SimLog 8-24-16

An Akira class refit that falls under the jurisdiction of special ops, this ship keeps the peace when no one else can. Join the fun as the Mercutio approaches her fifth year!

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SimLog 8-24-16

Postby Kris » Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:41 am

<Cmdr_Crow> Okay AA
02:20:10: <LtBrieJayde> ::AA::
02:20:10: <ChanceCrow> ::AA::
02:20:21: <LtConstance> ::AA::
02:20:23: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: AA ::
02:21:11: <Melanick> AA
02:21:38: <Cmdr_Crow> We begin 4 days following the last sim.
02:22:20: <Cmdr_Crow> DeWitt is firmly in charge and has not made that any secret. Repairs on the ship are complete, and all of those who had been injured are back on duty, even if they're still a little sore.
02:23:20: <Cmdr_Crow> We begin at normal duty stations with the Admital in the Ready Room.
02:24:05: <LtBrieJayde> So who is XO-ing currently with him off the bridge, likely leaving you in charge right now
02:24:39: <Cmdr_Crow> Henry is on the bridge, nobody else is considered XO.
02:24:41: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((so that means I'm coming in from my morning workout with the just showered look and cup of extra strong coffee??))
02:24:45: <LtBrieJayde> Okie dokie.
02:25:06: <LtBrieJayde> Might want to just assume you're on the bridge already, Haydon ;)
02:25:15: <ChanceCrow> <<fully clothed>>
02:25:57: <Cmdr_Crow> BEGIN
02:26:02: <Melanick> :: at med ops, sore, irritated but there::
02:27:15: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sitting back at tactical, half watching the console::
02:27:24: <LtConstance> :: in her station on the Bridge cup of coffee in hand looking over security reports ::
02:27:26: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: steps of the turbo lift coffee in hand ((in uniform)) - nods to those who are already there ::
02:27:33: <Cmdr_Crow> ::Sitting in the XO Chair, feeling extremely tired physically and mentally::
02:27:55: <LtConstance> ::looks up nodding at Haydon::
02:28:10: <Cmdr_Crow> 4::AN SOS IS PICKED UP:::
02:28:15: <ChanceCrow> ::in Sickbay, researching symptoms shown by another crewman::
02:28:59: <LtBrieJayde> ::Glances over:: We have an incoming SOS.
02:29:04: <LtConstance> ::looking up:: " receveing a SOS"
02:30:24: <LtBrieJayde> From a Brochi Freighter, they have crashed on the moon of Freela III. They are taking on water.
02:30:31: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: rolls his eyes - thinking to himself here we go again but this time we have an idiot for a captain ::
02:30:49: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi? They're not even members of the Federation, I wonder what they were doing out here.
02:31:15: <LtBrieJayde> ::Shrugs:: Not sure, but they are requesting assistance.
02:31:16: <LtConstance> Didn't know theirs water on a moon
02:31:44: <Cmdr_Crow> Freela III's is inhabitable. Mostly water.
02:31:49: <Melanick> Notification sent to sickbay for possible casualties. :: sigh::
02:31:59: <LtConstance> Oh ok gotcha
02:32:24: <Cmdr_Crow> +DeWitt+ Admiral we've recieved a distress call from a Brochi freighter. We're not far from them.
02:32:26: <LtConstance> Do we answer it
02:32:40: <LtBrieJayde> We wait to find out.
02:32:48: <Dewitt> ::There was a long pause::: Very well Commander.
02:32:49: <LtConstance> Ok
02:32:54: <ChanceCrow> ::receives the notification and begins preparations::
02:33:05: <Cmdr_Crow> Set course for the moon.
02:33:24: <ChanceCrow> Helm> Setting course, Sir.
02:33:35: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi's ships are unique. Their hulls don't allow for transporter beams.
02:33:46: <LtBrieJayde> So we have to go down there?
02:34:04: <LtConstance> So we physically go down their
02:34:28: <LtConstance> Wet suits
02:35:01: <Cmdr_Crow> Thats right. Transport down onto their ship, literally and use a service hatch to enter, preferably one above the water line.
02:35:20: <LtBrieJayde> Hopefully there is one above the waterline
02:35:44: <LtConstance> Yes sir who all do you want to go down their sir
02:36:40: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> How are we going to the their crew out? rafts or have the swim out and beam them out of the water??
02:37:09: <Cmdr_Crow> Stewart, Malaan, Doctor....bring Chance with you. We may have a lot of injured down there to evac.
02:37:37: <Cmdr_Crow> ::He nodded:: The latter. Once we're out of the ship transporters can scoop us all up.
02:37:55: <LtBrieJayde> ::Raises an eyebrow, hearing all the names but her own::
02:38:04: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Yes sir. I hope they can swim...
