22:00 *** LtConstance joined #USSMercutio
22:00 +++ ChanceCrow has given op to LtConstance
22:01 Cmdr_Crow +Razot+ How soon until we have engines?
22:01 LtConstance :pening her eye looking at her dead screen::
22:02 LtRazot +Bridge+Not until main power is back up. Maybe 30 minutes at the earliest. two hours tops.
22:02 ChanceCrow ::gets the patient stabilized, and grabs a nurse walking by:: work on these burns with a skin grafter and regenerator, please. :: moves on to the next patient when he sees her nod.::
22:02 Cmdr_Crow turns to Science:: How soon until we crash?
22:02 Cmdr_Crow Science> Twenty minutes...maybe thirty.
22:02 melanick So Lt. Tell me about yourself.
22:03 Cmdr_Crow ::keeping his tone calm:: +Razot+ Chief, we need it in fifteen.
22:03 LtRazot +Sickbay+ If you have a medic to spare we could use one in engineering we have casulties. TL are down use main jeffrietubes.
22:03 LtJG-Stepanova :: chuckles:: Perhaps you should go first. It would save you a trip to my office.
22:03 Cmdr_Crow :::the turbolift comes back to life:::
22:04 melanick Ahh saved by the bell. If you will excuse me I have patients to attend too.
22:04 LtRazot +Bridge+Pushy arn't we Captain. Were on it. give us ten minutes then start praying, Engineering out.
22:04 LtJG-Stepanova And I am at your disposal. :tands:: I have basic medical training, but I can also step in to help with emotional trauma.
22:04 melanick ::gives a hand to help her up::
22:04 ChanceCrow ::looks up, surprised at the com:: +Razot+ I'll send someone down, Lt.
22:04 melanick Well come along for the ride.
22:04 LtConstance Checking coms to see if they work noticeing the sensors are online
22:05 Cmdr_Crow Start praying he says...
22:05 LtRazot ::Grumbles.. "Anything and everything that can go wrong.... Does on this ship He turns towards everyone and yells:: We have 15 minutes before we become a grease stain! That means we have 10 minutes to get main power and engins back up and running. Let's go!
22:05 melanick ::walks into sickbay:: Well Chance what have you got?
22:06 LtJG-Stepanova :: steps off the turbolift, and is right on Melanick's heels::
22:07 ChanceCrow ::contacts 2 MOs who should have been on their way to SB, and detours them to Engineering::
22:07 LtRazot LtMalone: Sir we just finished repairing the last of the blown conduits. We need to shut down the entire system and restart. Two minutes tops.
22:07 LtRazot +Bridge+ We think we are ready to restart the core. All power will be off for two minutes. Enjoy the dark and silence of space. Be back up shortly.
22:08 ChanceCrow ::to Melanick:: 3 casualties, 7 critical, 16 serious, and the rest not. A few of our own got knocked around with the impact. What's going on up there?
22:08 LtJG-Stepanova :teps over and kneels next to a 10 year old girl who is curled up against the wall and sobbing::
22:08 Cmdr_Crow :::Glances at Science:: Well its something anyways.
22:09 LtRazot :: Killing the coms and starts the restart sequence:: Please come back up sweetie! Papa promises an overhaul as soon as possible.. :: Hits the command on his station and the ship goes dark. A few minutes later Systems start to buzz to life::
22:10 melanick The Barrimore took a hit from the planets surface. I can only assume when the core breached it sent us spinning.
22:10 ChanceCrow :: stopped, and looked around at the injured:: This is all that's left?
22:11 *** Brie joined #USSMercutio
22:11 LtRazot ::Going over his console. Main power.. Check, Coms.. Check. Engines almost there:: +Bridge+ Power and Comms Restored, Engines will be up momentarly. Time sir?
22:11 +++ ChanceCrow has given op to Brie
22:11 melanick Yes it is, all they could get. :: looking somber::
22:11 LtJG-Stepanova :: smiles gently:: Hi, sweetheart. My name is Millie. Are you okay?
22:11 Brie ((Shh, I'm not here We just got home...))