02:38:46: <LtConstance> Yes sir maybe bring life preservers if they can't swim
02:39:11: <Cmdr_Crow> Okay meet down in the transporter room, we'll go as soon as we're within range.
02:39:19: <Melanick> ::nods:;
02:39:38: <LtBrieJayde> Are you going as well, sir?
02:39:47: <Cmdr_Crow> Yes.
02:39:49: <LtConstance> Yes sir heading to the TL
02:39:57: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods::
02:40:09: <Cmdr_Crow> +DeWitt+ The away team is going to assemble now, Sir."
02:40:21: <Dewitt> +Henry+ Are you leading it?
02:40:39: <Cmdr_Crow> +DeWitt+ If you don't mind Sir.
02:40:42: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: exits the bridge, heads to his quarters, and equips for rescue mission ::
02:40:51: <Dewitt> +Henry+ No, you're suited for it.
02:41:06: <LtBrieJayde> ::Hears DeWitt and raises an eyebrow again::
02:41:07: <Cmdr_Crow> ;:He turned to Brie:: You have the bridge.
02:41:15: <Cmdr_Crow> :::heads for TL::
02:41:29: <Melanick> +Chance+ you on this hop, meet us in the TL.
02:41:37: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods and switches seats::
02:42:19: <Dewitt> +Bridge+ Who is in charge out there?
02:42:32: <LtBrieJayde> +DeWitt+ I am, sir.
02:43:16: <LtConstance> :: gears up for away mission putting wet suit on in case grabbing life preservers in case then heading to transporter pad
02:43:25: <Dewitt> +Brie+Page our chief analyst and send her to the Ready Room.
02:43:46: <Cmdr_Crow> ::arrives in the TR1, waiting for the others::
02:43:47: <ChanceCrow> +Melanick+ Yes, Ma'am. On m y way.
02:43:51: <LtBrieJayde> +DeWitt+ Aye, sir. ::Sends the page::
02:44:38: <LtConstance> :waiting for the others as well:
02:44:38: <EnsStepanova> :: arrives in TR1, shortly after Henry::
02:44:41: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((so Fang, Razor, Bermuda shorts and nothing else???))
02:44:49: <LtBrieJayde> ((LOL!))
02:45:03: <Melanick> :;arrives TR1::
02:45:25: <LtConstance> ( Lolol that's for later dear Lolol)
02:45:31: <ChanceCrow> ::grabs a med kit and tricorder and books it to TR1::
02:45:45: <EnsStepanova> :: pauses near Commander Crow:: <w> You good, sir?
02:45:46: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((it is a swimming mission))
02:46:16: <LtConstance> ( lol)
02:46:53: <Cmdr_Crow> ::He nodded:: I am but this mission is no place for you.
02:47:12: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: shows up in a black wet suit, Fang, Razor, a phaser, and 2 extra life preservers ::
02:47:15: <Banks> ::Arrives on the bridge:: Do I even want to know what he wants?
02:47:31: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sits back and watches out the view screen, then turns to Banks:: I..betting not.
02:47:35: <EnsStepanova> ::smiles:: Just...checking in.
02:47:39: <ChanceCrow> ::steps out of the lift and enters the transporter room::
02:48:09: <Banks> ::Moves to the RR, and once the doors opened she stepped in::
02:48:13: <LtConstance> : arrives to tranoryer pad in a black wet suit and life preservers as well
02:48:15: <ChanceCrow> ::walks in and notices his dad talking quietly with the counselor::
02:48:49: <LtBrieJayde> ::Makes sure there is a lock on the away team in case something goes wrong::
02:49:00: <Melanick> ::stands in corner quietly::
02:49:22: <Cmdr_Crow> ::;He caught his son's eye but didn't say anything before moving onto the pad:: Remember, once we're inside we can't be transported out. That means we need to keep an idea of where we're at on this ship.
02:49:51: <EnsStepanova> ::gives Henry a nod, and turns, making eye contact with Chance, and giving him a "doing okay?" silent expression-question::
02:49:55: <Cmdr_Crow> It's only about 800 yards long.
02:49:57: <LtConstance> Got you how many are on this ship
02:50:52: <Cmdr_Crow> Normal complement is about forty or so.
02:50:57: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> How many decks??
02:51:06: <Cmdr_Crow> Five or six.
02:51:13: <ChanceCrow> ::nods in return to the counselor, then stands near Melanick:: Do we know the condition of the crew?
02:51:23: <Cmdr_Crow> Once we're inside tricorders should point us to lifesigns.
02:51:32: <EnsStepanova> ::satisfied, begins her journey up to the Bridge::
02:51:40: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> how long can you hold your breath cappy??
02:51:45: <Melanick> No, just that they have taken on water.
02:51:52: <LtConstance> Looks like we got out work cut out for us
02:52:03: <Cmdr_Crow> Used to be seven minutes.
02:52:16: <Cmdr_Crow> I don't advise it.
02:52:20: <EnsStepanova> ::exits the turbolift and onto the bridge, PADD tucked under her arm::
02:52:30: <Dewitt> Ah, Ms. Banks.
02:52:40: <Banks> You called, Admiral?
02:52:53: <Cmdr_Crow> Transporter Chief> We're in range Sir.
02:52:59: <LtBrieJayde> ::Glances over at Stepanova and nods, tapping her fingers on the armrest of the chair::
02:53:02: <Cmdr_Crow> Everyone ready?
02:53:10: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Five decks 800 feet - I'm not sure we can do that in 7 minutes
02:53:14: <LtConstance> Yep
02:53:22: <Melanick> ::nods::
02:53:23: <Cmdr_Crow> The whole ship isn't submerged yet.
02:53:28: <Cmdr_Crow> But we have to work fast.
02:53:41: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> then we better get moving
02:54:01: <ChanceCrow> ::nods::
02:54:02: <LtBrieJayde> ((We don't use the tags on this sim ;) ))
02:54:09: <EnsStepanova-BR> ::seats herself in the chair next to Brie::
02:54:15: <EnsStepanova-BR> ((Sheesh. Fine. ;-) ))
02:54:51: <Cmdr_Crow> Transport
02:55:24: <LtBrieJayde> ::Sighs but doesn't say anything::
02:55:32: <Cmdr_Crow> 4:::The AT arrived on the hull of the frieghter, about 1/4 of it is below the water, an entrance hatch is about 100 yards ahead.:::
02:55:55: <EnsStepanova> That was quite a sigh, Lieutenant.
02:56:09: <Dewitt> Yes I've been reviewing your file and though you have helped this ship I think it's not the right fit.
02:56:10: <LtBrieJayde> Hmm? Oh, just been a long few days is all.
02:56:12: <Banks> Sir?
02:56:43: <LtConstance> ::waiting for everyone as she heads toward the hatch
02:57:00: <Dewitt> I'm transferring you, effective immediately. I know you have your own shuttle, please take it to your new assignment. We'll arrange to ship your personal affects.
02:57:05: <Dewitt> ::He handed her a PADD::
02:57:10: <Banks> Immediately?
02:57:25: <Banks> :::slowly she took it, but didn't know what else to say:::
02:57:25: <EnsStepanova> ::nods, laying the PADD in her lap:: That it has been. :: pauses:: How is the little one? Have the teeth cut through yet?
02:57:44: <Cmdr_Crow> Watch your footing! ::moving towards the hatch::
02:57:58: <LtBrieJayde> Most of them, he'll have a few more later, but I think he's got them all for right now that he's going to get.
02:57:59: <Melanick> ::wading through the nastiness::
02:58:08: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> I never would have thought all that time swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving on Risa would payoff - but here we are... ::smiles at Constance::
02:58:09: <LtRazot> :: In engineering going over repair reports:: Finally back up and running.
02:59:00: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((TS Razot???))
02:59:01: <ChanceCrow> ::looks at Haydon as he makes his way toward the hatch:: This is a far cry from Risa.
02:59:09: <LtConstance> ::looking where she's walking wadeing thru the muck smileing back at Haydon
02:59:21: <Dewitt> You're dismissed.
02:59:39: <Banks> ;::Slowly she turned, walking back onto the bridge, but she was on auto pilot::
02:59:40: <EnsStepanova> Is he sleeping better?
02:59:42: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> maybe but swimming is swimming
02:59:43: <LtConstance> " wish we were in Risa"
03:00:03: <LtBrieJayde> Mostly. He's a bit fussy but that's because he knows I've been stressed.
03:00:11: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Yah - you would be nekid...
03:00:13: <EnsStepanova> ::holds up a finger to pause Brie::
03:00:16: <LtConstance> What is this stuff
03:00:18: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks up at Banks and sees the look on her face:: Banks?
03:00:36: <EnsStepanova> ::to Banks:: Are you alright?
03:00:40: <Banks> ::reaching the hatch, kneeling down:: Malaan, grab a hold of the other side of this.
03:00:48: <Banks> (damn)
03:00:50: <LtBrieJayde> ((Wrong one!))
03:00:52: <LtConstance> :: blushing ay Haydons remark::
03:00:56: <ChanceCrow> <<lol>>
03:00:57: <Cmdr_Crow> ::reaching the hatch, kneeling down:: Malaan, grab a hold of the other side of this.
03:01:06: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :bends down and grabs the otherside ::
03:01:13: <Banks> She looked at the pair. I've been reassigned.
03:01:16: <Banks> Immediately.