22:12 LtConstance :: smileing :: system back up in her station she ordered her crew to help anywhere they could
22:12 ChanceCrow ::lets out a breath, stunned...that could have been them just as easily. After a few moments, shakes back to the present, pointing to another bed:: We're heading there next.
22:12 Cmdr_Crow +Four minutes.
22:13 LtRazot ::The core starts to humm to life:: FINALLY! +Bridge+ You owe us... what i dont know but something.. Engines online.
22:13 Cmdr_Crow Science> Sir, we're entering the atmosphere.
22:13 Cmdr_Crow Helm, get us out of here.
22:13 melanick ::nods:: Good job Chance, lets keep moving.
22:13 LtJG-Stepanova :: leans against the wall, seating herself on the floor of Sickbay:: It's okay. You're safe here. Are you hurt?
22:14 Cmdr_Crow ::::The Merc rights itself as it began to head towards the moon, and heads back towards our original position"""
22:14 ChanceCrow :: nods and continues to the next patient, whose head injuries make her situation obvious::
22:14 Cmdr_Crow Contact the conference and alert them that we have several of the Barrimore crew and are returning.
22:14 melanick Its never easy.
22:15 Cmdr_Crow +Melanick+ Status report?
22:15 melanick ::looking at Chance and then the patient.::
22:15 LtJG-Stepanova :: waves over a nurse, and snags a tricorder from him::
22:16 ChanceCrow We need to sedate her. Her head trauma is too massive, and we'll be lucky if we can save that eye.
22:16 LtRazot Malone, Good job getting everyone started on repairs. Saved our rears. +Sickbay+ Transporting Ensign Stevens to your cold storage.
22:16 melanick +Henry+ Chance did a great job, Lt Stepanova and I were stuck on the TL. 3 casualties, 7 critical, 16 serious, we may update those numbers.
22:16 LtJG-Stepanova :: turns back to the little girl, showing her the tricorder:: I'm just going to check you out, okay?
22:17 LtConstance " aye sir" contacts the conference and alerts them of the situation
22:17 Cmdr_Crow +Razot+ How are we looking down there?
22:18 LtConstance :hakeing her head to shake off the dizzy feeling::
22:18 ChanceCrow :: looks to the far side of SB to see Millie with a young girl, and smiles slightly before returningto his work. He had a lot of damage to repair::
22:19 ChanceCrow Nurse> +Razot+ Aye, Sir. We're receiving him now. :cans the ensign as soon as he's completely beamed in.::
22:19 LtRazot +Bridge+ Beat up. three injured, one dead. What ever that was that hitt us did a lot of damage. we will need to hit up a starbase to restock parts.
22:21 Cmdr_Crow +I'll inform the Admiral.
22:21 ChanceCrow ::when the woman was under anesthesia, he began removing the shrapnel in the side of her face, careful not to damage tissue further.::
22:21 LtJG-Stepanova ::looks at the tricorder...Vulcan...and a fractured wrist:: looks like you might have banged up your wrist. Can I get a closer look?
22:22 LtRazot +Roger that. Shields should be up, weapons are next priority.
22:22 Cmdr_Crow Helm> Sir, Admiral DeWitt is hailing you.
22:23 *** Brie is now known as LtBrieJayde
22:23 Cmdr_Crow I'll....take it in the ready room. ::looking to Constance:: You have the bridge.
22:23 Cmdr_Crow ::heads to RR:::
22:23 Cmdr_Crow (find end points)
22:23 LtConstance " yes sir " ::walking over and sitting in the big chair::
22:23 melanick ::entered her office::
22:24 melanick Pawsed
22:24 LtConstance ( pause)
22:24 LtJG-Stepanova ::frowns at the bruise forming on the little girl's wrist:: Well, that looks like it hurts. Should I kiss it and make it feel better?
22:24 ChanceCrow ::gets several pieces of various sizes removed...saving the one in her eye for last...::
22:24 ChanceCrow :aused::
22:24 LtJG-Stepanova :: paused::
22:24 LtRazot ::Walking over to the WarpCore:: Thanks ::He said patting her:: papa owes you a stay in dry dock as soon as possible!
22:24 LtBrieJayde ::Never started, but paused::
22:24 LtRazot :aused::
22:25 Cmdr_Crow Okay, next week we shall continue and do a little hunting.
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