03:01:21: <LtBrieJayde> Wait, what?!
03:01:31: <Cmdr_Crow> 1...2...:::he yanked it towards him:::
03:01:41: <Banks> ::She offered Brie the PADD:::
03:02:04: <LtBrieJayde> ::Takes the PADD and looks at it:: What the hell is he warning or anything?
03:02:07: <EnsStepanova> шутки в сторону? ::sets down her PADD and stands:: ((Seriously?))
03:02:11: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Damn seems stuck
03:02:47: <Cmdr_Crow> Again. ::he tried again, this time the hatch opened.:::
03:02:49: <LtConstance> Maybe vacuumed sealed
03:03:08: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> whew
03:03:17: <Banks> When Chance gets back tell him I'll call him as soon as I can, okay?
03:03:23: <LtConstance> Walking over looking down in the Hatch
03:03:39: <Cmdr_Crow> Alright folks, we got people to save. Hustle.
03:03:39: <LtBrieJayde> I don't think you should be going anywhere. I bet I know what he's doing...or at least I think I do.
03:04:07: <EnsStepanova> You have to leave now?
03:04:21: <LtBrieJayde> Says on here that her personal things will be sent.
03:04:27: <Banks> He said I should take my shuttle and go.
03:04:38: <EnsStepanova> ::in a rather impulsive move, steps forward and pulls Banks into a hug::
03:04:43: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Follows the captain
03:04:49: <LtBrieJayde> He's trying to break up the family..
03:04:53: <LtConstance> Climbing into the hatch and down the ladder lading on her feet inside the ship
03:04:54: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: follows the captain ::
03:04:54: <Banks> ::did not expect that but doesn't reject it either.:::
03:05:13: <Melanick> ::follows the team::
03:05:17: <Banks> :::checking a tricorder::: Where are the liftsigns?
03:05:27: <Banks> )gah)
03:05:38: <Cmdr_Crow> :::checking a tricorder::: Where are the liftsigns?
03:05:47: <EnsStepanova> ::mutters softly:: You contact me, too, Da? ::pulls out of the hug, but still grips both of her shoulders::
03:06:19: <ChanceCrow> ::climbs down into the hatch, when he hits bottom, he opened his tricorder::
03:06:19: <LtBrieJayde> ::Was about to do the same as Millie but was beat to it::
03:06:30: <ChanceCrow> ::he swung in a slow circle until he stopped:: This way.
03:06:41: <LtConstance> Looking around for people heading down the hall a little
03:06:44: <Melanick> ::using tricorder also, scanning::
03:07:02: <LtConstance> Following Chance
03:07:20: <Banks> ::She nodded, looking to Brie:: Be careful.
03:07:21: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((can we communicate with the people via their ships computer and comms??))
03:07:31: <Banks> (main power on the ship is out)
03:07:52: <EnsStepanova> ::lets her hands drop and sighs::
03:07:57: <LtBrieJayde> ::Gives Banks a hug as well:: You too.
03:08:06: <Cmdr_Crow> 4:::Lifesigns show themselves to be all in a cargo back, deck 3 (one below us):::
03:08:12: <LtConstance> Pull a flashlight out and turns it on
03:08:30: <Banks> :::Following the embrace, moves for the TL, hesitates, then enters and is gone::
03:08:41: <LtConstance> Well let's get down to deck 3
03:09:00: <LtBrieJayde> ::Shakes her head and sits back down, swearing to herself::
03:09:09: <Melanick> Great, hope they aren't in to deep of water.
03:09:30: <LtConstance> Me to dr
03:09:39: <EnsStepanova> :: also sits, and also swears...though in Russian::
03:09:56: <Banks> 4::The water is about 1 1/2 feet deep for the AT:::
03:10:19: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((what deck are we currently on??))
03:10:22: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks to Millie:: You didn't know about that, right?
03:10:25: <Cmdr_Crow> (2)
03:10:34: <ChanceCrow> ::gets down to deck 3, and feels the water surrounding him:: We've got water here
03:10:50: <Cmdr_Crow> How much? ::coming up behind him:
03:11:00: <ChanceCrow> <<and the water is on deck 3 when we get there, right?>>
03:11:07: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((so deck 3 have a foot and a half of water??))
03:11:25: <EnsStepanova> ::shakes her head:: I was not spoken to at all regarding Ms. Banks.
03:11:55: <Cmdr_Crow> (yes)
03:11:58: <LtBrieJayde> So..I'm betting my thoughts are right. ::Rubs her temples::
03:12:10: <LtConstance> Well how do we get down their
03:12:22: <ChanceCrow> :: looks up:: one and a half feet.
03:12:37: <Cmdr_Crow> Helm> :::turns to Brie:: Her shuttle is signaling for departure.
03:12:47: <EnsStepanova> ::sighs:: I am beginning to worry for the morale of the crew.
03:13:20: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods to helm:: Approved for departure.
03:13:23: <Melanick> That's not bad.
03:13:25: <Cmdr_Crow> :::follows Chance down to the deck:: Okay cargo bay is end of the hallway.
03:13:38: <Cmdr_Crow> Helm> Aye Maam.
03:13:43: <Melanick> ::follows chance and Henry
03:13:55: <LtConstance> :: follows the Comander:
03:14:24: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks to Millie:: Might be a good thing to worry about it.
03:14:59: <Cmdr_Crow> :::As he lead the way he felt the water creep up, to nearly three feet when they reached the cargo bay door which was stuck almost closed, water rushing in:::
03:15:14: <Melanick> Hope there isn't any swimming things in here.
03:15:18: <ChanceCrow> ::heads in the direction he was pointed::
03:15:49: <Cmdr_Crow> I could have done without that thought.
03:15:55: <EnsStepanova> If you ever need to talk, Lieutenant, you know my office is always open. And if not my office, then likely my kitchen is open for company.
03:15:56: <ChanceCrow> ::slushing through the water:: this isn't good.
03:15:58: <LtConstance> Me to
03:16:25: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> No sir
03:16:38: <LtBrieJayde> ::Nods slightly and sits back::
03:16:42: <LtConstance> Were gonna git flooded when that door gets open
03:16:47: <Cmdr_Crow> Hello?:::calling into the door::
03:17:01: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: moves up to the door ::
03:17:17: <ChanceCrow> ::looks around the frame of the door to find a control panel::
03:17:24: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi> Yes? ::the male came up, barely able to be seen through the crack:::
03:17:37: <Cmdr_Crow> How many are there in there?
03:17:39: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ((is water flowing into or out of the cargo bay??))
03:17:41: <ChanceCrow> How do we get in?
03:17:49: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi> We have eighteen alive.
03:17:54: <Cmdr_Crow> (into from our hallway)
03:18:10: <Cmdr_Crow> We're gonna get you out of there.
03:18:18: <EnsStepanova> You and Ossan should come over for dinner sometime.
03:18:45: <LtBrieJayde> Maybe we will. He likes those frozen fruits for sure.
03:19:21: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi> The door is stalled. We lost power as we tried to seal it.
03:19:39: <EnsStepanova> Is he eating any solid foods yet? Or is he still eating softer foods?
03:19:50: <Cmdr_Crow> 4:::the water level rose another half foot, now up to 4 feet:::
03:20:11: <ChanceCrow> Is anyone in need of medical attention?
03:20:18: <LtBrieJayde> Half and half, depends on his mood. ::Only seems to be half paying attention to the conversation::
03:20:20: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: grabs a hold of one side of the door - testing to see how stuck it is...::
03:20:21: <LtConstance> We need to dam up this water so it don't get I their when we open the door
03:20:35: <Melanick> This is nuts
03:21:01: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi> Yes, we have some injured. Broken bones, cuts.
03:21:13: <EnsStepanova> ::notices the mental meander:: What is on your mind, Lieutenant?
03:21:16: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> if we can get the door open we could probably double time it up to deck to and get out
03:21:23: <Cmdr_Crow> Come on, let's try and shove it. :::puts his shoulder against it:::
03:21:43: <ChanceCrow> ::looks back:: We've got to get in there.
03:21:49: <LtBrieJayde> ::Shakes head:: Nothing.
03:22:00: <LtConstance> Helps shove the door
03:22:14: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> We might be able to force the door cappy....
03:22:21: <Cmdr_Crow> :::The door does not budge as the ship begins to shift::
03:22:37: <EnsStepanova> Nothing-nothing? Or 'nothing that I want to talk about on the bridge' nothing?
03:22:45: <ChanceCrow> ::looks down:: Water's getting deeper...
03:22:57: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :grabs a hold of the door on the same side as Constance and pulls trying to force the door open a little further ::
03:23:18: <LtBrieJayde> ::Shrugs:: Both?
03:23:51: <LtConstance> Come on you stubborn door if their weren't people a small depth charge could get the door open
03:23:55: <Cmdr_Crow> Helm> Maam! The freighter has shifted and is taking on more water.
03:24:08: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Whoah that wasn't good - we don't need this ship moving like that ...
03:24:19: <LtBrieJayde> ::Swears:: Damnit! Is the crew still inside?
03:24:30: <LtConstance> We're taking on more water
03:24:41: <Cmdr_Crow> Come on you bastard. :::he shoved as hard as he could, gaining maybe a quarter of an inch:::
03:24:51: <Cmdr_Crow> Helm> Yes Maan.
03:24:52: <Cmdr_Crow> m
03:25:08: <Dewitt> :::Steps onto the bridge:: What is the status of the away mission?
03:25:22: <Cmdr_Crow> 4::Four and a half feet:::
03:25:26: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: ducks down under the water bracing his back against the wall and pressing with legs as hard as he can to force the door open - holding his breath ::
03:25:33: <LtConstance> Keeps shoving " this door has to open"
03:25:43: <LtBrieJayde> ::Looks to DeWitt:: We just heard that the freighter is taking on more water, but we can't lock onto the team until they are outside of it.
03:25:54: <Cmdr_Crow> ::::the door is unmoving:::
03:26:13: <LtConstance> Dammit
03:26:19: <Dewitt> +Henry+ Commander, abandon the mission, now.
03:26:31: <LtBrieJayde> ::Stands:: Sir!
03:26:33: <ChanceCrow> ::looks at Melanick:: Can we give them some our tools to help their broken bones?
03:26:49: <LtConstance> What about those people their gonna die
03:26:54: <Cmdr_Crow> ::That pompous voice was the last thing he needed. +DeWitt+ We got people down here.
03:27:26: <Dewitt> +Henry+ Your responsibility is to this crew and your team.
03:27:32: <LtConstance> Diving under to see if theirs a release lever to pull
03:27:56: <LtBrieJayde> Sir, we also have a duty as Starfleet officers to help those in need.
03:27:57: <Cmdr_Crow> ::He looked to the man on the other side of the door, then to his team:: You are all to head back to the surface. Now.
03:28:27: <LtConstance> No sir I won't leave those people to die
03:28:29: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> ::comes up from under the water and pulls his phaser :: everyone stand back ::maxes out power settings on his phaser just the way Razot had taught him and points it at the door - trying to use the phaser to cut through the door ::
03:28:34: <Dewitt> They aren't even Federation.
03:28:36: <Melanick> Yes
03:28:48: <LtBrieJayde> Should that matter?
03:28:55: <Dewitt> 4::::5 feet:::
03:29:14: <LtBrieJayde> They sent an SOS asking for help, we are here to help them.
03:29:31: <Melanick> I am not leaving.
03:29:39: <LtConstance> Me either
03:29:45: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi> ::Sticks a hand out of the door:: Go. This does not need to be a tomb for us all.
03:29:46: <EnsStepanova> :: whispers softly in Russian, almost in a chant-like tone::
03:30:17: <LtConstance> No we won't leave you to die touches the mans hand
03:30:43: <ChanceCrow> ::gabs his calcium matrix regenerator and puts in the Brochi's hand:: use this to fix what bones you can it will give those people better chance::
03:30:46: <ChanceCrow> -::
03:31:11: <Cmdr_Crow> Brochi> ::takes it::: Thank you. :::the hand withdrew:::
03:31:49: <LtConstance> Looking around for another way to get the door open
03:31:56: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Everyone who can get on the door - and pull as hard as you can we should be able to break the door free - we moved it some we can move it some more
03:31:59: <Cmdr_Crow> Back to the surface.
03:32:19: <LtRazot> (you know as your chief engineer i could cause a malfunction in the system to off dewitt ;) lol ))
03:32:23: <Melanick> ::looks at Henry:: You are coming?
03:32:30: <LtConstance> Helps Haydon with the door
03:32:35: <Cmdr_Crow>!
03:32:49: <Cmdr_Crow> :::THE SHIP SHIFTS AGAIN:::
03:32:51: <LtBrieJayde> ::Eyes DeWitt::
03:32:55: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: dives back under water and strains with all his might to push with his legs ::
03:33:12: <Dewitt> Yes, Lieutenant?
03:33:17: <ChanceCrow> ::sighs, knowing they don't have a choice::
03:33:21: <LtConstance> Come on you pos door
03:33:34: <LtBrieJayde> Sir, the away team won't give up on the rescue.
03:33:41: <ChanceCrow> :: tries to keep his balance:: C'mon
03:34:02: <Melanick> :;again looks at Henry:; You are coming?
03:34:11: <Dewitt> Then they'll go down with the ship, literally.
03:34:32: <Cmdr_Crow> :::turns and heads with the team towards the opening for deck two:::
03:34:33: <LtBrieJayde> ::Keeps comments to herself:: They will do everything to get them out of there until they know they can't.
03:35:18: <LtConstance> Sadly realizes werer not gonna save these people " Haydon come on "
03:35:24: <ChanceCrow> ::makes his way to the deck two access::
03:35:26: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: comes up of air ::
03:35:41: <LtBrieJayde> ::Stands her ground but keeps her mouth shut after that::
03:35:41: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> We cant leave them ...
03:35:59: <LtConstance> Catches up with the others waiting for Haydon
03:36:17: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Go I will keep trying - I an excellent swimmer you know that I will get out and hopegfully bring some with me
03:36:24: <Melanick> :;follows the team::
03:36:48: <Cmdr_Crow> Malaan, that is an order.
03:37:13: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: dives back under the water ::
03:37:22: <ChanceCrow> ::climbs up to deck two and towards the hatch they entered through::
03:37:27: <Cmdr_Crow> :::Motioning for Chance, Caressa and Constance (alliteration!) go to up to deck 2:::
03:38:07: <Melanick> ::nods::
03:38:17: <LtConstance> Sadly heading up to deck 2 hoping Haydon will be ok she feels herself tearing up
03:38:31: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: presses, pushes, pulls everything he can - but sees the cargo bay is almost filled with water ::
03:38:46: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: comes back up for a gasp of air ::
03:38:54: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Mother F*****!
03:38:55: <LtBrieJayde> ::Starts to pace a bit on the bridge, waiting to hear from the away team::
03:39:13: <LtBrieJayde> ((Shame Haydon!))
03:39:29: <LtConstance> ( lol lol)
03:39:36: <EnsStepanova> ::has slid forward in her seat, continuing to mutter in Russian, and anxious for the away team's return::
03:39:47: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: heads toward the deck opening ::
03:39:50: <Cmdr_Crow> (ROFL)
03:40:09: <ChanceCrow> ::climbs up and out of the hatch, turning to help the others out::
03:40:12: <LtRazot> ( Thats right... Speak yo mind! )
03:40:19: <Cmdr_Crow> :::climbing up to 2 and towards the hatch, the water now rushing in::
03:40:39: <Cmdr_Crow> Helm> Maam, I'm picking up Doctor Crow on the surface.
03:40:59: <LtBrieJayde> Once you have them all, beam them back up.
03:41:05: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: feels the ship shifting more and swims holding his breath toward the hatch and the rest of the away team ::
03:41:18: <LtConstance> ::climbing up out of the Hatch cross between ticked and sad::
03:42:05: <Cmdr_Crow> :::waiting and when he sees Haydon approaching, reaches down, helping to pull him out. By this time, the ship is about 90% submerged:::
03:42:19: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Thanks Cappy
03:43:04: <Cmdr_Crow> 4:::The team is beamed back to TR1:::
03:43:06: <LtBrieJayde> ::Paces again::
03:43:26: <Melanick> ::dripping wet and very unhappy::
03:43:57: <ChanceCrow> ::standing on the transporter pad, in wet clothes::
03:44:01: <Cmdr_Crow> :::Once he materializes, throws his tricorder against the wal:
03:44:07: <Cmdr_Crow> wall::
03:44:19: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Permission to return to my quarters Cappy - because if I don't something bad is gonna happen and
03:44:21: <LtBrieJayde> We have them back...::Sighs::
03:44:52: <ChanceCrow> ::closes his eyes before walking off the pad and back towards Sickbay::
03:44:55: <Cmdr_Crow> ::nods:: Permission granted.
03:44:59: <LtConstance> ::wet ticked off as she just screams as she steps off the pad heading to her quaters to get changed
03:45:02: <Cmdr_Crow> fact. Off duty.
03:45:19: <LtRazot> ::Let himself into Haydons room and waiting with a bottle of romulan ale
03:45:34: <LtBrieJayde> ::Wants to go find Chance and tell him what is going on, but knows better than to leave the bridge::
03:45:35: <Melanick> ::just stands for a moment::
03:45:44: <EnsStepanova> ::stands:: With your permission, Admiral, I'd like to see to the away team.
03:45:46: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> and you tell the POS Admiral if he wants to talk to me he can come find me
03:46:13: <Cmdr_Crow> :::He just stood there on the pad, then glanced at Caressa:: Any messages from you too?
03:46:57: <Melanick> I am at a loss to be honest. Can we just throw him out the nearest port hole?
03:47:33: <LtConstance> :: tearing up heading down the hall to her quaters::
03:47:41: <Cmdr_Crow> I wish.
03:47:59: <Cmdr_Crow> ::it was then he noticed the transporter chief staring at them::
03:48:12: <ChanceCrow> ::walks off the lift and to his quarters::
03:48:15: <LtBrieJayde> ((Did DeWitt ever leave the bridge?))
03:48:26: <Cmdr_Crow> (no)
03:48:30: <Dewitt> ::there::
03:48:30: <LtRazot> (That fat ass leave the bridge? HA )
03:48:31: <Melanick> ::goes to her quarters::
03:48:32: <LtBrieJayde> ((Didn't think so))
03:48:49: <LtRazot> (Why you think i live in my office now... it's far away from the bridge)
03:48:53: <Cmdr_Crow> (find pauses)
03:48:54: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: places his hand on Constance's shoulder :: You know its time like this that I wish I still had my powers - I could have saved those people
03:48:56: <EnsStepanova> ((Answer from DeWitt?))
03:49:16: <LtBrieJayde> ::Watches DeWitt out of the corner of her eye but walks back to her controls at tactical since he was still there::
03:49:23: <Dewitt> Yes, yes, whatever you need to do with them.
03:49:30: <LtRazot> (What did the transporter chief think of all this? or is he a nark? )
03:49:41: <Dewitt> (-_-)
03:49:53: <EnsStepanova> :: heads towards the turbolift::
03:50:07: <LtConstance> :: I wish you did to we just let's 18 people to die babe that's not ok::
03:50:09: <LtBrieJayde> ::Types up a message to Chance that they need to talk, whenever she manages to get off bridge duty::
03:50:44: <EnsStepanova> :: lets the turbolift doors shut:: Computer, what is the location of Doctor Crow?
03:50:51: <EnsStepanova> :: paused::
03:51:07: <LtRazot> ::paused::
03:51:14: <ChanceCrow> :: paused::
03:51:23: <LtBrieJayde> :: Paused::
03:51:25: <LtConstance> ::paused::
03:51:29: <Dewitt> Helm, put us back on course where we should have been.
03:51:34: <Dewitt> (paused)
03:51:41: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> no it isn't and our current leader didn't even care because they weren't Federation - maybe actions like these are the reason more don't join the Federation
03:52:57: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> :: heads to his quarters ::
03:52:57: <Dewitt> END
03:53:15: <LtConstance> That sucked
03:53:25: <LtBrieJayde> Very much so
03:53:32: <Dewitt> used to saving the day?
03:53:33: <EnsStepanova> So...the line forms outside of Millie's office.
03:53:49: <LtBrieJayde> Yes, we are used to that
03:53:49: <LtConstance> Yeah most of the time
03:54:42: <LtConstance> Sorry for the scream
03:55:09: <ChanceCrow> was it a classic horror movie damsel in distress scream?
03:55:27: <ChanceCrow> I mean, if you're gonna go, go all out
03:55:32: <LtJG-HaydonMalaan> Sorry for the M ____ F_______ but it is what Haydon would have said
03:55:32: <Dewitt> lol
03:55:39: <Melanick> sorry guys issues at work
03:55:49: <LtConstance> No it was a I'm pissed psych scream
03:55:55: <Dewitt> okay folks. I guess we have log material for the coming week
03:55:56: <ChanceCrow> hehe
03:55:58: <LtBrieJayde> Easily edited out, long as I remember in the morning.
03:56:07: <LtRazot> Sorry i was late ya'll, we had a death in the family and i've been on the phone since i got off work :(
03:56:08: <LtBrieJayde> Yes, logs..need logs
03:56:17: <Dewitt> eh I dont care if it stays. it fit with the moment
03:56:26: <LtBrieJayde> Ten Forward would care...
03:56:41: <Dewitt> heh
03:56:51: <EnsStepanova> Ten Forward can go eat a hat.
03:56:55: <LtBrieJayde> LOL
03:56:55: <EnsStepanova> ;-)
03:57:09: <LtConstance> It was funny thou
03:57:10: <ChanceCrow> smh
03:57:24: <LtBrieJayde> Brie has some people to talk to...
03:57:41: <ChanceCrow> I think you're gonna be beaten to it
03:57:50: <LtBrieJayde> I noticed...
03:57:52: <LtBrieJayde> :-P
03:58:02: <LtConstance> I may be at Millie's door
03:58:06: <ChanceCrow> man...everyone wants to give him bad news...what up with that?
03:58:37: <LtBrieJayde> ::Shrug::
03:58:41: <EnsStepanova> I'm the Counselor. I tend to be the bearer of bad news.
03:58:59: <Dewitt> see ya next weekguys
03:59:09: <LtBrieJayde> Night guys. You all I think know how to get me for logs
03:59:16: <LtRazot> I'm half drunk waiting on haydon to show up.. need a drinking partner man hurry up! Or i'm gonna blare music and start stripping in your quarters.. You dont want that... You dont want a drunk naaked ferengi in you room
03:59:21: <LtConstance> Ok see ya De Witt
03:59:33: <ChanceCrow> ...
03:59:48: <ChanceCrow> so much for tabs...
03:59:55: <LtConstance> Oh my god Razot don't need that mental image Lolol
03:59:55: <ChanceCrow> :/
03:59:56: <EnsStepanova> Note to the gang: Google Doc logs are significantly easier to hide at work. I can do Facebook, but I run a higher risk of getting a scolding from the boss.
04:00:08: <LtRazot> You're welcome
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